A blog is a great way to reach out to people on a personal level to connect and exhibit your expertise. The good news is that even a small blog can get read with the proper knowledge put behind posting and promotion. That knowledge is readily available to anyone willing to put in the effort to work towards learning it.
How Can My Blog Compete With Big Bloggers?
The Foundation

The best place to start is the beginning. Your blog’s name should be relevant to your niche and include your brand (if any). It is imperative to spend the money on real hosting and a website address for your blog, preferably a .com. It matters not only for SEO but for proving to your audience that your approach is professional. Read plenty of user reviews of hosting companies before you settle!

So Many Themes, So Little Time

WordPress is the go to platform for your blogging needs. Thousands of themes have been created to help the blogger provide an unique and interesting experience for a visitor. The Thesis theme is a very popular choice due to a high amount of flexibility and ease of maintenance. It is found on many higher end and business blogs.
Content Matters

The way a blogger sets themselves apart from the rest will be in their approach to content. Provide real information that people can actually use. Stay away from general sales on your blog. Visitors come to blogs for information, not to be sold to. However, it is an appropriate platform for special announcements or extraordinary deals that may be coming. Do not post meaningless content that says nothing.

Do Your Keyword Research

Keywords are how people are going to locate your blog and content. Pay attention to analytics and take note of what is trending. Play to that by weaving trending keywords (that are appropriate) into your posting. Be wary of saturating the content with a bunch of keywords and destroying the human readability. Do not use a keyword more than twice per hundred words (2% density).
Learn Basic SEO

Search engine optimization is all about getting a website found. Having a blog is all about getting found to have your content read. Incorporating basic SEO techniques into your blog posts is a great way to make them friendlier to the crawler indexing process. A very good starting point is title, meta-tag, and paragraph structure; all things very relevant to blogging.

Socializing With Other Niche Bloggers

Use social networking functions to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Make offers to allow guest posting in return for reciprocal links. Take the time to read posts on their blog and leave comments. Approach it as you would any other attempt at building a friendship. Patience is a virtue and utilize social networks to find other users interested in your niche.

Strive To Be Unique

Setting yourself apart on the internet is almost a literal approach. Spend the money to get a professional logo developed, use unique design, and invite guest bloggers to build your appeal. Hunting around to secure appropriate graphics to help improve the aesthetic appeal of your blog. Of course, unique content is really the only choice one has for their posts.

Update, Update, Update!

It can be difficult to set aside the time to research and write meaningful blog posts. However, if you have any intention of keeping your audience you need to do exactly that. Set yourself a word and post count goal per week. Stick to it! A good rule of thumb is a 400 to 450 word post 3 times a week. It is a great length to provide the audience with an efficient, meaningful read.

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