What is social media?

Social media marketing is, as the name tells us, using social media to market your product or your business. Social media is the same as the normal media, that is, it is a source of sharing information such as newspapers or news channels. However social media stands different from the normal media as it allows you to interact with each other as well. That is when you get information from a source using social media you can interact with that source by replying it back with your opinions and comments. Also social media can be used to conduct polls and surveys where people can respond with their votes and choices.
The major sources of social media include websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube where thousands and thousands of people come to share information and communicate. Using these social media sites, one can connect with all those people and hence market his product to them.

Why increase traffic?

The need to increase traffic is a very simple one and that is to increase sales. The main aim for any business is to generate profits by making as much sales as they can. For their sales, it is necessary for people to be aware of the company and the product hence marketing is a very important aspect of a business. Many businesses have started making their own websites and in fact a lot of small businesses have begun only online. The main reason for this is that by making themselves available online they can reach the millions of internet users and hence make their businesses be known all around the globe. Web traffic is basically the amount of visitors any website has. Increasing web traffic would show that there are more and more users willing to browse through your website which shows that the website is gaining popularity hence with time increasing the sales of the business.

How to use social media to increase traffic?

Hence the question now arises as to how to use social media to increase your website traffic? The answer lies in the following methods:
  • Creating backlinks and articles: Backlinks are simple links of your website on another website. The purpose of them is to take the person who clicks on them to your website. However the idea is not to deceive them into clicking it as though it will increase traffic. There are very less chances of increasing your sales in that scenario. Basically backlinks are used with short articles. These short articles will tell the reader about your product and business and then if the article impresses the person only then will he choose to use the backlink. That way you can get your target market to visit and hence increase sales.
  • Advertisements: Advertising on websites such as Facebook or twitter which have over thousands of users you can successfully attract a lot of traffic.
  • Search Engines: People that have access to the internet use search engines such as Google to search for anything they want. Having increased traffic would lead to Google ranking your website higher and hence increasing its chances of coming up in a Google search. Thus increasing traffic further.

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