Accepting payments from their customers in one way or the other seems to be a necessity for all those who have an online store. However, when it comes to providing their details to complete strangers often these customers are hesitant about shopping from such online stores. Fortunately there is a vast variety of online payment processors that they can choose from and use in such cases.


Here we therefore mention the 5 Best Online Payment Processors.

1. PayPal
When it comes to receiving payments over the internet, PayPal happens to be an online payment processor that has a broad-featured system and the lowest cost. Also, no merchant account or payment gateway is required when using PayPal. Furthermore when it comes to selling products internationally in US dollars, PayPal can relatively easily be used by a lot of international merchants. Now, thanks to PayPal’s integrated shopping cart feature, low cost e-commerce sites can also be launched by small online merchants by using this online payment processor.

2. Flagship Merchant Service
It was back in 2001 when the Flagship Merchant Service started operating as an online payment processor. Ever since it has been in business the Flagship Merchant Service has provided service to around 120,000 merchants. The Flagship Merchant Service is self proclaimed as a ‘leader in credit card processing’ and has proven to offer outstanding services.

3. Intuit Merchant Services
Businessmen, entrepreneurs and finance professionals have been familiar with Intuit Merchant Services from quite a long time. When it comes to setting up a payment gateway and conducting business online, everything that might be needed by a merchant is offered by Intuit Merchant Services. Intuit Merchant Services easily integrates with websites, their transaction fee is fair enough and the setup fee is quite low. For startups and web retailers, Inuit Merchant Service is also an ideal online payment processor because of its QuickBooks feature.

4. Merchant Plus
When it comes to processing charge transactions, a low rate and flat free option is being offered by the credit card processing services and merchant account services provided by MerchantPlus. PCI compliance and a variety of services are offered by MerchantPlus. When it comes to the annual fee, application fee, setup, MerchantPlus charges absolutely nothing and there is also no fee for minimum transaction per month. Options for phone transaction services, point of sale credit card processing and online transactions can also be availed from MerchantPlus. MerchantPlus is located in New York, where the company thrives to become the lowest rate online payment processor.

5. Google Checkout
While Google Checkout is not exactly a payment gateway, yet credit card payments from online customers can be accepted by merchants using Google Checkout. Google Checkout allows online customers to shop with one login name therefore streamlining online shopping. By using this payment method, online shoppers do not need to repeatedly type their credit card number and address, whether they are buying something from an online store or want to purchase an item of interest they found through Google searches.

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