How much cheap SMS sending has become, nowadays we can even send SMS’s to our friends for free! Sending free SMS’s is really easy. All what we have to do is to find the correct way and move on.
And As you all are aware about the New TRAI rules, that is we can send just 200Sms per day, so a service which enable you to send free sms would help you to communicate with your friends via sms more easily without worrying about the per day limit.

Actually sending only SMS was possible from quite a long time, what’s new is that we can now even send greeting cards, participate in contests, watch videos, read news, and the best thing is we can get all this from a one stop site –
We can send free sms from this site – really easily. Smsfi is mainly used for sending free SMS across the country but to keep you hanged there, they have given features which are mentioned below:
  • We can play games.
  • Participate in contests and win points.
  • Send SMS across India.
  • Send greeting cards.
  • Read astrology news.
  • Buy items.
  • Read cricket news.
  • Check the job advertisements.
  • Send SMS’s from foreign countries to India.
  • Play games online, cool isn’t it?
  • Much more!
This isn’t all, we can do, there’s lot more things. The navigation system of the site is very good. At last, I would like to highly recommend you to join this site, if you will join this site believe me you will never feel bored! And you could even send free SMS to your friends. So, at last the decision is all yours – whether to join it or not. I have joined it and it was worth!

Also Check : Send Free Sms Without Registering.

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It is very important to gather a great traffic for any online business. Whether the website is for personal blog to maintain small online business or a big site which is very rich with its various contents has the similar importance of big traffic. There are many ways to increase the visitors to a website. To be able to make a great traffic to a website, one has to know the Secrets of Link building to get Visitors Quickly. Making a great traffic to any website is the main task of the website business. Because the success of a website business depends on how many visitors visit the particular website in a day.Secrets_of_Link_buildingSo, to increase the visitors to a website link building in a proper way is a must doing job for any website business.

Must have reliable source:

Link building is such a method through which one can attract the website visitors and make them bound to come back to the website next time. In link building one has to keep in his mind that getting link from any unreliable source does not make much good effect on his website. The website has to get links from the much reliable source which should be respected by the world’s leading search engine like Google. At present the quantity of links do not any matter. The main thing is the quality. A few quality links is better than thousands of empty links. So, one has to get the valuable links for his website. Understanding the Secrets of Link building to get Visitors Quickly can help a person much in this context.

Write blog or articles:

In spite of knowing the importance of link building in increasing the number of visitors to a website, many people give up the hope of link building. Because to them this is a hard work and it kills their valuable time. But there are some Secrets of Link building to get Visitors Quickly which those people do not know. One can write blog or articles featuring his professional skills. In writing these types of articles one has to keep in his mind that there should be something interesting and some unique information in these articles which will make a reader thinking about the contents. After adding the articles to his own website he has to submit the URL to famous online directories to spread the word. By doing this one can build up his links in a short period of time.

Buying a banner:

Buying a banner on a website which is located in one’s market can be another easy way to get more links. By doing this one will get his banner on that site and then he begins to acquire a link back for his own site. Getting links through this way is known as the “Backlink”. The more links you will be able to collect, the more higher your ranking will be. Link building campaign is very useful for a person who wants to know the way in which he will become an expert in link building. In order to be a successful website businessman one must know the method of link building properly and he should use this method in a proper way.

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If you do any online marketing, you know that SEO optimization is vital to your success. SEO techniques help people find your website using Google and other search engines. However, there's a lot more to good SEO than choosing the right keywords for your website or blog entries. If you use your creativity, you can come up with endless ways to get your website highly ranked with search engines.
Remember that the more you post your link, the more likely search engines are to pick it up, but don't post indiscriminately; offer free information that readers are interested in, and you'll increase your SEO while networking and reaching new customers.

Interact on Forums and Blogs

Forums and other people's blogs are the best tools for getting your website highly ranked if you post correctly. Don't visit someone else's blog and post a link to your blog; that's considered rude and may get you blocked for spamming. Instead, respond honestly to other people's posts. Share your thoughts and feelings. You can put a link to your blog at the bottom of your post so that search engines still pick it up. In addition, make sure to put links to your sites in your profile if you sign up to comment on blogs or in forums so others users can find you easily. An added bonus of this kind of promotion is that you meet people who have similar interests to you and who are likely to be your customers.

Link Trading

Since you're reading lots of blogs daily and commenting on them, you're sure to come across something your customers would be interested in. Contact the blog owner if you enjoy a particular column and offer to reprint it on your blog with a link to the owner's site. After you do this, ask the blog owner if he'd be willing to share a post from your blog with a link to your site. This strategy helps drive traffic to your site as well as giving the search engines an extra link to help your page rank.

User-Generated Sites

You've probably thought of writing blogs to increase your SEO optimization, but you might not have thought of contributing to user-generated sites like Yahoo! Answers. Most of these sites allow you to state your expertise or credentials when you answer questions. Answer questions that are relevant to the service you provide and put a link to your blog or website at the end of your question. If you write full articles about topics that are relevant to your customer base, you can submit them to user-generated article sites like Ezine and put a link to your website in your bio at the bottom of the article.

Local Marketing

Depending on the products or services you offer, you may want to focus on marketing yourself locally. You can increase your SEO optimization while doing this. Find local businesses that your customers may also be interested in. Write reviews of these businesses on local business directories and include a link to your website in your profile or at the bottom of the review. You can also submit your website to local business directories so that your customers can find you more easily.

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Having good blog titles will yield superb results for the Search Engine results. This is a basic strategy that is used by all proper SEO bloggers to increase the number of clicks linked to their page. Anybody using the originally set blogger templates will have to tweak them just a bit to make sure it is optimized for Search Engines. These are really simple steps and you don’t need to be a master coder to set it up right.

Before making any changes it would be wise to know why you are editing the default settings. The bloggers’ Default templates' Title Tag normally indicates the blog's name first then the title of the blog post. To boost the rankings of your blog in any search engine, you will have to make the blog’s post title come up first followed by the blog’s name. This is because the major search engines first look for the blog’s title firstly followed by the content which includes the blog’s name.

Using the Test blog, I’ll show you how to optimize your blogger’s blog title.

1. Login into your blogger account.

2. Look for the “Layout” or “Design” tab and select it. under this select and click on “Edit HTML


3. Using the CTRL + F shortcut, search for the HTML code:


4. This code is usually close to the start of the top in most templates. Once located, replace it with this new HTML code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/>: <data:blog.title/></title>

5. Finally save your new settings. The new HTML code should look similar to this:


After this, your post titles will appear first then the name of the blog. The Search Engine will however have to scan through your blog first before it makes any changes. Now when people search for a phrase or word which is included in the title of your blog postings, but not in the blog’s name, your search results will come up in a much higher position than before.

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The decision to start a blog is relatively easy, especially compared to everything that happens after that decision. From there you have to choose a blogging platform, pick a theme template for your blog design and then actually write the posts that accompany said blog. Writing blog posts is no small feat – they take time to craft and edit and they have to flow in a certain way that is appealing to you and your readers.


Finding your writing voice is one of the most difficult parts of blogging – once you've established that writing gets exponentially easier. So how do you pinpoint just what your voice is?

1. Don’t try to be anyone else

One of the biggest mistakes a rookie writer can make is trying to imitate someone else’s writing style. Don’t do this! You don’t want to be a replica of someone else; you want to be an individual known for their own unique approach. All you’re doing by copying other writers is cheapening your own writing.

2. Everyday write something

It can be a poem, a blog post, a short story, or a letter to someone – just write something. The more often you write, the more comfortable you’ll get with it and the more your true writing voice will shine through. Don’t spend hours thinking about how you want to say something, instead just write it as it comes to you and leave the reviewing and editing for later.

3. Practice different styles

Try out different writing styles to see which one is the most comfortable for you to naturally write. Create different scenes in your head and write them from different viewpoints. Once you've defined the style that appeals to you refining it won’t be that hard.

4. Write from your thoughts

There’s a difference between the voice in our head and the voice that we speak with, largely due in part to the fact that no one is talking back in our head so there is no conversation to build off of – only your own thoughts. If you can get to the point that you can think and type at the same time you’ll know you've mastered transferring the voice in your head to your writing.

5. Don’t get caught up trying to sound smart

When you blog you are writing for a general audience – not a literary textbook. Don’t try to drop in fancy words, just write naturally. You don’t want to lose readers because you’re using words they don’t understand, so keep it simple.

Finding your writing voice doesn't happen overnight – it takes a lot of practice and is continually being refined. The more you write the more clear it will become.

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Are you growing your business with social media?

The most important weapon you need as a blogger is a proper marketing strategy. Most businesses have failed due to lack of planning.

A proper strategy gives you the ability to succeed in dealing with or controlling problems that prevents you from achieving your goal as a blogger.

If you can engage yourself in these systems of marketing creatively, you would be singing a new song and also experience a total change in your online business.
Now let’s look at these 5 powerful social media marketing strategies for successful blogging.

1. Map Out Quality Strategies

An effective strategy gives you the ability to understand the element of social media marketing. Decision should be made based on the strategies you have mapped out.

Once strategies are mapped out, it automatically becomes your goal and the intention of achieving these goals depends on the quality time you invest while setting them.

Several bloggers have failed in the social media market because of inappropriate strategies. The honest truth is that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Map out quality strategies today and your business would begin to experience success.

2. Be Focused

Successful bloggers are always focused. Try to be optimistic in what you do. When you are focused, you don’t accept anything that comes your way.

A lot of ideas pass through your mind each day, what can you do to control it and make it work in your own interest?

Another way you can succeed as a blogger is by asking intelligent questions. Always ask questions that are relevant and believe in your ability to achieve success. By so doing you would be ready to explore greater opportunities in blogging.

However, the quality of traffic you get from social media networks affect your conversion rate. So, build up yourself from the inside and don't settle for the average traffic that doesn't convert. Targeted traffic is what you need every day.

3. See Ahead

What you see as a blogger or a corporate marketer determines how far you go in your business. Your insight gives you an edge to expand your internet business.

What you pursue is being determined by what you see. Millions of bloggers make this particular mistake because they fail to see ahead of them. Your insight makes your goals very clear; which ever way you wish to go about your business is your choice but make sure it’s worked out for your favor.

This system of marketing is the most effective way to convert your prospects into customers. The only way to achieve success as an internet marketer in the social media market is to see your buyers first before you make a step in approaching them.

Thousand of people make use of social media network, and it is very difficult to attract all of them, but when your thoughts are positive and high you would be able to see the percentage of those prospects coming your way.

4. Become Creative

One of the ways by which a social media marketer can win the heart of prospects, drive targeted traffic and build customer interest is by becoming creative.

Creativity gives you knowledge on how to control every business you get involved in.

The level of your creativity determines how far you can go in business as a marketer. So become creative and make concise business research on what your customers need and what you can do to bring solution to their problems.

Whatever your niche may be, you can apply creativity and win. I used this strategy of creating new concept on my blog. Start using it for your business today and experience a surge of growth.

5. Take Action

Action is the most important tool that would bring you success the way you desire it. It’s very unfortunate that several bloggers and online marketer fail to abide by this vital rule.

When you fail to take action as a social media marketer, you should bear in mind that you're heading for failure. Remember the more action you take the more successful you become in your business.

Action is very powerful, become decisive today and take your business to the next level. Don't give up yet - success is sure!

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At first they were used only by people with money. Now, they can be bought by almost any user. Obviously, it's about Smartphone's. Smartphone's have been cheapened so much that they became a mass phenomenon that rightly began to pose a threat to the existence of so-called feature-phones.

10. Samsung Galaxy Gio - $230
Samsung Galaxy Gio is equipped with a screen of 3.2" and resolution of 320 x 480 and has the most powerful processor in the ranking, the unit being clocked at 800 MHz. 158 MB internal memory expandable via microSD cards and 3G connectivity (with download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps), Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPRS, Bluetooth and microUSB. Has 3 MP camera and operating system Google Android 2.3 Gingerbeard.

09. Nokia C5-03 - $220
The few remaining fans of Symbian are able to choose a Nokia C5-03, equipped with Symbian OS 9.4. With a display of 3.2" that offers a resolution of 640 × 360 pixels, but internal memory is limited to only 40 MB. Connectivity is provided by 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB, the camera has a resolution of 5 MP and GPS system comes with Nokia Maps.

08. Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 - $220
Samsung has a wide offer of cheap phones with touch screen, and the model Galaxy 3 is one of them, offering a display of 3.0" with the unusual resolution of 240 × 400 pixels. Connectivity is provided by 3G (with download speeds of 3.6 Mbps), Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB and has 3 MP camera.

07. Sony Ericsson W8 - $215
Audiophiles will be pleased to discover a model in the Sony Ericsson Walkman range, with the name of W8. It relies on a display of 3" with a diagonal of 320 x 480 pixels, ARM11 processor clocked at 600 MHz and 128 MB internal memory plus microSD card slot. The phone knows 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth and microUSB and has a 3.2 MP camera with geo-tagging functions via GPS. The operating system is Google Android 2.1 Eclair.

06. Allview Alldro P1 dual-SIM - $215
Although it has a large display of 3.5" and 320 x 480 pixel resolution, the phone relies on an ARM9 processor with only 416 MHz, accompanied by 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. In addition, there is no 3G, only Wi-Fi, GPRS and EDGE and has 5 MP camera. The operating system is Google Android 2.2 Froyo.

05. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro - $210
Sony Ericsson makes its presence felt also in this price segment with Xperia X10 Mini Pro model that comes with a QWERTY keyboard. The TFT screen of 2.55 MP provides a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels, internal memory of 128 MP and can be extended by microSD cards. Otherwise, technical facilities are already classics: 600 MHz processor, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth and microUSB.

04. Galaxy Mini Samsung S5570 - $190
A cheap Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Mini, which offers the advantage of a slightly higher TFT with a diagonal of 3.14", but with a resolution limited to 320 x 240 pixels. And this phone is doing well on the hardware, it has a frequency of 600 MHz processor, 164 MB internal memory expandable through microSD and a 3-megapixel camera in addition to GPS.

03. Fire Motorola XT311 - $180
Motorola is found among the cheapest phones with a QWERTY keyboard, display 2.8" and the resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Powered by a Qualcomm 600 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM, the Smartphone is connected to the internet via 3G, Wi-Fi and GPRS, and the local file transfer is provided by Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB. Other features include GPS and 3.15 MP camera.

02. Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 - $145
Samsung and offers the Galaxy 5 for about $145. Based on the famous line of phones in Corby, Galaxy 5 comes with a TFT display of 2.8" which offers a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels (less adapted for Google Android), plus a frequency of 600 MHz processor. The operating system is Google Android 2.1 Eclair and there is little hope that it will receive an official update later.

01. LG Optimus ME P350 - $140
It is possible that it is the cheapest Smartphone out there, LG proposes a model of Optimus that features a wide diagonal TFT display of 2.8" which offers a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Connectivity is provided via 3G (with download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps), Wi-Fi b/g, GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB port with 140 MB internal memory expandable via microSD cards up to 32GB. It has a 3 MP camera and is using Google Android OS 2.2 Froyo.


The touch screens mentioned above are fantastic phones if you want to get with the latest technology at a more reasonably price than forking out for a top of the range model. They’re smaller and more compact and may not be as slick as say an iPhone 4 but you can save money with the low price points and by getting a SIM-only instead of a mobile contract. As the phones are unlocked to any network you can also have more freedom and interchange SIMs if you need to.

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When Search Engine Optimization and social media sites such as Facebook and twitter when brought together they lead to development of program associations that promotes gambling. When keen attention is paid to Search Engine Optimization as well as the social media on different grounds, an intelligent individual notices that they can work together through sustaining each other. With this analysis, one never looks back.
Content management

Search engine site is mainly concerned with good content. When the content is poor and does not the Google requirement, Google terminates the site automatically. An individual cannot plaster a website with numerous but less useful links and expect good results from it as well as higher ranking. Recently, (Google Panda 2.5 update has had many effects for gambling affiliates)

Considerably, search engine optimizations in addition to content are not the only aspects to concentrate on especially after the recent Panda update. In this generation people should totally focus on combining the existing techniques as well as social media to come up with an effective as well as efficient online marketing.
Before setting up a SEC website, an individual should thoroughly do research about it. One should acquire proper knowledge especially when creating SEO in addition to social media. Having a target and working towards achieving the target in this case is very effective. Instead of one remain stuck in a fruitless edge; one should make a progression which is an empowerment in this generation. This is mainly based on the conversation that one uses to help in the promotion of a website.

Reviews to consider

The following are reviews that one should put into consideration especially when launching internet marketing campaign:

Social terms in relation to Search Engine Optimization: as SEO does, social media requires an overview of the keywords or terms that will be focused on especially during search of people as well as items related to what the site is promoting. In twitter search feature is a excellent place to begin searching from. It only needs an individual to place the key word or items to sites that may become active participants of affiliated programs. Another venue for searching especially searching for members who are hidden are the web is facebook marketing strategies. Once these people are identified, there conversations are monitored and are made to become liable to the messages and this is because one is participating on their terms.

Social hangouts

The social hangouts: this is another important aspect to put into consideration by Search Engine Optimization as well as social media before setting up a strategy. They should ensure that their important messages reach the right hangouts online. The most excellent marketing messages falls upon the deaf ears incase the websites chosen to converse do not accommodate individuals who are open new and better ideas. For beginning, an individual can as well use search results to find out communities which fall upon the center by use of key terms in earlier section. Chats, forums twits, as well as blog determine communities which are ready to understand the messages.

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GoDaddy is Back again with their $1 Domain name Sale. GoDaddy $1 Domain Sale is a good opportunity for those who were about to purchase a domain or were waiting for some discount.

Under this promotional offer you can register any available .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN Domain Name, this promotional offer is applicable for the first 10,000 Domain Name Registered using Coupon Code or it Expires on 30th December whichever comes first.

Promo Code : LEAVES


Note : Limited to one order per customer. Plus ICANN fee of 18 cents (So Domain Would Cost $1.18).

Usually it is observed that the promo code expires within 24-48hrs, So go Ahead and register a domain name before its too late.

Don’t forget to Share this offer with your friends!!!

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Which is the best Smartphone company at this time? The answer is none other than Samsung. Samsung has produced many all time greats and has broken several records with its phones. Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy SII HD and a lot more phones have made Samsung what it is today. One of the latest phones that has hit the stores with Galaxy tag is Samsung Galaxy Note. You would definitely be wanting to see the phone in action. Checkout its official video which was released by Samsung itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note is mainly known for the large screen of 5.3 inches. Wow! Do you remember that 5-inch tablet from Dell? This phone can compete with that tablet quite easily. Well, the large screen has made it very famous and the specifications are there to back it up so that people don’t feel that it is just a matter of a huge screen and nothing else. This post will have a detailed review of this new amazing phone from Samsung.


When you look at any phone, the first thing you see is the design and the looks of the phone. Galaxy Note comes with a design which mobile markets would be seeing for the first time. Earphone grill at the top, ambient light and proximite sensors at the right and the front facing camera is located on the top edge. On the top right is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the power button. There is a volume setter located on the left.


Having a 5.3 inch display screen is great. But having a 5.3 inch SUPER AMOLED capacitive touch screen is more than great.


And add 800 x 1280 pixels resolution to it with gorilla glass display, touch wiz UI v4.0, multi-touch feature and what you get is sheer awesomeness.

Battery and Storage

Definitely battery and storage are two things which people don’t want to overlook when going for a Smartphone. It comes with a 2500 mAh Li-Ion battery which will be available to support the phone for a lot of time. In storage, it comes in 2 models, 16 GB and 32 GB. The 16 GB model can be expanded to 32 GB by using a microSD card.


Nowadays, these Smartphone cameras have been made so powerful that they can easily compete with the entry-level cameras.


The camera in this phone is definitely great and the 5.3 inch screen makes your camera’s look more wider than ever. It comes with a 8 megapixels camera with autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection and image stabilization. Videos can be recording at high definition(1080p). It also has a 2 megapixels front facing camera.


With so much powerful specifications, it has to make sure that the phone doesn’t slow down while running these powerful features. That’s why the processor is here. Galaxy Note comes with a Dual-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset. 1.4 Ghz processor is quite enough to handle the powerful specifications and would definitely make sure that you don’t feel that the phone is working slowly in any single way.

Operating System

Hardware is just half the story. Operating System needs to be good and Samsung Galaxy Note doesn’t stay anywhere back in this category. Android totally rules the operating system world.


This phone comes with Android 2.3(Gingerbread) which is coming in almost all the phones these days. It is expected to be upgradeable to Android 4.0 in January 2012.

So, there you see, all those great features and having the largest screen in Smartphone's has made this phone very famous and it will definitely fetch Samsung a huge number of customers. The price of this phone in India is around Rs. 35,000 which is totally worth it. If you are looking for a Smartphone and have a large budget, just go for Galaxy Note.

This Post is Sponsored By Samsung.

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Coming up with a successful business is one of the difficult duty that you can ever be assigned to do. You can spend most of your time and efforts in this duty but unless you have the right strategies be assured that your efforts and time will be of no help. Most of the business owners have discovered the rise in business blogging. It is important to know what these blogs are; blogs are in general sites where one can get an opportunity to express their ideas and opinion.

However the purpose of blogs is to enable the owner of the blog to come in contact with the readers and also to ensure the readers are exposed to the services and products that your are selling.

Promote your business by guest blogging

One of the best ways in which a company can promote their business using the blogs is through the use of the guest blogging. It is important however that before a company starts to use another blog to first do a research and found out a blog that has contents that involve similar products and services that are offered by your company. Begin by posting articles in these blogs and you will be amazed by the number of readers your company will gain. Readers will always follow the links of businesses that have posted very attractive contents. In no time your business will have regular clients who will not only be interested with reading your information but also with the products and services offered by your business. For example if your business is dealing with cosmetics products, then look for blogs that have contents about cosmetics and post your comments. Select the right words to use so that you do not appear as if you are advertising your business. Make sure that you have left your link after the comments.

Customer testimonials through the blogs

The other way of promoting your business using the blog is through the creation of a blog that allows the consumers to post their testimonials concerning the products and services you offer. If good and pleasant testimonials are posted by the consumers, many more consumers will be attracted as a result. You can also decide to hire the services of professional blogs to do for you this kind of services. Positive comments made by consumers through these professional blogs are trusted by many consumers and thus help to promote your business.

Share your blog with other businesses

The other way by which you can boost your business by blog is through the creation of good relation between your business and other business. This works well when you decide to share your blog with the blogs of other business. This thus will help your business grow especially where you are using a blog of a company that is very famous as a tool of advertisement. You may also decide to make advertisements of other business free of charge so that they can also do the same for your business. Chances might be that the blog of the other business is very popular than that of your business. The effect thus will be a rise in the number of consumers in your business as a result of the blog of the other business.

These were some of the ways by which you can boost your business using the blog.

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With most sites now working as blog sites, blogs now provide site owners to update and provide relevant information to users and at the same time give a glimpse of what goes on inside the company. This gives the site a more human touch as clients can get a feel of the functioning of a company through blog interactions.

Besides, Blogging is still one of the best ways to move up in the search engine rankings as it is a good way to add high-quality information to a website. Keep in mind that or low value posts can now negatively impact a website. Removing these might actually help a website move up the rankings or recover from a drop in ranking.

If you have a useful, interesting, and intriguing content on a page where a visitor has just landed on, he or she will “stick” on to read it. The bottom line is that you must concentrate on assuring the very best user experience that you can so that every visitor is encouraged to be with you. Of course, you do not want that your visitors bouncing on and off your site.

Here are some tips to get people to read and comment on your posts:

The simplest rule is to create good content. By creating content worth reading, you not only get people who regularly read your blog but also who link to the blog. Using keywords in the post, the title would get the blog to rank well and get relevant visitors to the site. However on landing on the post and not finding relevant or valuable information the visitor is likely to exit early. The idea of good posts is to build the reader base over time.
Tips on creating an interesting post
  • Keep it simple
Use simple language. Do not complicate anything. Keep the average or normal customer in mind. Make sure that the post is simple enough for even a non technical user to enjoy and learn from. Too much technical jargon may scare away most visitors. Use the simple words
  • Keep it interactive
Be interactive. Work on building an equation. Use "you" as often as you can. Pose questions if required. Keep the interest alive.
  • Informative posts
Write posts that add value to what the visitor was searching for. For example if the searched for keyword was “buy leather bean bags” then make sure you give valuable information like caring for a leather bean bag, or difference between a leather bean bag etc. Give tips or tell the user how to do something.
  • Be Honest
Be yourself. It makes a difference and shows through the post. People tend to react well to an honest post.

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Starting and maintaining a blog is fun, but it can also be taxing, especially if you want to do it well. We all know the feeling of crafting a blog post and publishing, only to spend the next two days obsessively checking to see how many people have viewed it. When those numbers are low it can be disheartening, but there are a number of things you can do that will promote your blog and send your page views soaring.


One of the fun ways I tried to get the word out on my blog was typing out a witty little email, sending it to friends and family. Those in the “business” call this email marketing and whether you’re an international clothier trying to keep people interested in buying apparel or an enthusiast who started a blog about what you love, it’s a great way to engage with current and potential readers. Once the people I knew spread the email around, I was getting regular subscriptions to my blog and consistently high page views, which was awesome. Once I had gotten my web-writing chops, I was able to mold the jokey email reminder into a more formal “newsletter” and that small element of “professionalism” has boosted readership also.
Introverts like me have a tough time talking about their blogs. I always felt corny asking people to “check out my blog”, as if that were a dishonest way of getting views. I felt like the people who were interested should just go. I’ve since changed my thinking completely. Offline promotion is a huge get; there is something very real and profound about word of mouth. Even the action of someone writing down the blog URL on a piece of paper to reference it later gives it a certain power that a Twitter link doesn’t have (though you should be tweeting the heck out of your blog). If you have a Japanese music blog and are taking a Japanese class, it only makes sense to make a short announcement and let people know this thing you happen to produce that caters to a potential interest of theirs is available. More professional types will want to put a blog URL on the business card.

The biggest way to promote your blog is to be active. If you’re not posting to the blog regularly, start now. Once you’re doing that, build relationships with blogs you follow. Leave comments and start engaging with those who make other posts; if people see you interacting with their blog, they are more likely to interact with yours, especially if both of your blogs are on similar topics. Eventually, you may ask to write guest posts for these blogs, which is a great way to get your voice out and direct people to your blog. Guest blogging is a great way for you to network, interact and gain notoriety.

Whether these are “inventive” ways to promote your blog is up to you, but only a fool would argue that they are not important and effective ways of driving traffic to your blog. Of course, you should also be casting the digital nets of Twitter and Facebook, but getting really involved in guest blogging, email marketing and good old fashioned word of mouth will yield impressive returns. So get to it!

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The concept of becoming a full-time blogger is an understandably exciting one. You get to work your own hours, at your own page and kiss your irritating boss goodbye. However, as is hopefully obvious, there are many things that need to be examined before you jump into the world of being a professional blogger. I can talk about this the whole day, as I had gone through this and I could fully settle down to go pro only after I started a steady income.
So before you make that move, have you considered the following :


It is vital, for anyone looking to go into professional blogging, to consider their finances. For example, if you’re making around 3 dollars a day off your blog, that’s around 84 dollars a month. That, honestly, isn’t even going to pay for gas. Then, of course, there’s rent, food and all the other expenses that come with life. You may despise your current job and long for the wonders of being a blogger, but the lousy job has a serious perk in that it pays pretty well and comes, hopefully, with benefits. Therefore be honest with yourself, and consider if you can truly live on the income your blog provides.

Consider your savings

A sad fact of life about full-time blogging is that the money you make is not steady. You could make a fortune one month and barely scrape by next month; it honestly depends entirely on your readers. Thus, it is vital to be prepared. Do you have money saved up to cover you during the difficult months? It’s very important to take a good long look at your savings and consider whether you have enough to get by during the lean months.

Consider Blogging part-time

Another thing to consider is the fact that the company you work at, yes the one with the annoying boss, hopefully provides you benefits like vision, health and dental. These benefits, if not handled through a company, can be quite expensive. A thought to consider is just doing your blog part-time and working part-time at a company that provides you with these benefits. This still allows you plenty of time to work on your blog, with the added bonus of a guaranteed paycheck and benefits.

Are you in it for the right reasons?

Another important thing to consider is if you really want to become a full-time blogger for the right reasons. Blogging, like it or not, takes a lot of hard work to make profitable. It takes passion, dedication and a good work ethic. Sadly, you are probably not going to have these traits if you just want to be a blogger to quit your lousy job. While that provides some important motivation, make sure that you are really focused blogging and aren’t just going to quit when you don’t see immediate results. That will leave you with no money and no job.


Becoming a professional, full-time, blogger is a dream for many people. It allows you work when you want and be your own boss. It, however, is a dream that should not be entered into blindly. There are no guarantees in the world of blogging and bills do pile up. Consider the above ideas and see if becoming a full-time blogger is really something you are willing to do.

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If someone tells you that you can make big time online as easy as one two three, that is not so true. It goes the other way around. It means that starting an online business is easy but not with making money. Although becoming a big time dollar earner online is possible, but it would take you a lot of ordeals before doing so, and the most hateful thing in doing business on the net would be the so called fact of selling products and services to people whom you do not know. Anyway, how can you be a big time dollar earner on the net?


First and foremost, you must expect too much out of everything. It kills you. Just persevere on everything that you do. It may take months or even years to have a stable income online. Start with working at home using the internet. Vast of opportunities awaits you online. The beset thing with this technique is that you are just in the comforts of your home. You don’t need to travel and be worried about traffic. However, do research first. Try to find out if the home online business is true or you would be a victim of a scam.

When you have chosen the business that suits your self then you can start indulging in to programs that do affiliating. You can do direct or indirect sales, and have a marketing on a multi level. Technology in the 21st century is such a powerful tool. Marketing your business lies on your own hands and with the help of some methods too. A marketing strategy that you can rely on is by using videos. You can post some information of your business on YouTube that would literally take a few minutes.

Another way would involve writing an article. In this method, you have to appear as an expert for you to be able to lead the way. Once you have persuaded your customers about your product, give them your link to your website so that they could get to know your business more. Joining discussions found in forums as well as blogging would be great ideas also. In this method, you can give your comments to any discussions on the forum and if you get lucky, you might be able to convince and provide them solutions. They might ask about your websites address. This would be so interesting.

One crazy yet the well known method of all is to penetrate in the social sites like Facebook perhaps or Myspace. By posting pictures and information about your product on your fan page would be so much fun. The good thing also is that it is absolutely free.

These methods may seem so easy to do, but it is not. You may get rejected and have hard times while you are still starting. Just don’t get affected with it because it is part of the process. With the right knowledge and attitude as well as the right opportunity, everything will be okay in earning big bucks online.

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An SEO campaign involves different kinds of strategy. It really depends on what kind of impression you want to make towards your customers. The usefulness of the methods you are using can vary. Experts are needed to be able to know the right techniques for the SEO campaign. The strategy that you are using in your campaign would define the campaign as to what type it would be like. There would be two strategies involving an SEO campaign and that would be the Ethical and Unethical ways.


There is really an unethical campaign for the SEO. The legal authorities call it Black Hat SEO. This unethical way involves keyword stuffing. The service providers give a very long list of keywords and put them onto the web page. They do this just for the sake of getting a higher ranking on the web page. Another way of doing black hat SEO is the invisible text. This text is written on a white background so that the viewer or the user cannot see it, but on the other hand, the search engine can. This type of SEO strategy really works, but on the counterpart, this is just for the mean time. It won’t last that long before the rightful authorities would notice it. With the help of some search engines, this trickery would eventually be noticed. Later, the customers would see it as a phrase with no sense.

The ethical strategy called the White Hat is not really that everything good. It also involves unethical ways. These include frauds which is really rampant these days. This is avoidable as long as you do research on some references before accessing this method.

There is a mix of these two ways and this is what we call the Blue hat strategy. This is a rising trend in the SEO strategy. The focus of this is it uses the advanced practices of the two strategies so that it could achieve the greatest and lasting results. Even though this had been developed for quite a short time, it quickly grew to become a well known strategy.

But in the end, remember that doing an SEO campaign takes time. It doesn’t matter what provider you try to view because any of it that would promise to make your site as number one is a provider that should be dropped.  If you are still starting as a new website owner, it would be difficult to rise at the top at once. Do not make the head dogs as your competition. Instead, build your time in research, and be patient for your website to rise slowly.  You are competing for the placement. The SEO is the main way to try to get to the top of the search engine results page; and SEO here is defined as keywords. These keywords are your basic steps in finding your direct competition.

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