ASUS Zenfone is one of the most popular smartphone that has been recently released. It has got the looks, power and features. Anybody will love it. Well its valentine’s day have anybody thought about gifting a smartphone for your valentine. So that you guys can stay connected all the time.

ASUS Zenfone is the best Smartphone that you can gift to your valentine. Here are 5 unique features that makes ASUS Zenfone a perfect choice to gift to your valentine.

Affordable Price

While choosing a phone everyone will be looking for the budget one. The phone is really priced in a budget category. You can purchase the phone for an exceptional price of just 10k INR which is really great in a lover’s perspective. You don’t have to give big bucks for the phone. If you are willing to buy the phone in EMI based all you have to pay is 894 RS per month which is a great deal. The Zenfone 4 is only priced around 5500k INR.

BIG Phone

Now a day’s smartphones are not a great things. You can purchase a pretty decent smartphone around 5K INR onwards. In those phones one of the thing that has to noted is about the screen size. Some of them will be 3.7 inch and maximum it goes up to 4 inch. In ASUS you can purchase the 5 inch screen sized one which is the Zenfone 5 and if don’t like the huge ones the zenfone’s also got mini version which is a 4 inch device called Zenfone 4. Choosing among this is all up to you.

Great Design

ASUS Zenfone’s got really great design. The phone weighs only 145 g and has a thickness of 10.34mm which will fits nicely in the hands of your valentine. Also the back panel of the Zenfone’s has got a rubberized texture so there is no need to worry about slipping from hands of your valentine. Also you can chose form the 5 inch Zenfone and 4 inch one which will suits her much better.

Dual SIM capability

Most of the mobile network operators are providing different offers. Some of them will be providing good offers for voice calling while some of them are providing the offers in mobile data. Well in that most of the user will purchase both of the operator’s SIM and will change them accordingly. The Zenfone has got dual SIM standby capability. So you can use both the operators SIM at same time.

Latest OS

Asus Zenfone comes with the latest updated version of the Android Kitkat OS. The KitKat OS is sweet and chunky as the Chocalate. Also you have got nice and lovely ASUS UI which make;s the Zenfone an easy to use phone. Also the phone will be getting the Lollipop update soon.

Well that’s it about what makes Zenfone an amazing gift to your valentine on this Valentines Day. If you are willing to purchase the Zenfone on online then flipkart is providing some great deals. May be you should check out them before purchasing it from a local dealer.

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