This blog is all about 5 explanations why you Might fail as a blogger – and how to modify them. Most of the new bloggers make some common mistakes, here we will discuss about them and the solutions for them.

There are some common mistakes which are generally made by bloggers. Generally bloggers make many mistakes during blogging, and there may be many reasons behind this like lack of knowledge, and experience. Bloggers must collect all the information about blogging first like hot to make a blog, how to choose theme and how to promote the blog, updating the blog, and the blog name etc.
Here we will discuss all about the blogging mistakes and their solutions.

Not having your own domain

Read : Choosing the Domain Name for your Blog

If some is blogging but he is not a very serious blogger or he really doesn’t want to earn money with the blogging especially from his own blog, then, he should have a domain as in blog name dot com that would be really enough. However, if anyone wants to be a professional blogger, then a good professional domain is the most important need. All the search engines really like the real URLs for the blogs too.

Posting Blog posts with errors

There are many bloggers who really make mistakes during posting any blog posts into their blogs. Proof reading is very essential for a blogger before posting any new post to his blog. Bloggers must also remember that the blog post must be placed on the appropriate category. Categorization of the blog is very important. The content of blog post must be grammatically good and unique. The blogger must always post informative and readable blog post to his blog. Proper formatting of the blog post is vital. Always make short sentences, sub headings, bullet points etc.

Consistency in blog posts

There is one more common mistake made by new bloggers that they don’t update their blog consistently, this is really bad habit. Bloggers need to increase their online visibility. Bloggers must understand that How important is Consistency in posting. Bloggers must update their blogs frequently and consistently. All of your blog readers and visitors must be busy in reading your blog, then they visit your blog regularly otherwise you will lose most of them. A stagnant blog can never attract good regular readers. If you want steady traffic, then you will have to be consistent in blogging.

Unique Blog content

The content of the blog must be interesting, eye catchy, but that should not be copied from any web source. Many new bloggers try this easy way to get the content that they only copy the content from any other web source and paste it to their own blogs. If you are taking ideas from any web source for writing the content and rewrite it in your own words for your own blog, then it’s really good. Bloggers need to avoid this common mistake for becoming successful in blogging.

Lacking SEO strategies

Many new bloggers don’t think about the SEO of their blogs, but all professional bloggers always make their blogs SEO wise very well. A blog is also must be fully optimized means on-page and off-page optimized. Bloggers also need to optimize their blog design. These SEO strategies can help you in increasing traffic on your blog.

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E-commerce web design – An introduction

Many are turning to online shopping these days, due to the fact that they are convenient and take up less time as compared to the traditional shopping method, besides other exclusive benefits it exhibits. And this is exactly why there is a boom in the e-commerce industry and many businesses prefer to sell their products online. Nonetheless, selling over the web definitely opens up to new opportunities and markets across the world, however it is not all that simple as it may seem to be.
Points to take into account when designing an e-commerce site

People generally tend to make some mistakes which need to be taken care of when designing an online store. There are certain points which if taken into account to help effectively with your e-commerce web design.
  • Proper and accurate display of information
It is very common in e-commerce sites, where they do not show the proper and complete information, regarding the products in stock, their availability and more. Lack of accurate product information cause consumer dissatisfaction and hence needs to be properly considered.
  • Simplifying the check-out interface/process
Any issues and disturbances during the checkout process would not go down well with the customers, such as ads. This can be seen as one of the worst mistake an e-commerce site can make and would be beneficial to make the checkout interface easy. Also, the checkout process plays a key role in that a short and easy to follow steps to completion would be more preferred, rather than a lengthy long process with too many details.
  • The feature to properly search
It is necessary for all e-commerce sites to have a proper search option, as the customers who know what they are looking for do not prefer to go through all the products to find the right item. As, this would just further waste their time, therefore it would be useful to ensure a proper search feature be incorporated into the site.
  • Proper cart design
This is another important aspect which needs to be taken special care of, where the cart needs to have the proper functionality which the users might require (adding items to cart, deleting a product, etc), along with being transparent in the process. Thus, making it easy and effective to use is the key here, which could prove to be advantageous.
  • A progress meter and navigation
Enabling the customers to see which stage of the process and the page they are in can prove to be very helpful to them in further proceeding. Also along with which it is essential to make sure the navigation of the site is proper to aid users in knowing what they are doing.
  • Communication, Payment and confirmation
Including various payment options in your online store would definitely prove to be a plus point, from a customer convenience point of view. Sometimes the users might want to contact you or you might want to communicate with them, thus making this aspect visible to them on the site. Also, once all the stages have been completed, a confirmation mail would be extremely favored by the users.

How professional web Design Company can help – A conclusion

The above mentioned are a few points can help in creation of a successful e-commerce website, which would appealing and user friendly. When designing an e-commerce site think about the type of product being sold and come up with the best possible design to showcase your products in an effective manner.

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Optimizing images and photos happens to be an exceedingly imperative aspect while you are optimizing your blog or a website. If the images have been properly optimized, they can be useful in bringing a large amount of required traffic to your web portal. The concept of Image Optimization is extremely beneficial but most of the times it is underused especially when it is about optimizing different Internet sites to increase traffic as well as rankings.
Depending on the images used as well as the niche you are opting for, you probably be able to attract a large amount of additional visitors with extreme ease with an extremely little extra work. Following are some of the vital techniques that you can easily put into practice while you are considering optimizing your blog or web portal:

1. Inserting Keywords in ALT Text – This happens to be an extremely imperative and most helpful technique while you are considering optimizing images. You need to select a particular phrase or keyword which is popular and also relevant to your describe your Webpage and the image. The ALT text should be properly inserted within the code when you are uploading an image file.

2. Optimizing your Page With Images – Optimizing a relevant page for search engines is useful in improving graphical images search as well. Search engines also consider at the text or keywords that surround a certain graphical image which beneficial in determining its relevancy. It is highly recommended that you should have a descriptive caption with your targeted phrases placed instantaneously before or even after you have uploaded an image. The text mentioned within the anchor tag is certainly going to influence related image-search rankings. If you are searching for a term with Google Images, you will be coming across a short description approximately 20 characters below every singly image you will click on. Moreover, you required keyword will also be shown as bold.

3. Naming The Images Along Descriptive Titles – If you have an image of Bill Gates, you can name the image as ‘bill-gates.jpg’, instead of saving it randomly such as ‘abdjc.jpg’. Moreover, you can even name the images as much close as you have mentioned within the ALT text.

4. Making Use of Adsense – This particular technique can be particular utilized for Google Image search. It is not completely imperative that you follow this but it is exceedingly beneficial to determine the accuracy and significance of the content in regards to the image you are considering posting. It is going to provide you with considerable information on how Google considers the entire theme of what your web page is actually about. You should keep updating the content of your web page or blog until the Adsense unit on the portal reflects the required phrases or keywords that you are specifically targeting. This technique does not just apply to Google images but is normally useful approach and it is useful in improving your overall indexing.

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You are always in search of ways to speed up your PC and you might find hundreds of tricks or methods and freeware available all over the internet which would surely help your system by enhancing its performance.

Speed Up My PC” is one such freeware available to download which is specially made to enhance your system performance.

What are the Benefits of Speed Up My PC?

  • Faster computer start up
  • Reduced system slowdown
  • A more responsive Windows interface
  • Recovered hard drive space
  • Optimized browser speed
  • Quicker program launches
  • Faster Windows search

Why Should you Choose SpeedUpMyPC over other freeware?

  • Numerous powerful and effective speed up tweaks
  • Advanced speed tools to unleash extra power
  • An elegant, easy to use interface
  • A tweak management centre to control tweaks individually
  • Reliable technology from a Microsoft Gold certified partner.

How SpeedUpMyPC Works?

  1. It will Scan your PC & Would Provide the List of Improvements that can be made in your PC.
  2. Now Click on The Speed Up Button and those Improvements would be implemented.
  3. Switch on to Speed Tools to unleash Extra Power.

How to Get SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Full Version for Free?

How To Get SpeedUpMyPc 2011 Free Full Version

Go to This Promotion Page of Uniblue.

Now on that Page Click on “Get your FREE Product

Next thing is to fill up the form & Click Complete Registration, after which they will mail you the License / Serial Key on your email & the page will get redirected to the page where you can download SpeedUpMyPC.

Don’t miss this amazing offer since speed up my pc freeware will normally cost you $39.95 but under this promotion you can grab full license version for free.

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Megaupload was an online file sharing company. The top one indeed. It allowed all users to upload files to the service and share them all around the world. Make them password protected, restrict them to yourself, etc. Everything you need about file sharing and uploading, you could have got it at MegaUpload. But while giving and providing satisfaction to the users, it was leading to an end.

On 19th January 2012, FBI shut down megaupload during an investigation into alleged copyright infringement. Megaupload had many things that were not supposed to be there which caused FBI to shut it down. The site’s founder Kim Dotcom and three others were arrested by the police in New Zealand at the request of US authorities.

Megaupload created different services to expand their company and get more profits out of it and also give the people more. MegaVideo, MegaPix, MegaLive and MegaBox were the other services by MegaUpload. All of them were successful and famous but now, the end has come. MegaUpload, the largest online file sharing company has come to a not so good end.

Also, the founder of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom Schmitz was arrested with three others by the police at New Zealand at the request of US authorities. There were a total of 18 domains which were 'Mega' related which were also seized by the authorities. All of them were alleged into copyright infringement and that's why are banned and inaccessible.

Well, we all know that the shutting down of MegaUpload has raised a lot of question and the most popular question is: Which site is next? Maybe Rapidshare, maybe Mediafire or any other such sites. The question will be answered very soon. Let us see what will happen then.

For now, we would have to see how things go for MegaUpload. Whether MegaUpload can come back or it  was the last time we ever saw MegaUpload? It might come back but no confirmation on that. I am waiting to see what will happen next but I strongly think that US Government are taking copyright issues very seriously and may ban another handful of sites in the coming months.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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How to start your keyword strategy

There are many ways in which you can start your keyword strategy. However, one key thing to take into consideration is that keywords you settle for should be the one mostly used by consumers. It is important to try and read the minds of your consumers. If you are able to tell the kind of word selections or choices that your potential consumers are most likely to use then you will have the upper end. Remember that consumers mostly concentrate on the products that are in the first page of the search engine. This is the reason why many companies or website operators seek the services of SEO in order to have this kind of advantage in their websites.
On the other hand, it is not always enough to have your keywords thrown any how in the web published content. You really needed to first of all ensure that the content that is available in your website is really up to the standards that will actually hold the attention of the consumer. This is what will guide them to make a purchase of your services or goods. Without that, you will be standing to lose out still.

Starting the keyword search

It is not actually difficult to make a keyword search for the potentially used keywords in the searches. On the other hand you can always begin by making use of the Google keyword tool. This is based on the fact that has been proven that many people key in more than one word in the search for products and services. In this respect it will be advisable that you look for a keyword that is containing tow, three or more keyword phrases for a start. This is to enable you to get the most visitors when the words are typed in the search engine. Based on the finding that many people use Google as they search engine, it will be more relevant if you can go by the search engine requirements.

The requirements are in that for your website to be listed in the first page of the Google page ranking when a search is made, your website has to fulfill some key requirements first of all. These requirements involves the key wording should be appropriate and also the web content must be of high quality. This is the only way that you will be able to reap from the search engine. Remember that there are thousands of companies that are offering the same services out there. Your objective is to beat then to the potential consumers. This is the surest way that you will get the profits that you want.

Keyword strategies to bear in mind
  • Go for short keyword phrases which are less searched for – have less competition
  • Target a main keyword in a post, then include few variations sprinkled throughout
  • Keyword should be in your own permalink
  • Use main keyword in first sentence and title
  • Choose the best keyword plug-ins like SEOPressor plug-in.

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What can you learn from a Rolex Watch?

It’s a great year and I congratulate you for crossing over. Have you made a decision to succeed beyond your widest thoughts? If only you knew the power of social media networks, you wouldn’t waste your precious time whining over spilled milk.

Learning can be done anywhere, any time without any preordained channel. Both living and non living things are also our teachers.


If you look at a Rolex Watch, what do you see? Well, I’ve summarized the 7 things that can help you achieve your social media goals this year. Some of these tips might not be heavenly, but don’t crucify me for it. Just pick the ones that suit you and explore it.

1. Be Yourself

I love Rolex watches. I’ve two which I received as birthday gift. I haven’t seen any wrist watch like Rolex. This isn’t affiliate hype, it’s the fact.

Is this you or someone else? Have you ever asked yourself this emotional question, “if I become like someone else, what would happen to my uniqueness. Yes, you’re unique, super-talented and intelligent. See yourself in this light always. Bring this attitude to social media and succeed like never before.

2. Keep Learning

Over the years, the Rolex watch brand keeps evolving and improving. It doesn’t matter your level of knowledge with social media. You can always learn. Get a paid webinar, read informative white papers and listen to audio clips.

Keep learning. This seems like a primitive rule but it’s still very effective once you put it to work. Learn how to write better tweets, how to relate etc.

3. Don’t Wait For Perfect Time
Are you waiting for that perfect time to launch your success train? In case you don’t know, there is nothing like “perfect” anywhere. The Supreme Being is the only perfect person.

Don’t wait for everything to fall in your favor before you start marketing. Social media may be time consuming, but it works when properly approached. Rolex Watches wouldn’t have been here if the manufacturer waited. Stop procrastinating and start working.

4. Time Is Precious

The time you waste would have yielded positive results if you invested it. The other day, I attended a party with my Friend right here in my city. When I checked my Rolex Watch to know what the time says, it was 3.43 am.

I had goals for the day, but neglected it because of pleasure. I would have written fresh guest post, drive more buyers to my blog and make more money. But I chose to waste it. Stop wasting time with social media, learn to work with time, and don’t be caught unaware. Time is precious and once it’s gone, it’s never going to come back.

5. Opportunities Abound

Yes, there are opportunities everywhere and as I’m writing this post, there are opportunities to make money, meet new people and impact more lives. Are you taking advantage of it? Maybe you don’t even know there are so much good around you. Change your thinking. Social media networks doesn’t stop at tweeting and saying “hi.” You can actually make money from it. Believe me you can. Feed “you can” into your mind and don’t trade it for anything.

6. Package Your Products Well

A Rolex watch is well packaged. See all the great designs and how they’re structured. Just like every worthwhile device and gadgets, proper packaging is what makes social media interesting and profitable.
Yes, people actually do judge a book by its cover. May be they don’t mind in the primitive age, but all that is changed now. If you sell reports, get a skilled graphic designer to craft that charming e-cover for your product. This alone can boost your conversion rate by 102%.

7. Share All You Know

What birthday gift have you received lately? I got a beautiful Rolex watch and that I’ll never forget. Social media marketing is all about communicating, sharing and letting others know about your taste and opinions.
If you know how to get wewood discount code, fossil discount coupons and all those popular product deals, why not share with your fans and followers. A single act of generosity will go a long way to boost your sales and build your credibility.

Social Media Takeaway

Have I delivered on what I promised? I’m sure I have. But it's not about Rolex Watch or any Designer Watch out there, it's about you and how to achieve success. The only decision right now is left for you to make.

Social media marketing has worked for some people, and others have failed woefully. The parallel line between success and failure is action. Take that right step today and grow your social media influence, business and income. Will you?

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Some months ago, at f8 event, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team announced the Facebook Timeline. Timeline makes it easier to see all your history in Facebook and your life story in a new style of Facebook profile. This new feature was made available to Facebook developers after a few days when it was announced. Many people liked it, many people hated it and yet many people waited for it.

Facebook Developers like me, got early access to this wonderful new feature but many people kept waiting and waiting for it as they weren't able to get the trick correct. Recently, Facebook said this while announcing the availability of Facebook Timeline: "Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments".

Many people have already got it but still, people are waiting for it as it is yet not available to all the 800+ Million users on Facebook. Many people are happy but some people are disappointed that they haven't got this feature yet. Everybody in Facebook now can see timelines in other profiles which was restricted before to people who are with timeline.

In an attempt to make sure that people don't misuse this all new feature, Facebook has added several privacy settings which lets the user take full control of their profile and what they want to display to whom. Since Facebook was criticized for privacy flaws, they have taken privacy very seriously and this will really help the people using Facebook Timeline.

Well, Facebook Timeline has just made Facebook more better. 2011 has been a great year for Facebook. They have crossed 800 Million users, added so many features and ending the year with yet another feature would be amazing. Just remember ticker bar, status bar update, status word limit, new interface and so much. Facebook has been made better every time they have updated it.

I am quite sure that this change would get them more fans and more appreciations by the users. I have loved this new interface of Facebook profile and I am sure most of the people will do it as well. For now, lets hope for the best for Facebook as well as the Facebook users.

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Too much of everything is bad and harmful. Everything, here, includes Facebook! Facebook is the largest and the biggest social networking site out there. 800 Million+ users are registered on Facebook and most of them constantly keep using Facebook because of their addiction.This is undoubtedly true that Facebook has made many people addict with itself and those people now use Facebook everywhere they go. In home, laptops or computer. Outside home, smartphones or tablets. In short, Facebook is everywhere.

Some Facebook addicts of proud of this title but some are very much disappointed and they want to leave Facebook to give time to other important things in life. Here are some ways you can get away from Facebook addiction.
  • Switch to a basic phone from your smartphone which does not have internet.
  • If you really need phone internet, make it GPRS or EDGE. Don't go for 3G, the speed will be enough to frustrate you and make you close Facebook if you have opened it.
  • Get rid of the social networking site and the related things such. Deactivate your Facebook account, delete Facebook app from your mobile, etc.
  • Well, you may still want to use Facebook even if the addiction has gone down. So, set the limits, use some software on your PC which makes your PC shut down or hibernate after half an hour or an hour(not more than that).
  • Get some of your friends in this thing as well, you won't have much problems then.
Many people have tried getting a break from Facebook and they have liked it. You may be missing out a lot while being addicted to Facebook so it is time to limit the usage of Facebook. Recently, Blackberry messed up and a huge service outrage was caused and this made many people take breaks from instant chatting which Blackberry let them do.

Well, as said above, too much of everything is bad and harmful. Facebook is not made to harm people, it is made to provide people with many new opportunities and options to connect with people. Make sure that Facebook doesn't eat you!

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