The ever growing ever developing field of search engine optimization has become a necessity of today’s business oriented world. Not only from business’s perspective, is it also important for the performance of the internet itself. It is not a game of single night and it is necessary for a newbie to learn the basics of SEO and stick to them. Search engine optimization is very much dynamic in nature and changing from time to time and techniques which are significant today may not be at the same place after a year.


Someone stepping into SEO must have these things in mind along with a fact that most of the experts even cannot answer some questions which can arise in the mind of exploring newbie. It is necessary to learn the basics for the first time and then keep pace with the changing world of SEO. The best practice is stay updated regarding the search engine algorithms and do not just rely on what you have already achieved. In this context, some basic question answers are discussed below keeping in front the mind set of a new entry to the SEO world.
  • What actually SEO is?
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The answer to this question is pretty simple. SEO is all about optimization. Actually it is the optimization of your thoughts and efforts particularly when your focus is to get benefit from the internet. Well, Socrates can be regarded as the first SEO expert as he used to optimize the largest search engine i.e. the human mind. In short, it is the most in demand service present in the internet world used for development of a well crafted, informative, organized, useful as well as a reliable website.
  • What are the Basics of SEO?
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This seems to be a simple question but is the most difficult to answer with a sense of completeness. As stated before, this is because the SEO world is ever growing and the elements which used to be perfect a year ago have lost their significance in relation to the new additions. Anyhow, there are some basic terminologies which a newbie must learn and practice which include WordPress, PPC, AdWords, SEM, Volusion and a lot more.
  • Is there an easy way website optimization?
This type of questions must be avoided by everyone asking for shortcuts and particularly by a newbie. No doubt, researchers have developed such shortcuts but most of the time these shortcuts open a backfire on you in terns of loss of time, money and efforts. Therefore, be passionate and professional. SEO techniques take time but once properly implemented generate long term favorable results.
  • How to get website traffic?
Such questions are asked quite often as most of the new comers and even within the SEO community have business oriented state of mind. Final result of SEO is what they are always seeing but a good advice to the new comers is to come with a “learning a skill” mindset. First of all get going in the SEO skills the rest is going to simplify itself.

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