Too much of everything is bad and harmful. Everything, here, includes Facebook! Facebook is the largest and the biggest social networking site out there. 800 Million+ users are registered on Facebook and most of them constantly keep using Facebook because of their addiction.This is undoubtedly true that Facebook has made many people addict with itself and those people now use Facebook everywhere they go. In home, laptops or computer. Outside home, smartphones or tablets. In short, Facebook is everywhere.

Some Facebook addicts of proud of this title but some are very much disappointed and they want to leave Facebook to give time to other important things in life. Here are some ways you can get away from Facebook addiction.
  • Switch to a basic phone from your smartphone which does not have internet.
  • If you really need phone internet, make it GPRS or EDGE. Don't go for 3G, the speed will be enough to frustrate you and make you close Facebook if you have opened it.
  • Get rid of the social networking site and the related things such. Deactivate your Facebook account, delete Facebook app from your mobile, etc.
  • Well, you may still want to use Facebook even if the addiction has gone down. So, set the limits, use some software on your PC which makes your PC shut down or hibernate after half an hour or an hour(not more than that).
  • Get some of your friends in this thing as well, you won't have much problems then.
Many people have tried getting a break from Facebook and they have liked it. You may be missing out a lot while being addicted to Facebook so it is time to limit the usage of Facebook. Recently, Blackberry messed up and a huge service outrage was caused and this made many people take breaks from instant chatting which Blackberry let them do.

Well, as said above, too much of everything is bad and harmful. Facebook is not made to harm people, it is made to provide people with many new opportunities and options to connect with people. Make sure that Facebook doesn't eat you!

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  1. Ezeego promo codes // January 7, 2012 at 11:26 AM  

    I do agree with your blog, to much of any thing is always harmful, nice post , i admire your thoughts.

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