Pushing your blog is a necessity. You have to entice, drag, and lure people to your blog. And while many blogs literally force people to their blog, another method is preferable. The method is pushing your blog the subtle way. This method may sound like an oxymoron, (blogs have to be pushed).  However, upon serious reflection, this method works.
Is pushing your blog the subtle way, a distinct possibility? Of course it is. What you need are just a few pointers. From then on, use your creativity and innovation as how subtle you want to be in pushing your blog.

Pointer 1: Dangle A Carrot. What is actually meant by “carrot” is “bait?” So dangle bait to visitor and prospective visitors. Your bait can be in text, audio or video format. Dangle it to attract, like a juicy worm being dangled for a fish. Your bait is worth it. It is your first subtle way of pushing your blog.

Pointer 2: Distribute Freebies. The world loves anything that is free. The internet is no exception. Distribute free stuff whenever you can. Solicit free stuff from friends, vendors or anybody who has something to give away. Distribute your freebies in a fixed sequence. For example; every Monday every fifth visitor gets something free (So the 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. will get to receive the freebies.) This is your second subtle way of pushing your blog.

Pointer 3: Be Courteous and Polite. The blog is an informal world. The more informal the setting is, the more the need to be courteous and polite. There are two types of individuals many want to avoid; the impolite and the vulgar. It is no different in blogging. Visitors will avoid blogs that are vulgar and impolite. Such stuff is simple but very basic and important. Now, this is your third subtle way of pushing your blog.

Pointer 4: Be The Thankful Type. A thank you, won’t cost you anything. So be generous and magnanimous with your thank yous. Thank everyone, every time you have the chance. You will be greatly rewarded. If someone praises your blog, give your thank you. If someone criticizes your blog, still give your thank you. If someone posts something vulgar and profane, still give your thank you but include a message of correction or advice. Thank you is your fourth subtle way of pushing your blog.

Push your blog, push your blog. But push your blog the subtle way. You can do the pushing with many not noticing. Push your blog the subtle way by: Dangling a carrot, giving freebies, giving courtesy and lastly, by your thank you. You can never go wrong. Your blog will be pushed toward the top in no time, but the subtle way.

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