An unusual question has faced bloggers of late: does the blog have limitations? This question is difficult to ponder upon and even more difficult to answer. For the majority, the blog offers limitless possibilities. The blog offers limitless opportunities. So, the idea of the blog having limitations is somehow absurd and out of place.
Believe it or not, blogs do have limitations. You probably cannot think of any blog limitation, but there is such a thing as blog limitation. The human mind simply cannot conceive or create something that is limitless. It goes against the nature of the human mind.

Blogs have limits due to some theories that you probably have encountered time and time again. These theories can be described as:

The Theory of Tech-Evolution : Technology is not stagnant; it is continually evolving and adapting to the changing tech environment. While today you may feel that your blog is here to stay, another technology is evolving that will soon build on the blog or another technology is evolving that will eventually replace the blog. The blog has limitations. An iconic example is the mobile phone. It has evolved, adapted due to the theory of tech evolution. From simply offering voice and text, mobile phones have offered connectivity for you, something unimaginable a decade ago.

The Theory of Saturation : Simply stated, this theory says that everything has a saturation point. The blog is no exception. Saturation point means that the blog has its limitations. As more and more people blog, the nearer the saturation point becomes. The saturation point can have a two-fold effect. It can either slow down the blog, if current software and hardware technology cannot catch up. Or, it can render the blog obsolete altogether. Blog obsolescence is a far off theory but it is still bound to happen. But no need to worry, you will not be affected, for new technology will be yours for the using.

The Theory of Continuation : Things have to go on, things have to continue on. After the night comes the day, things come in continuous cycles. In the event the blog reaches its maximum usefulness, another technology will replace it for sure The blog surely has its limitations. But then, you the blogger, will still be the beneficiary of any continuing technology. The theory of continuation says that the end of one thing or one technology and trend is the beginning of another one, a better one for you.

Does the blog have limitations? Yes, it has limitations. You just don’t know yet when these limitations will come to the fore. But while limitations will affect you, new technology will also benefit you. You, the blogger is on the winning side of the equation.

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  1. Tushar // October 29, 2011 at 1:43 PM  

    I had fear of saturation of my blog niche when i started two years ago but now i can say that i am no more afraid of it

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