There are so many reasons that your email marketing and social marketing teams must be working together in order to help your company grow and become a more successful marketing entity. After all, email and social networking are essentially trying to achieve the same thing so there is no reason to have two teams working two different campaigns when they could be putting their heads together and coming up with solutions as a group.

Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

Here are 5 reasons that the two teams should work together:

1.The same people who check their email have social networking accounts.
They are going to be on both on a regular basis, so it is best to direct the same campaign at them from both fronts. Creating a perfect campaign that can be placed on Facebook pages and groups as well as sent out through emails is the way to go. Otherwise, you will have a customer reading one thing on his email and another on his Facebook page and it can only lead to confusion.

2. Hiring two teams to do one job is pointless.
You are essentially paying two teams to do the job that one team can do. Everyone on the same page works much better and there is no reason to have two agendas and two teams for one mission.

3. Facebook and social networking is taking over importance from email.
The social networking team is more important than your marketing team. Their ideas should be incorporated into the email campaigns as well. People are on Facebook 24/7, but they delete most spam emails they get from companies. If they see an add that is Facebook oriented, chances are they will be more receptive to it and it will improve your marketing performance.

4. Email is individual but social networking is more group oriented and interactive.

When you send an email to someone, their first instinct is never to forward it to a friend. They will read it, react if they are interested or delete it. However, on Twitter or Facebook, copy pasting a link to a friend's wall or retweeting something so that all their friends can read it is very popular. Using your social networking and email teams to come up with ideas together will give you the best chance of putting them out there on social networks so that they can grow and be shared with others in an easier manner.

5. Email is the past, social networking is the future.
The email team will have more knowledge about marketing, as they have done it longer. A social media marketing team is new to the field and still trying to figure out how to best approach the situation. Using your email team's knowledge to help your social networking team is the best way to use the past and present to prepare for the future.

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