Google has been the number one search engine platform on the internet since the existence of internet search engines. People visit google every time to search for solution to things that are bothering their mind because they know that it is the surest source they can get solutions to their problems. According to statistics, eighty percent of all the traffic generated online everyday come only from Google; this makes it hard to imagine a life without google for most internet business owners.

Website owners and online bloggers, however, have more relationship to do with google than an average web surfer does, because it helps in ranking their websites for better authority.

Getting a blog or website ranked well on Google requires many things. However, the most important thing is making an attempt to rank your website on google.
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In order to get good rank on google for a large amount of traffic, bloggers and website owners try as much as they can to make use of all the techniques they have to make sure that their site ranks well. Hence, in most cases, those steps they took are not the right steps they are supposed to take. In this article are three search engine optimization tips to help you rank well on google.

Avoid Random website Link Exchanges
One main factor that can affect how your website gets ranked and how it goes high or low is the amount of low quality backlinks you attract to your website. If you have high rate of low ranked website linking back to your website, it can cause Google to downgrade your website and make it even harder for it to get ranked well again.

That is why you need to avoid doing random link exchange to your website as much as possible because it can hurt your site’s ranking process. Limit your participation in random link exchanging activities with other webmasters whose only aim is the raising up of their own blog too. If you want to get more authority for your site, engage in one way back-linking process because it is a lot better for your site than to exchange links with other blogs.

Improve Your Internal Link Structure –start within your site
If your blog has many contents on it, interlinking them to each other can help your site get more rank on google. You need to interlink your blog posts as often as possible.

Strong internal linking structure is one of the steps you can take to impress Google to rank your site and it is helpful in giving your readers access to read more of your blog posts. It also gives your blog readers easy navigation option than any other blogs on the internet.

Google love websites that have lots of internal linking structure than those ones that do not. So, make sure you interlink as many blog posts on your site as possible.

Try Learn As Much on Basic SEO
If you do not have any search engine optimization knowledge, it is not bad! However, the main thing is that, you need to have the basic knowledge of doing search engine optimization. If you want to increase your site’s page rank, you want it to rank to the top on search engines – you need to learn at least some basic SEO.

All the tips I explored in this article are worth looking at because they are what I have used with my Gravity Defyer and 48hourprint blog and they worked for me. What matters most when it comes to building a better blog to rank better on search engine like Google is to take action on doing what you have learnt about SEO. If you do not practice what you learn, chances are that, you might find it difficult to get the result you want.

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  1. Zenil Shroff // October 18, 2011 at 7:26 PM  

    nice tips, but SERPs are more important over page rank, good page rank doesn't means good SERPs.

  2. seo expert // November 24, 2011 at 11:01 AM  

    Great tips, Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting.

  3. Cookingholics // December 7, 2011 at 1:17 AM  

    Thanks for the great tips! :)

  4. Register domain name // January 17, 2012 at 11:22 AM  

    You have described a wonderful tips for me. Really it works. Thanks for sharing. Keep on posting...

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