Well, I recently told you about Facebook timeline being added to all profiles. Well, Facebook is taking their new feature, Facebook Timeline very seriously and has now spread it over all smartphones. When this feature was spread to all Facebook users, they continuously asked Facebook to make this feature available on mobile phones as well.

It all began when Facebook updated their blog and posted that Timeline is now available on m.facebook.com and Android on 15th December. On 18th December, they updated the post with the follow:
UPDATE on Sunday, December 18th 2011: We're excited to announce that timeline is now available on Facebook for iOS version 4.1, for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
Well, this will totally make the people who use Facebook only from their smartphones happier than ever. Now, with this addition people can access the new look from the mobile phones and make Facebook better than ever for themselves. This change has really excited the fans and Facebook is getting much appreciation.

Timeline lets you know the Facebook history of people in a new kind of profile which features each and every activity ever happened on the wall of your friend. To prevent misuse of this feature, several privacy settings are also added. iOS, Android and m.facebook.com will give you an opportunity to access timeline on mobile phones.

I have to say that Timeline is a great feature and Facebook has definitely taken a leap forward by making this feature available all over the world. Because of these amazing features and amazing changes, Facebook is the best social networking site. I just want to wish good luck to Facebook and I want them to keep rolling new features.

What do you think about Facebook Timeline? Do you like it or hate it? Share your views about Facebook timeline in the comments.

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  1. SEO Copywriting Service // December 19, 2011 at 5:36 PM  

    Yes, This is good news that new features are coming with Facebook. Definitely excite millions of users.

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