Targeted Traffic is the live-wire of every internet business. Ask any internet entrepreneur and they would tell you that their utmost concern is to increase web traffic. I have considered this for a long time, and come to a resolution that, focus is what results to productivity.

When you're focused, you become more productive in life, business, career and adventure. The game of building traffic, is to those who are strong, but for those with smart thoughts, creative minds and eager to take the right actions.

Building Targeted Traffic By Article Marketing

Article marketing is a proven method to drive targeted traffic. But the traditional method is no longer effective as it used to. With severe competition these days, and the Google panda updates, you need to approach article marketing with out-of-the-box strategy.

Out-Of-The-Box Strategy

What this means is that you should start looking for ways to leverage your articles, and build consistent traffic that is responsive and willing to take action. Everybody can write articles, but not everyone can write quality, informative and user-friendly content. That is why, you must enact a means to get the full benefits of your article.

I'm an article marketing geek. In 2008, when I first came online, and started affiliate marketing, I wrote over 200 articles that year, got them published on popular article directories, and waited for traffic, sales and commission. With all sense of humility and honesty, I got about 10 visitors from every article I wrote, made few sales here and there, but that's where it ends.

Article marketing is supposed to be more powerful that that. It was of recent that I discovered how to really leverage and benefit from writing quality contents.

Article "Marketing" Concept

A single article can bring a lot of paying traffic to your website and blog. It's possible when you consider the "marketing" aspect of it. Contrary to what a lot of us knew, article marketing is different from article writing. The later is simply writing articles, submit to directories, write another and hope the traffic comes via your author resource box.

The modern article marketing is much more powerful than the conventional. Do you know that guest posting is article marking? What about niche blogging, content sharing and web 2.0 content marketing system? These are all aspects of article marketing, and yields greater result than the former.

It's all about people. You're marketing to human beings with blood running in their veins. You've got to position your content where these people are. Whatever your niche may be, a clear vision of who your prospects are, and where they converge is a starting point to productivity. If you're into web design, market your content to current and aspiring web designers.

Are you into online shopping, then send your advertising campaigns to shoppers? I know right from the onset that online shoppers are eager to save money, so I launched a blog that shares free sitter city coupon and 6pm discounts. This way, my target prospects (online shoppers) are able to discover amazing deals that save them money. No matter how small, it's worth it!

How To Do Article Marketing

The best way to do article marketing, and get results is to write your content, approach blog owners in your niche and share your content. This way, your article would be on the homepage of that blog (hopefully a top blog), bringing you fresh targeted traffic, blog readers and desperate buyers.

People who visit and read blog posts, are already pre-sold. They know what internet marketing is all about, they are willing to invest in tools like autoresponder, and web hosting to enhance their business. Your content would impact lives around the blogosphere, without getting drowned by thousands of daily approved articles, as it is with article directories.

So, when your guest post is published, off course with your links well situated, on the article's body (if allowed), and the author bio, you've got to promote it.

Social Bookmark Your Articles

This is where marketing comes in. You made it to the homepage of that awesome blog, well congratulations but get ready for work. You should bookmark the web page in social bookmarking sites like twitter, jumptags, reddit, digg, facebook, tumblr etc. This way, Google and other search engine spiders could easily discover your web pages, and if you targeted a particular keyword, indexing becomes faster and easier.

Social bookmarking also helps to determine how relevant, your content is. Social networking has to do with people, and what they like most. By sharing your content with social media users, it's a sure indication that you're touching lives positively. It enhances your pagerank and backlinks weight.

Marketing Takeaway

The web is powered by content. Your target prospects are busy searching for helpful information to enhance their business, family and lives. It's up to you to discover these people. By getting serious with article marketing, you'll be able to hijack (legally) targeted traffic from Google, via free organic searches.

Target the right keywords, write quality contents, make extra efforts to bookmark your web pages and don't neglect link building. When article marketing is done like this, success is sure.

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  1. kbharath // October 10, 2011 at 4:08 PM  

    Article marketing is a best way to promote products and services and it also works great for blog promotion and drive a steady traffic.

  2. Nico from the "I want money" Blog! // October 19, 2011 at 5:30 PM  

    Hey there Sarvesh!

    Loved this post and your illustration of how to build targeted traffic. I actually just planned on Digging it (, but I found it so useful for my own readers that I wrote a response to it, with my own ways of how I like to drive specific traffic to my blog. Just click through the link if you'd like to check it out.

    Would love it if you could mention it in a future post of yours! Always great to write about the top quality methods you put on here. More power to BlogIsBlogging ! (and to mine as well, hehe!)

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