There is hardly anyone today who hasn’t heard of Google. It is one of the most famous American multinational companies today. They offer a vast range of services and products and one of their most famous services is the Google search engine. Today there are billions of people who use the Google search engine to conduct their online searches. This search can be to look for anything, blogs, websites, products, services or anything else you can think of. The company was started in 1996 by two Stanford University students as a research project however it evolved into something more.

Since Google has launched it search engine, it has experienced an increase in its popularity. By the year 2009, the Google search engine became one of the most popular search engines having more than 60% shares of the search engine market. This shows that Google has become the most popular website in terms of searching stuff online. The Google engine has become so popular today that when someone wants to search for something online then it is in slang terms known as ‘Google-ing’. There are a number of reasons why people use Google as compared to other search engines.


There are a lot of other search engines other than Google such as Yahoo and Microsoft Bing however Google is the one that is preferred by people and most searchers are dependent on it for many reasons and some of those reasons are as follows:

1. Easy to use: one of the foremost reasons of Google being one of the most favored and preferred search engines is that it is extremely user friendly. It has a ‘Google instant’ feature which will assist you in your searches by filling your incomplete search requests.

2. Accuracy: Google searches are more accurate than all other search engines. When you will be filling out your search on Google then you will find that one of the many results you seek. When using other search engines, it may take you some time to find your desired website. With Google, you can get your desired result with least possible effort as compared to other websites.

3. Spam Free: in 2011, Google did an algorithm change known as Google Panda. This algorithm change though not liked by many website administrators but was a good move from the point of view of the users of Google. What this did was that it made some changes in the way it ranks its websites and conducts searches. This way it ruled out a lot of websites that had high chances of containing spam.

4. Giving the best possible result: as mentioned above, the Google Panda changes in algorithm also made changes in the ranks it gave to the websites. By doing this, they reconsidered many website ranks bringing about many good websites to the top hence giving you the best possible result.

Hence we can see that though it serves the same purpose as other search engines but the many advantages make the searchers dependent on Google.

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  1. Anonymous // December 9, 2011 at 2:55 PM  

    I do agree with your post. However, most often than not system becomes overly abused because of marketing strategies implemented and SAAS companies offering to flood heaps of information for making a product or service on page 1. Well I guess it is all part of it. Thanks for the nice post!

  2. Eapen@InternetMarketingTips // December 16, 2011 at 6:27 PM  

    You are absolutely right, Panda algorithm gets rid of content farms and junk sites. Thanks to Google's intelligent engineers !

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