How much cheap SMS sending has become, nowadays we can even send SMS’s to our friends for free! Sending free SMS’s is really easy. All what we have to do is to find the correct way and move on.
And As you all are aware about the New TRAI rules, that is we can send just 200Sms per day, so a service which enable you to send free sms would help you to communicate with your friends via sms more easily without worrying about the per day limit.

Actually sending only SMS was possible from quite a long time, what’s new is that we can now even send greeting cards, participate in contests, watch videos, read news, and the best thing is we can get all this from a one stop site –
We can send free sms from this site – really easily. Smsfi is mainly used for sending free SMS across the country but to keep you hanged there, they have given features which are mentioned below:
  • We can play games.
  • Participate in contests and win points.
  • Send SMS across India.
  • Send greeting cards.
  • Read astrology news.
  • Buy items.
  • Read cricket news.
  • Check the job advertisements.
  • Send SMS’s from foreign countries to India.
  • Play games online, cool isn’t it?
  • Much more!
This isn’t all, we can do, there’s lot more things. The navigation system of the site is very good. At last, I would like to highly recommend you to join this site, if you will join this site believe me you will never feel bored! And you could even send free SMS to your friends. So, at last the decision is all yours – whether to join it or not. I have joined it and it was worth!

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