Blogging for me is an activity which keeps me fresh and active on the internet. Every time I come online, I know I will have updates regarding blogging and for making blogging more portable for me, I got myself a notebook. It has definitely made blogging very portable for me but while searching for portable blogging, I came over mobile blogging.

Mobile blogging surely makes blogging more and more portable and adds more features to blogging such as updating from anywhere, posting about daily thoughts, if you have a team blog and a Smartphone, you can have conference call with your team to discuss about what you can do to your blog and do it directly from your Smartphone.
In this post, we discuss advantages of mobile blogging:

1. Blogging from anywhere. I think you have your Smartphone with you everywhere you go and mobile blogging makes it easier and portable to blog. Every time you think of something interesting, you take out your Smartphone and write about the topic at that time. From anywhere and everywhere.

2. Helps in photo-blogs. The people who run photo-blogs will be the luckiest persons to make the use of mobile blogging. Here is how: You can take photos from anywhere and caption it and publish it on your blog. It will keep your niche and make your blog better. You can take the pictures of your surroundings and write about them. And doing it all from your mobile makes it better.

3. Use of mobile apps. If you have an Android Smartphone and a blog on Blogger, then you can easily use the official Blogger application which lets you blog on the go with attractive user interface. There is also a WordPress application for Android which will make mobile blogging easier for mobile users. Also, there are many applications which can make mobile blogging very easier for you.

So, you can see that mobile blogging is surely a great thing to do as a blogger. If you have a Smartphone and internet on it, you can never miss out on Mobile Blogging.

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  1. android developer // December 5, 2011 at 10:23 AM  

    Wow.interesting post. I have been wondering about this topic, so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your site. Keep up the good posts.

  2. ranna azam // December 14, 2011 at 10:16 PM  

    mobile blogging is more fun to use as it is the most portable thing on the go.. easy way to keep updated every time, every where..! great post!

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