The reasons why people start blogs can be numerous and strange. Why do people start blogs? This is such a simple question but then, difficult to answer. It is difficult not in the sense of the absence of answers, but difficult in the sense of the multitude of possible answers. The possible answers may range from the simple to difficult, from the sane to the insane, from the practical to the impossible.


Why do people start blogs? The answers below do not in any way give a downright official answer, but are the product of observation and interpretation. People start blogs because:

1.    They Are Driven To It. The drive to do something is an innate human characteristic. And to go with the crowd or the trend is also a human tendency. Many are just driven into something and the blog is no exception. Those who are just driven with no specific purpose or goal are those that start blogs but then fizzle out.

2.    They Want An Audience. Sad bad true, some people just start to blog because they want an audience. What better place to seek an audience but the internet. There are millions of people, many conceived as idle and people who have nothing to do but surf, in the net. But while the internet is populated by millions if not billions of people, you can never have an audience unless you fit in into the blog criteria.

3.    They Want To Express Themselves. Self-expression can be a prime motivation of why people start blogs. Blogs are journals or diaries and what a better way to express yourself than in an electronic diary of some sort. Many take pride in expressing not only their opinions but in expressing their frustrations, their triumphs and even their anger.

4.    They Want To Assume They Can Become Popular. Many believe that only three kinds of individuals are popular: the politician, the movie star and the athlete. Some people start blogs with a false assumption that it can bring them to popularity. It is possible to become popular blogging, but this is not a phenomenon applicable for all people.

5.    They Want To Share. This is the reason of those who have compassionate hearts. No ill motives, no motives to make money, just the motive to share whatever it is worth sharing. So they share anything under the sun: small concerns like how to save a few cents on your electric consumption, to larger concerns like how to save a lot of cash in the shortest possible time. Quite interesting I guess.

These reasons are just a drop in the bucket. There can be hundreds if not thousands of reasons why people start blogs. But come to think of it, you may be driven to start your blog simply because it may be the next personal address of sorts.

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