5+ Recent Changes in Facebook

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We have no idea whether the following changes made in facebook are permanent, but Facebook appears to be in a process of rolling out the changes continuously. The reason behind these changes is the competition from the upcoming Social Networking Site Google+.

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The Ticker

Facebook - Ticker Feature In Sidebar

The Ticker Feature in the Facebook sidebar give real time information to the users. The ticker feature looks interesting but its distracting since it follows you as you scroll down.

Top News & Most Recent

Top News And Most Recent Gone

Now there is no Top News or Most recent feature so the ease of filtering the news feed is gone, but The Ticker feature would help you to access recent updates from your friends & when you hover over one of the feed in the Ticker, they pop-over the feed so that you can actually make comment on that particular status from there itself.

Facebook-Ticker In Sidebar


This is a Highlight

The main feed stories now can be highlighted by selecting the arrow which appears in the top side of the feed & when you click it, you can select “This is a Highlight”, this feature would most probable help facebook to show the feed in the main feed area (may be it is some sort of ranking system), but what is the actual use of this feature is still not known.

Fixed Header

Fixed Header - Facebook

The header part is fixed & follows you as you scroll down the page, so this might be irritating/distracting to some users.

Subject Wise Grouping of News Feeds

Subject Wise Grouping of News Feeds in Facebook

Facebook news feed is grouped now according to the subject from your friends and fanpage updates.

Facebook Changes

You Won’t Find those button in the header section, you can only see these buttons when you are in your profile area or in your friends profile section and on few more places.

Other Notable changes like Group Chat, Skype Video Calling, Facebook Games Section was improved on the same day Google Plus Games were launched, etc.

These are the few changes that took places recently in facebook.

Did you like the recent changes in Facebook?

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  1. SEO California // August 24, 2011 at 2:58 PM  

    Changes has been made a good. These change will lead to more brand on the website. Facebook has changes some chat design which I didn't like. The Old one is great to see it. Many of my friend has getting these problem.

  2. Anonymous // August 27, 2011 at 7:47 PM  

    I think the changes suck and that FB needs to stop messing with things.They change things WAY too often. Save it all up and do it once a year or something. Maybe they could make some changes optional! That would be nice.

    Getting tired of it.

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