Facebook has revamped many of their features. They have upgraded some features while some of the features have been introduced as a new one. Let us explore at the recently introduced new Facebook features and enjoy using them! The fact is Facebook has been discussing about making these enhancements for a quite a while, and one fine day you find for yourself that they have done it!

But many still are not quite sure how these enhancements are going to help, or how to access these enhancements!

1. New look and feel:
The first thing that you would have noticed, if you had not logged in for a long time, that Facebook slowly changed the way your profile looks! Well, this looks like ages to me that I forgot how the old profile page of Facebook looks like! These are the changes:
  • There is a default set of photos where the application tab used to be.
  • Application tabs are now located on the left hand column.
  • There is a new tab for sending message and settings tab on others profile, while there is an edit profile and view tab in your profile.
Care is to be taken that what photos comes on your photos in the top rows as this is going to establish your identity.

2. Share gives way to Like:
Share button seemed to have been changed to Like button, and this has a psychological factor too. People will tend to click more if you have a like button than a share button, as they are inclined more of saying what they like than sharing with others their likes. This is because they may not know whether others like their likes or not. Nevertheless, the share function remains as an option for news feeds.

3. Facebook Credits:
Many who are not playing games like Farmville and other Facebook games will be aware of this facebook feature. Buying Facebook credits will allow them to participate in branded games, watch video ad and do much more.

4. Facebook Deals:
This is an altogether new feature introduced and seems to appear similar to those platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial. Each offers a group of discounts and deals based on fulfilling a certain number of requisite participants. However, socialization of the Facebook deals is much higher than any other social networking sites, and is highly robust in Facebook.

5. Sponsored Stories:
This is one of the groundbreaking introductions into the newer assets of Facebook as a social networking site. They extend the distribution of activity of someone, for example, if someone checks in at your application, then all of their friends in the network will be able to see that activity, which will increase the number of visits of your product or brand page. This is a very proactive move by Facebook.

6. Tab functions:
Following the elimination of FBML (Facebook Markup Language), which means implementing some of the earlier function will now require a back end developer, however, the presence of third party applications like involver overcomes these hurdles.

Comments are appreciated!!

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