If someone tells you that you can make big time online as easy as one two three, that is not so true. It goes the other way around. It means that starting an online business is easy but not with making money. Although becoming a big time dollar earner online is possible, but it would take you a lot of ordeals before doing so, and the most hateful thing in doing business on the net would be the so called fact of selling products and services to people whom you do not know. Anyway, how can you be a big time dollar earner on the net?


First and foremost, you must expect too much out of everything. It kills you. Just persevere on everything that you do. It may take months or even years to have a stable income online. Start with working at home using the internet. Vast of opportunities awaits you online. The beset thing with this technique is that you are just in the comforts of your home. You don’t need to travel and be worried about traffic. However, do research first. Try to find out if the home online business is true or you would be a victim of a scam.

When you have chosen the business that suits your self then you can start indulging in to programs that do affiliating. You can do direct or indirect sales, and have a marketing on a multi level. Technology in the 21st century is such a powerful tool. Marketing your business lies on your own hands and with the help of some methods too. A marketing strategy that you can rely on is by using videos. You can post some information of your business on YouTube that would literally take a few minutes.

Another way would involve writing an article. In this method, you have to appear as an expert for you to be able to lead the way. Once you have persuaded your customers about your product, give them your link to your website so that they could get to know your business more. Joining discussions found in forums as well as blogging would be great ideas also. In this method, you can give your comments to any discussions on the forum and if you get lucky, you might be able to convince and provide them solutions. They might ask about your websites address. This would be so interesting.

One crazy yet the well known method of all is to penetrate in the social sites like Facebook perhaps or Myspace. By posting pictures and information about your product on your fan page would be so much fun. The good thing also is that it is absolutely free.

These methods may seem so easy to do, but it is not. You may get rejected and have hard times while you are still starting. Just don’t get affected with it because it is part of the process. With the right knowledge and attitude as well as the right opportunity, everything will be okay in earning big bucks online.

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  1. tushar // November 2, 2011 at 7:25 PM  

    thanks for the wonderful article.
    And yes hard work is required to take the results of your efforts to the next level

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