If you're still paying for the labor of live customer service agents, you should know that your money could be better spent on a cell center answering service. It won't completely replace person-to-person interaction, but it will definitely reduce it, which in turn will result in less misunderstandings, better customer retention and more cash back into your pocket.

Still not convinced? Here are five ways that an answering service can revolutionize your help line.

1: Answering Questions

Your automated system can be set up to answer all questions found in your FAQ. Not only will customers appreciate a black-and-white answer instead of an agent's best guess, but it will also free up company lines for more serious problems that need a live person to fix.

2: Making Appointments

Appointment setting is a bane to secretaries everywhere. No one ever knows what time works for them; they want all their options to be reeled off so they can cherry pick the best one. The good news is that an answering service can do this without impatience or fatigue. It's also impervious to errors, so customers can never show up an hour early and claim, "This is the time I was told!"

3: Delivering Messages

If you ever have the bad luck of, say, a product recall, an answering service will act as a company-wide megaphone to all concerned callers: "Yes, we're aware of the problem, and we're doing all we can to fix it." Messages can also be conveyed about positive things like sales, event dates and sweepstakes.

4: Providing Information

You aren't making any friends by forcing people to stay on hold for 20 minutes when all they need to know is what time your store closes. Answering services can take these burdens right out of your hands, and customers and employees alike will thank you for it.

5: Offering Quotes

It's unwise to make promises without listening to someone's case directly, but your answering service can offer ballpark figures based on whatever information the customer is willing to share. If the numbers are agreeable to them, they can be put through to a real representative; if not, they can hang up and waste no one's time.

While there will always be room for live humans in customer service, you can reduce their workload by at least 90 percent when you switch to call center answering services. Click here to learn more about what these systems can do for you.

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When businesses want to expand their operations and change the way that they look, they must make an investment in new domain extensions. However, these extensions are hard to come by. It is very difficult to find a way for the business to get better domain extensions that are going to be easy for web surfers to find. Without the right service on the side of the business, it is very hard for that very same business to keep their clients and customers happy. 

Domain Extensions Make Surfing Easy

When a business has good domain extensions, they have something that allows their clients and customers to find all of their pages easily. Sometimes, people only have time to put in what the domain extension should be, but illogical domain extensions make it extremely difficult for the person to find the page they're looking for. Getting rid of all of the extra characters and random words that fill up many domain extensions makes a website much easier to use. Plus, it makes it easier for people to remember a page they were on if they forget to bookmark the site.

Domain Extensions Allow For Expansion

When a business is expanding putting more products and services out there for the general public, they need a place on the internet to display all of these things. Rather than crowding all of their pages with new material, the right domain extensions make it easy for the business to create an environment where their website is easy to use and read while also being much better organized.

The addition of new pages and items on the site allows for the business to do much more than simply add items to each page. The business can make their website user-friendly and inviting for every person who pays them a visit. This might seem like a small thing, but there are many times when the business simply must expand to make sure that they have their entire business organized properly. Otherwise, they will confuse customers and cause the customers to go elsewhere in search of a website that is going to be easier to use and simpler to navigate.

With the right domain extensions, every business can create a portal on the web that is perfect for their business and improves the customer experience with every new page view.

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As a blogger, there are several kinds of websites that you will be introduced to while you go through the blogging journey. These websites include multiple types such as do-follow websites for link building, free ads site, traffic exchange sites, etc. It is very important to be sure of what kind of websites you use to grow in your blogging journey.

Traffic Exchange websites have seen a huge growth in their usage in the last few years. Many bloggers have turned to these websites to gather quick visits and in large numbers. But multiple bloggers have been advising against the usage of traffic exchange web sites. In this post, I will take you through the main reasons about why you should avoid using these traffic exchange sites.

Risk of Google Adsense Ban

Multiple cases of Google Adsense banning have taken place because of the traffic exchange websites. Although there is nothing official but many experts have said that using traffic exchange websites on sites with Adsense is against Google policies and are most likely to result in Adsense ban. That will mean the waste of your months or years of hard work of getting the Adsense account approved. 

Increase of Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate means, “The percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site”. [From Wikipedia]. From Traffic Exchange websites, the majority of the visits are short-term visits and usually last from 15-30 seconds. This obviously leads to the increment of bounce rate of a website. If you do a small research on bounce rate on Google, you will find the huge number of disadvantages of increased bounce rate.

Fake Visits

If you have even some brief information about the usage of traffic exchange sites, you will know that the traffic exchange sites only produce fake visits. Many people use bots for the traffic exchange websites without captcha and even the sites which contain captcha fail to create any actual visits because of the fact that the users are only interested in increasing their “credits” and their own visits. So, while visiting other websites, they quickly spend the required few seconds and get on to the next website. This process might be completed by an actual person but it acts like a fake visit because the user might not even look at your website.
It is always better to go for the organic methods of making your blog a success. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Paid Advertisements, etc. can lead to much better and real results. 

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