Optimizing images and photos happens to be an exceedingly imperative aspect while you are optimizing your blog or a website. If the images have been properly optimized, they can be useful in bringing a large amount of required traffic to your web portal. The concept of Image Optimization is extremely beneficial but most of the times it is underused especially when it is about optimizing different Internet sites to increase traffic as well as rankings.
Depending on the images used as well as the niche you are opting for, you probably be able to attract a large amount of additional visitors with extreme ease with an extremely little extra work. Following are some of the vital techniques that you can easily put into practice while you are considering optimizing your blog or web portal:

1. Inserting Keywords in ALT Text – This happens to be an extremely imperative and most helpful technique while you are considering optimizing images. You need to select a particular phrase or keyword which is popular and also relevant to your describe your Webpage and the image. The ALT text should be properly inserted within the code when you are uploading an image file.

2. Optimizing your Page With Images – Optimizing a relevant page for search engines is useful in improving graphical images search as well. Search engines also consider at the text or keywords that surround a certain graphical image which beneficial in determining its relevancy. It is highly recommended that you should have a descriptive caption with your targeted phrases placed instantaneously before or even after you have uploaded an image. The text mentioned within the anchor tag is certainly going to influence related image-search rankings. If you are searching for a term with Google Images, you will be coming across a short description approximately 20 characters below every singly image you will click on. Moreover, you required keyword will also be shown as bold.

3. Naming The Images Along Descriptive Titles – If you have an image of Bill Gates, you can name the image as ‘bill-gates.jpg’, instead of saving it randomly such as ‘abdjc.jpg’. Moreover, you can even name the images as much close as you have mentioned within the ALT text.

4. Making Use of Adsense – This particular technique can be particular utilized for Google Image search. It is not completely imperative that you follow this but it is exceedingly beneficial to determine the accuracy and significance of the content in regards to the image you are considering posting. It is going to provide you with considerable information on how Google considers the entire theme of what your web page is actually about. You should keep updating the content of your web page or blog until the Adsense unit on the portal reflects the required phrases or keywords that you are specifically targeting. This technique does not just apply to Google images but is normally useful approach and it is useful in improving your overall indexing.

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  1. Blog Informer // January 28, 2012 at 9:28 PM  

    Thanks for sharing. Images are really great ways to bring in that extra needed traffic. I think you explained it very nicely.

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