This article would focus mostly on Things that you need to keep in mind before choosing a domain name for your Blog/website.

It's advised to choose a domain name that fits right in with your keyword and promotional campaign. Choosing a domain name comes down to two issues: personal choice, and business purpose. If your site has nothing to do with being monetized or even with being the most heavily trafficked site in the world, and is just about your interests or preoccupations, your personal choice should rule the decision. Give it any name you want!
Ironically, sometimes the unique name you give it might spread virally, and become a brand such that you get a lot of traffic anyway. If your intent from day one is to make money and get eyeballs to your website in a reliable way, that business purpose should drive you to choosing a name that fits a business plan, and engages an existing targeted audience. The name should also help directly address the subject of the site, be it the Pittsburgh Pirates, personal injury claims, fast food, and so on.

The domain name you choose should be unique, of course, to be uniquely claimed by you upon registration, but in order to quickly reach that target audience the uniqueness should be a variation on a keyword that is in strong demand by the people searching your niche topic. Try to select a keyword without the use of hyphens -- although the separation of words in a keyword rich domain makes them easier to read, the search engines do not give much importance to that device anymore (if they ever did), so placing the hyphens will not give you a higher position in the search results in case you are targeting no win no fee. Pick the name that will be hard to forget and simple to correctly recall by most readers, with or without hyphens.

Once you choose what you think is an effective name of promoting your business, it is advised to add one or two additional domains having almost the exact keywords that were chosen for your main site. This will help you if you want to link to your website from those secondary domains, which may help boost the rankings of your main domain. Finally, your choice of registrar for setting up your domain can be as important as the name itself, in terms of quality in their delivering the domain, and related services such as hosting.

Many people go to the big vendors such as GoDaddy, Yahoo! Domains, 1 & 1, and others for the convenience of the hosting plans they also provide. It's your choice.

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  1. Web Copywriters // December 19, 2011 at 5:39 PM  

    Choosing a domain name really very very confusing and it throws so many questions. You points are very helpful in choosing a domain name. Thanks for sharing.

  2. SEO writing service // December 21, 2011 at 10:28 PM  

    Domain name selection can become a tedious job if you dont know the basics of it! Thnks for the tips. Appreciated!

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