As a blogger, there are several kinds of websites that you will be introduced to while you go through the blogging journey. These websites include multiple types such as do-follow websites for link building, free ads site, traffic exchange sites, etc. It is very important to be sure of what kind of websites you use to grow in your blogging journey.

Traffic Exchange websites have seen a huge growth in their usage in the last few years. Many bloggers have turned to these websites to gather quick visits and in large numbers. But multiple bloggers have been advising against the usage of traffic exchange web sites. In this post, I will take you through the main reasons about why you should avoid using these traffic exchange sites.

Risk of Google Adsense Ban

Multiple cases of Google Adsense banning have taken place because of the traffic exchange websites. Although there is nothing official but many experts have said that using traffic exchange websites on sites with Adsense is against Google policies and are most likely to result in Adsense ban. That will mean the waste of your months or years of hard work of getting the Adsense account approved. 

Increase of Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate means, “The percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site”. [From Wikipedia]. From Traffic Exchange websites, the majority of the visits are short-term visits and usually last from 15-30 seconds. This obviously leads to the increment of bounce rate of a website. If you do a small research on bounce rate on Google, you will find the huge number of disadvantages of increased bounce rate.

Fake Visits

If you have even some brief information about the usage of traffic exchange sites, you will know that the traffic exchange sites only produce fake visits. Many people use bots for the traffic exchange websites without captcha and even the sites which contain captcha fail to create any actual visits because of the fact that the users are only interested in increasing their “credits” and their own visits. So, while visiting other websites, they quickly spend the required few seconds and get on to the next website. This process might be completed by an actual person but it acts like a fake visit because the user might not even look at your website.
It is always better to go for the organic methods of making your blog a success. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Paid Advertisements, etc. can lead to much better and real results. 

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Among the modern business strategies, Search Engine Optimization is the essential strategy for every business no matter the business is large or small. The success of the business depends on proper marketing.  SEO is very powerful tool for the presentation of brand (product / service) of any business before the potential customers.Smart_SEO_Tips_As discussed above SEO is necessary for every successful business. Therefore there is a pressing demand of such professional in the market which can handle the issues related to the search engine optimization. In order to meet this demand lot of companies had started their work in this filed. But to get the competitive edge among these companies providing SEO services vancouver following are tips which SEO Agency must follow:
  • Better Strategy
SEO Company must contain minds which can analyze any situation prevail on the web in the field of Search Engines Optimization. The SEO agent should make the strategies according the requirement of the client’s website which can lift the rank of the website in the search results of any search engine. If the strategy can not handle the difficulties lies in the way of success the SEO Company will suffer a lot. Therefore every person related to SEO Company must have the ability to analyze the situation and make the proper strategy for success of their client.
  • Think on Unique Lines for every project
As the different business have different environment and different strategies. Therefore SEO agent must handle each SEO campaign as a new project and work on different line to achieve the objective of their client in shortest time and budget. He should stay open-minded and understand the requirements of the client.
  • Well Aware
In the Search Engine Optimization the situation does not remain same for all the time. In this field the changes are unexpected and rapid. Therefore SEO agent must stay connected with the depths of the new emerging trends in the online marketing. SEO agent must see every change in detail and analyze its consequences on their customers and invent new ways to maintain the rank of website of their client. Consistency in maintaining the rank should be the objective of every SEO company. This ability boosts the business of SEO Company many folds.
  • 1st Hand customer support
Every SEO agent must be responsible for his work and provide 1st hand help to the client. If the client needs some clarification about any issue he should comprehensively satisfy the client without any hesitation. In other word SEO agent must be transparent in all his work.
  • Delivery of Best Results
Finally the every client wants the best result from the investment he made on you for the promotion of his business. Therefore, the major objective of SEO Company should to deliver the results according to the expectation of the client.

Taking in view the above rules every SEO agent must work under the guidance of these principles for the betterment of his company. In this way not only he can raise his rank in the company but also raise the rank of company among their competitors. In short successes lie in the manners and above are the crucial manners for every SEO agency.

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This blog is all about 5 explanations why you Might fail as a blogger – and how to modify them. Most of the new bloggers make some common mistakes, here we will discuss about them and the solutions for them.

There are some common mistakes which are generally made by bloggers. Generally bloggers make many mistakes during blogging, and there may be many reasons behind this like lack of knowledge, and experience. Bloggers must collect all the information about blogging first like hot to make a blog, how to choose theme and how to promote the blog, updating the blog, and the blog name etc.
Here we will discuss all about the blogging mistakes and their solutions.

Not having your own domain

Read : Choosing the Domain Name for your Blog

If some is blogging but he is not a very serious blogger or he really doesn’t want to earn money with the blogging especially from his own blog, then, he should have a domain as in blog name dot com that would be really enough. However, if anyone wants to be a professional blogger, then a good professional domain is the most important need. All the search engines really like the real URLs for the blogs too.

Posting Blog posts with errors

There are many bloggers who really make mistakes during posting any blog posts into their blogs. Proof reading is very essential for a blogger before posting any new post to his blog. Bloggers must also remember that the blog post must be placed on the appropriate category. Categorization of the blog is very important. The content of blog post must be grammatically good and unique. The blogger must always post informative and readable blog post to his blog. Proper formatting of the blog post is vital. Always make short sentences, sub headings, bullet points etc.

Consistency in blog posts

There is one more common mistake made by new bloggers that they don’t update their blog consistently, this is really bad habit. Bloggers need to increase their online visibility. Bloggers must understand that How important is Consistency in posting. Bloggers must update their blogs frequently and consistently. All of your blog readers and visitors must be busy in reading your blog, then they visit your blog regularly otherwise you will lose most of them. A stagnant blog can never attract good regular readers. If you want steady traffic, then you will have to be consistent in blogging.

Unique Blog content

The content of the blog must be interesting, eye catchy, but that should not be copied from any web source. Many new bloggers try this easy way to get the content that they only copy the content from any other web source and paste it to their own blogs. If you are taking ideas from any web source for writing the content and rewrite it in your own words for your own blog, then it’s really good. Bloggers need to avoid this common mistake for becoming successful in blogging.

Lacking SEO strategies

Many new bloggers don’t think about the SEO of their blogs, but all professional bloggers always make their blogs SEO wise very well. A blog is also must be fully optimized means on-page and off-page optimized. Bloggers also need to optimize their blog design. These SEO strategies can help you in increasing traffic on your blog.

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E-commerce web design – An introduction

Many are turning to online shopping these days, due to the fact that they are convenient and take up less time as compared to the traditional shopping method, besides other exclusive benefits it exhibits. And this is exactly why there is a boom in the e-commerce industry and many businesses prefer to sell their products online. Nonetheless, selling over the web definitely opens up to new opportunities and markets across the world, however it is not all that simple as it may seem to be.
Points to take into account when designing an e-commerce site

People generally tend to make some mistakes which need to be taken care of when designing an online store. There are certain points which if taken into account to help effectively with your e-commerce web design.
  • Proper and accurate display of information
It is very common in e-commerce sites, where they do not show the proper and complete information, regarding the products in stock, their availability and more. Lack of accurate product information cause consumer dissatisfaction and hence needs to be properly considered.
  • Simplifying the check-out interface/process
Any issues and disturbances during the checkout process would not go down well with the customers, such as ads. This can be seen as one of the worst mistake an e-commerce site can make and would be beneficial to make the checkout interface easy. Also, the checkout process plays a key role in that a short and easy to follow steps to completion would be more preferred, rather than a lengthy long process with too many details.
  • The feature to properly search
It is necessary for all e-commerce sites to have a proper search option, as the customers who know what they are looking for do not prefer to go through all the products to find the right item. As, this would just further waste their time, therefore it would be useful to ensure a proper search feature be incorporated into the site.
  • Proper cart design
This is another important aspect which needs to be taken special care of, where the cart needs to have the proper functionality which the users might require (adding items to cart, deleting a product, etc), along with being transparent in the process. Thus, making it easy and effective to use is the key here, which could prove to be advantageous.
  • A progress meter and navigation
Enabling the customers to see which stage of the process and the page they are in can prove to be very helpful to them in further proceeding. Also along with which it is essential to make sure the navigation of the site is proper to aid users in knowing what they are doing.
  • Communication, Payment and confirmation
Including various payment options in your online store would definitely prove to be a plus point, from a customer convenience point of view. Sometimes the users might want to contact you or you might want to communicate with them, thus making this aspect visible to them on the site. Also, once all the stages have been completed, a confirmation mail would be extremely favored by the users.

How professional web Design Company can help – A conclusion

The above mentioned are a few points can help in creation of a successful e-commerce website, which would appealing and user friendly. When designing an e-commerce site think about the type of product being sold and come up with the best possible design to showcase your products in an effective manner.

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Optimizing images and photos happens to be an exceedingly imperative aspect while you are optimizing your blog or a website. If the images have been properly optimized, they can be useful in bringing a large amount of required traffic to your web portal. The concept of Image Optimization is extremely beneficial but most of the times it is underused especially when it is about optimizing different Internet sites to increase traffic as well as rankings.
Depending on the images used as well as the niche you are opting for, you probably be able to attract a large amount of additional visitors with extreme ease with an extremely little extra work. Following are some of the vital techniques that you can easily put into practice while you are considering optimizing your blog or web portal:

1. Inserting Keywords in ALT Text – This happens to be an extremely imperative and most helpful technique while you are considering optimizing images. You need to select a particular phrase or keyword which is popular and also relevant to your describe your Webpage and the image. The ALT text should be properly inserted within the code when you are uploading an image file.

2. Optimizing your Page With Images – Optimizing a relevant page for search engines is useful in improving graphical images search as well. Search engines also consider at the text or keywords that surround a certain graphical image which beneficial in determining its relevancy. It is highly recommended that you should have a descriptive caption with your targeted phrases placed instantaneously before or even after you have uploaded an image. The text mentioned within the anchor tag is certainly going to influence related image-search rankings. If you are searching for a term with Google Images, you will be coming across a short description approximately 20 characters below every singly image you will click on. Moreover, you required keyword will also be shown as bold.

3. Naming The Images Along Descriptive Titles – If you have an image of Bill Gates, you can name the image as ‘bill-gates.jpg’, instead of saving it randomly such as ‘abdjc.jpg’. Moreover, you can even name the images as much close as you have mentioned within the ALT text.

4. Making Use of Adsense – This particular technique can be particular utilized for Google Image search. It is not completely imperative that you follow this but it is exceedingly beneficial to determine the accuracy and significance of the content in regards to the image you are considering posting. It is going to provide you with considerable information on how Google considers the entire theme of what your web page is actually about. You should keep updating the content of your web page or blog until the Adsense unit on the portal reflects the required phrases or keywords that you are specifically targeting. This technique does not just apply to Google images but is normally useful approach and it is useful in improving your overall indexing.

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