Some months ago, at f8 event, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team announced the Facebook Timeline. Timeline makes it easier to see all your history in Facebook and your life story in a new style of Facebook profile. This new feature was made available to Facebook developers after a few days when it was announced. Many people liked it, many people hated it and yet many people waited for it.

Facebook Developers like me, got early access to this wonderful new feature but many people kept waiting and waiting for it as they weren't able to get the trick correct. Recently, Facebook said this while announcing the availability of Facebook Timeline: "Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments".

Many people have already got it but still, people are waiting for it as it is yet not available to all the 800+ Million users on Facebook. Many people are happy but some people are disappointed that they haven't got this feature yet. Everybody in Facebook now can see timelines in other profiles which was restricted before to people who are with timeline.

In an attempt to make sure that people don't misuse this all new feature, Facebook has added several privacy settings which lets the user take full control of their profile and what they want to display to whom. Since Facebook was criticized for privacy flaws, they have taken privacy very seriously and this will really help the people using Facebook Timeline.

Well, Facebook Timeline has just made Facebook more better. 2011 has been a great year for Facebook. They have crossed 800 Million users, added so many features and ending the year with yet another feature would be amazing. Just remember ticker bar, status bar update, status word limit, new interface and so much. Facebook has been made better every time they have updated it.

I am quite sure that this change would get them more fans and more appreciations by the users. I have loved this new interface of Facebook profile and I am sure most of the people will do it as well. For now, lets hope for the best for Facebook as well as the Facebook users.

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