With most sites now working as blog sites, blogs now provide site owners to update and provide relevant information to users and at the same time give a glimpse of what goes on inside the company. This gives the site a more human touch as clients can get a feel of the functioning of a company through blog interactions.

Besides, Blogging is still one of the best ways to move up in the search engine rankings as it is a good way to add high-quality information to a website. Keep in mind that or low value posts can now negatively impact a website. Removing these might actually help a website move up the rankings or recover from a drop in ranking.

If you have a useful, interesting, and intriguing content on a page where a visitor has just landed on, he or she will “stick” on to read it. The bottom line is that you must concentrate on assuring the very best user experience that you can so that every visitor is encouraged to be with you. Of course, you do not want that your visitors bouncing on and off your site.

Here are some tips to get people to read and comment on your posts:

The simplest rule is to create good content. By creating content worth reading, you not only get people who regularly read your blog but also who link to the blog. Using keywords in the post, the title would get the blog to rank well and get relevant visitors to the site. However on landing on the post and not finding relevant or valuable information the visitor is likely to exit early. The idea of good posts is to build the reader base over time.
Tips on creating an interesting post
  • Keep it simple
Use simple language. Do not complicate anything. Keep the average or normal customer in mind. Make sure that the post is simple enough for even a non technical user to enjoy and learn from. Too much technical jargon may scare away most visitors. Use the simple words
  • Keep it interactive
Be interactive. Work on building an equation. Use "you" as often as you can. Pose questions if required. Keep the interest alive.
  • Informative posts
Write posts that add value to what the visitor was searching for. For example if the searched for keyword was “buy leather bean bags” then make sure you give valuable information like caring for a leather bean bag, or difference between a leather bean bag etc. Give tips or tell the user how to do something.
  • Be Honest
Be yourself. It makes a difference and shows through the post. People tend to react well to an honest post.

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