Earning dollars the easy way might be tempting and some people think that it might be a scam. Actually, it is not far from reality because many people have done it already. There are methods that do not complicate things. There are easy tips on how to do it, but remember that doing business would be way much harder. It needs all the effort and time that you can give for it to prosper and be a much worthy dollar making business.

Enter The Real World Of Earning Dollars Online

To have an insight, look and read these tips.

To start with, let us compare the online and offline way of making money. Which is easier? It would be the online of course. Some of the reasons would be: First, starting your business online is not so expensive as compared to the offline business. You don’t need to have that much capital. Second, you are in control of your own hours and lastly, you don’t need to face your customers personally. Fair enough right?

Making money online has so many pitfalls or traps. Because of the advantage that it has, online businesses can make good promises for good results and if you are not careful, you might actually hook to the wrong one. Beginners most especially, bite to these kinds of promises since they don’t have what it takes to be a good identifier of reality, so the first step would be to know that making money or having a business needs work. Online business is not like getting lucky in a raffle draw. It must have your sweat of hard work to do very well.

Another tip on making money is to stay focused. Running a business is like having a full time job in a company. The difference is that you are in control of it. If you don’t pay attention to your business as much as it needs then reconsider doing the other way around.  Having only a few time on your business does not help. To work things out, list some tasks that need to be accomplished in a particular time. It may be very time consuming, but at least it would sort things out on where you should start.

The next tip in making money online is to plan on how to outsource your business. That is if your business is already that stable and profitable that you are just passive enough in waiting for your income. This is the good thing about making money online. You can let other people do things for you with you just watching and monitoring it.

All in all, earning dollars online is not that difficult. Make sure that you can be able to devote your self into building your business. Later on, you might be completely amazed with the fruits that you are reaping. Stay focused and be well aware of the dos and don’ts of online money making industry. In that way, nothing would be able to stop you from succeeding.

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An unusual question has faced bloggers of late: does the blog have limitations? This question is difficult to ponder upon and even more difficult to answer. For the majority, the blog offers limitless possibilities. The blog offers limitless opportunities. So, the idea of the blog having limitations is somehow absurd and out of place.
Believe it or not, blogs do have limitations. You probably cannot think of any blog limitation, but there is such a thing as blog limitation. The human mind simply cannot conceive or create something that is limitless. It goes against the nature of the human mind.

Blogs have limits due to some theories that you probably have encountered time and time again. These theories can be described as:

The Theory of Tech-Evolution : Technology is not stagnant; it is continually evolving and adapting to the changing tech environment. While today you may feel that your blog is here to stay, another technology is evolving that will soon build on the blog or another technology is evolving that will eventually replace the blog. The blog has limitations. An iconic example is the mobile phone. It has evolved, adapted due to the theory of tech evolution. From simply offering voice and text, mobile phones have offered connectivity for you, something unimaginable a decade ago.

The Theory of Saturation : Simply stated, this theory says that everything has a saturation point. The blog is no exception. Saturation point means that the blog has its limitations. As more and more people blog, the nearer the saturation point becomes. The saturation point can have a two-fold effect. It can either slow down the blog, if current software and hardware technology cannot catch up. Or, it can render the blog obsolete altogether. Blog obsolescence is a far off theory but it is still bound to happen. But no need to worry, you will not be affected, for new technology will be yours for the using.

The Theory of Continuation : Things have to go on, things have to continue on. After the night comes the day, things come in continuous cycles. In the event the blog reaches its maximum usefulness, another technology will replace it for sure The blog surely has its limitations. But then, you the blogger, will still be the beneficiary of any continuing technology. The theory of continuation says that the end of one thing or one technology and trend is the beginning of another one, a better one for you.

Does the blog have limitations? Yes, it has limitations. You just don’t know yet when these limitations will come to the fore. But while limitations will affect you, new technology will also benefit you. You, the blogger is on the winning side of the equation.

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Pushing your blog is a necessity. You have to entice, drag, and lure people to your blog. And while many blogs literally force people to their blog, another method is preferable. The method is pushing your blog the subtle way. This method may sound like an oxymoron, (blogs have to be pushed).  However, upon serious reflection, this method works.
Is pushing your blog the subtle way, a distinct possibility? Of course it is. What you need are just a few pointers. From then on, use your creativity and innovation as how subtle you want to be in pushing your blog.

Pointer 1: Dangle A Carrot. What is actually meant by “carrot” is “bait?” So dangle bait to visitor and prospective visitors. Your bait can be in text, audio or video format. Dangle it to attract, like a juicy worm being dangled for a fish. Your bait is worth it. It is your first subtle way of pushing your blog.

Pointer 2: Distribute Freebies. The world loves anything that is free. The internet is no exception. Distribute free stuff whenever you can. Solicit free stuff from friends, vendors or anybody who has something to give away. Distribute your freebies in a fixed sequence. For example; every Monday every fifth visitor gets something free (So the 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. will get to receive the freebies.) This is your second subtle way of pushing your blog.

Pointer 3: Be Courteous and Polite. The blog is an informal world. The more informal the setting is, the more the need to be courteous and polite. There are two types of individuals many want to avoid; the impolite and the vulgar. It is no different in blogging. Visitors will avoid blogs that are vulgar and impolite. Such stuff is simple but very basic and important. Now, this is your third subtle way of pushing your blog.

Pointer 4: Be The Thankful Type. A thank you, won’t cost you anything. So be generous and magnanimous with your thank yous. Thank everyone, every time you have the chance. You will be greatly rewarded. If someone praises your blog, give your thank you. If someone criticizes your blog, still give your thank you. If someone posts something vulgar and profane, still give your thank you but include a message of correction or advice. Thank you is your fourth subtle way of pushing your blog.

Push your blog, push your blog. But push your blog the subtle way. You can do the pushing with many not noticing. Push your blog the subtle way by: Dangling a carrot, giving freebies, giving courtesy and lastly, by your thank you. You can never go wrong. Your blog will be pushed toward the top in no time, but the subtle way.

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Using SEO on your website can be confusing for most web users. The first question that they would ask is, “Where should we start?” It is somewhat overwhelming to use SEO for the first time, so you need to pay so much attention on what you need to do. Using an SEO might lead you to wrong things if you do not study and plan the keywords that would really make an appeal to your viewers.


Based on researches, there are several steps that would ensure you to achieve a more organized campaign.

1.)    Objectives – you should a clear objective as to what you really want to achieve. No matter how expensive your SEO might if you don’t have a clear purpose on what you are doing then you can’t gain a momentum. You should decide first before involving yourself in the campaign.

2.)    Change – your designs on your website should brace some overhauling. It depends if your web site is not user friendly. Although, these changes do need money, but it deems to be important if you really want good results to take effect on you website. Keep this in your senses as well as your budget for your campaign.

3.)    Persistency – remember that it is worth to wait than for something than getting nothing. If you want to get higher sales in a month in your SEO campaign, invest on the right things like in PPC. It would really take time. While waiting for the results, try to research for something that could improve your ongoing campaign rather than just doing nothing.

4.)    Involvement – let your staff be involved in your affair because an SEO campaign cannot be done solely. It is a collective affair. For example, you let your staff build networks by using some of the social media networks because the more people involved the better it gets.

5.)    Updates – knowledge gives you power by staying updated on the SEO packages, and also trends. This would give you more than one benefit. First, it would let keep on harm’s way from being ripped off by other SEO experts. Second, it would give you more coverage on your SEO campaign. Finally, it can check the work done by your employees, subordinates or other individuals involved with your campaign.

6.)    Targets – it should be achievable and attainable. It is useless to set goals which are way too far for the group to get. Do not set any expectations like being number 1 in the search engines. It could be possible, but it would be safer to stay focus on your goal than expecting something that is really too much.

These factors would take its effect on your campaign together with SEO packages that will complement your success to the ladder and help you stay at the top as well.

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Blogging is a great way to make money online and also gain exposure. Blogging is a skill and writing engaging blog posts is not everyone’s forte. If you want your blog to have traffic produce original and interesting content on a consistent basis. In this article we will discuss how to write awesome blog posts that draws in traffic and keeps readers interested in your blog.

How To Write Awesome Blog Posts

Let’s face it, producing original and quality content on a regular basis is a tough task. Many people face the writer’s block and get stuck for an idea which hinders their productivity. Here are some wonderful tips to help you get ideas and write interesting blog posts on a regular basis.

1) Always keep a note pad or a voice recording device
You should always keep a notepad or a voice recording device with you. I usually get ideas for my blog posts / blog article at the most unlikely places & unusual times. You too may get ideas at any point of time and you can put them down on a notepad or record them on a voice recording device.

2) Keep up with Industry news
You should always be up to date with the latest industry news. This would mean you have all the data and complete information in your particular market. Research the internet and look for blogs and websites around your market. You should subscribe to some of them to get up to date information about your market on a consistent basis. This can help you come up with interesting ideas for your blog posts.

3) Read other blogger’s blogs
You can read blog posts of other bloggers in your market. This can help you come up with ideas for your own blog too. You may either agree or disagree with what they have to say in their blogs. If you feel passionately about a particular subject which has already been covered by another blog you can still write on it if you can think you can provide value through your blog post. You should just ensure that the content is always original. It is ok to get inspiration from other blogs but you should put that across in your own words and create a unique content.

4) Keep things simple
Many people fail to produce great blog posts because they feel that they need to produce mind-blowing content to get readership for their blog. They put unnecessary pressure on themselves which affects their thought process and they fail to produce quality blog posts.

You can easily write awesome blog posts if you follow the above tips. Now start blogging and write interesting blog posts for your readers and make your blog popular.

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Successful blogging is the goal of every person in the blogosphere. But how do you make successful blogging within your reach? There are some keys to successful blogging that are available for you to use.

7 Keys to Successful Blogging

These keys are short and simple but these keys require that you not only read them but implement them as well. The keys are seven, representing completeness as defined:

Quality Content Is Key : Success to a blog lies on its most important element: Content. The blog is content first and content last. You must post quality content in order to achieve successful blogging. People shun away from poor content. See to it that your content has the expected quality.

Regular Blogging Is Key : Quality content ceases its appeal if you do not practice regular blogging. Updating and posting on a regular basis is essential. While daily blogging is not a prerequisite, see to it that you post on a regular, predictable cycle. A once-a-week or twice-a-week cycle would be appropriate.

Blog Repetition Is Key : Your blog has to compete with millions of blogs in the blogosphere. Whenever possible and whenever appropriate, always mention your blog. This will accumulate in the web and place you in a favourable listing on the search engines.

Blog Participation Is Key : You must visit other blogs and leave comments as well. If you don’t participate in other blogs, they also will not participate in your blog. Make a lot of friends in the blogosphere by visiting as many related blog as you can. When you visit other blogs and leave your comments, you also leave your footprint. Your footprint can lead others to your blog.

Thinking Key Words Is Key : The web is key word sensitive. Whenever someone makes an inquiry in the search engines, he/she usually types in the key word. Think key words when you post, think keywords when you write and think keyword when you comment. Your keyword will direct the search engine to your blog, article or site.

Blog Directory Is Key : A neglected aspect to successful blogging, is submitting your blog to blog directories. Many think it is not essential at all. Submit your blog to blog directories for listing and exposure. Those who are serious about blogging do visit blog directories.

Free Traffic Exchange Is Key : Our last key speaks of using free blog traffic exchanges. These free traffic exchanges, usually grouped in exchange communities, are of great help because it costs you nothing.
Is successful blogging your goal? Here are the seven keys to help you reach your goal: quality content, regular blogging, blog repetition, blog participation, thinking key words, blog directory, and free traffic exchange. Since you got the key, you can now open the door to successful blogging!

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The reasons why people start blogs can be numerous and strange. Why do people start blogs? This is such a simple question but then, difficult to answer. It is difficult not in the sense of the absence of answers, but difficult in the sense of the multitude of possible answers. The possible answers may range from the simple to difficult, from the sane to the insane, from the practical to the impossible.


Why do people start blogs? The answers below do not in any way give a downright official answer, but are the product of observation and interpretation. People start blogs because:

1.    They Are Driven To It. The drive to do something is an innate human characteristic. And to go with the crowd or the trend is also a human tendency. Many are just driven into something and the blog is no exception. Those who are just driven with no specific purpose or goal are those that start blogs but then fizzle out.

2.    They Want An Audience. Sad bad true, some people just start to blog because they want an audience. What better place to seek an audience but the internet. There are millions of people, many conceived as idle and people who have nothing to do but surf, in the net. But while the internet is populated by millions if not billions of people, you can never have an audience unless you fit in into the blog criteria.

3.    They Want To Express Themselves. Self-expression can be a prime motivation of why people start blogs. Blogs are journals or diaries and what a better way to express yourself than in an electronic diary of some sort. Many take pride in expressing not only their opinions but in expressing their frustrations, their triumphs and even their anger.

4.    They Want To Assume They Can Become Popular. Many believe that only three kinds of individuals are popular: the politician, the movie star and the athlete. Some people start blogs with a false assumption that it can bring them to popularity. It is possible to become popular blogging, but this is not a phenomenon applicable for all people.

5.    They Want To Share. This is the reason of those who have compassionate hearts. No ill motives, no motives to make money, just the motive to share whatever it is worth sharing. So they share anything under the sun: small concerns like how to save a few cents on your electric consumption, to larger concerns like how to save a lot of cash in the shortest possible time. Quite interesting I guess.

These reasons are just a drop in the bucket. There can be hundreds if not thousands of reasons why people start blogs. But come to think of it, you may be driven to start your blog simply because it may be the next personal address of sorts.

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You have great ideas and information to share with the world; however, if your posts are filled with typographical errors, misspellings and poor sentence constructions, your message will be lost.

Ten Simple Proofreading Methods That Yield Stellar Posts

The following are 10 simple proofreading methods that yield stellar posts:
  1. Take a breather. Before you submit your post, take a few minutes and do something else. Then come back and reread what you've written. Fresh eyes can catch mistakes you might otherwise miss if you try proofreading right after you've written your post.
  2. Don't rely only on spell check. Although that little red squiggly line is a good indicator that something could be wrong, it won't catch everything. A misused homophone is a common mistake that spell check misses. Software will also miss sentences that don't make sense, so don't rely on it exclusively.
  3. Enlist a second set of eyes. There's a reason writers hire proofreaders and editors. It's not that writers don't know how to use a comma properly or when to use "accept" versus "except"; instead, when you read your own work, you often read what you thought you typed, not what you actually typed. Get a second set of eyes to review your post before you publish it.
  4. Send it to the printer. Print a hard copy of your post. Reading it on paper, rather than on your screen, can give you a new perspective and help you catch errors.
  5. Backwards it read. Read your post backwards, word by word, to catch any spelling errors your spell check may have missed. Reading backwards forces you to focus on each word, rather than allowing you to rely on your memory of what you typed.
  6. Read it out loud. Reading your post out loud helps ensure that your sentences flow smoothly. This practice can alert you to misused words, incomplete sentences, run-on sentences and missing punctuation.
  7. Check one category at a time. Proofreading isn't just about making sure you've spelled everything correctly. Check your post for one type of mistake at a time. For example, read through your post and make sure your verbs agree with your subjects. Then, read through your post again to check for verb tense consistency.
  8. Keep a list of your common mistakes. Everyone has hard-to-break bad writing habits. When you see that you've made the same mistake multiple times, add it to the list. Double-check those items before publishing your post.
  9. Correct as you go. When you're proofreading, correct your mistakes as you find them. Don't wait until you've read your entire post, planning to go back and correct them afterwards. Otherwise, you'll forget where the mistakes were and they'll slip through the cracks.
  10. Cover it up. Place a blank sheet of paper over your computer screen or printed out post, so that you can only read one line of text at a time. This way, your eyes won't be tempted to jump ahead, and you can focus intently on a limited amount of text at a time.

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Security of the site is a big issue for all the site owners. People want an on-site system that can protect their content from crackers. You can yourself put your site under serious security threat either by giving permission to everybody or by writing a bad error handling code.

Top On-Site Tips You Should Give Attention To
There are some tips that you can make use of in your quest to provide the best protection to your machine as well as network.

Tips for On-site security:

Your content can be under serious threat form people who breach security of websites by providing malformed data to server. Buffer overrun also leads to the compromise on site security. Buffer overrun occur when the data provided by those people is way bigger than the site space. Overflowed data then goes to internal memory. Generally buffer overruns can be fixed easily. They are related to C++ computer language. For the site developer to be able to fix this problem, he needs to anticipate the problem of memory overrun.
Cross site scripting can also jeopardize your data. Cross site scripting generally occurs due to fault in a single page of the web site. Attackers damage C# code because this is the code which is responsible for formation of data and also ensuring that it contains nothing more than the name. So you should be careful when clicking on a post that automatically opens on the bottom of your computer screen and addresses you as ‘hi’. More often than not it is intended to get access to your cookies as well as other important data.

Many site developers also use SQL input and then use the input to communicate with back end data store but this is far from being effective. Instead it gives the attacker easy access to all the content of the site as well as system administrator account.

Many site owners make the most common mistake of developing their own encryption code. This is a very serious mistake especially when there is question of the protection of your site. Attackers have debuggers which makes decrypting any code an easy task. Also attackers have time as well as knowledge of all the stuff and it is not a wise choice to fool them by developing a homegrown encryption code.

While installing the security system, it is assumed that not every request will be from a legal source. To counter the ill willed mails and Trojan horses you need proper security system on your server. System may not prevent the total damage to your system but it can certainly limit the extent of the damage.

Security systems are essential for protection of your PC as well as sites. Without protection you not only jeopardize the proper functioning of your system but also important files and other content as well. Therefore, it is vital that you get the security system installed on your Pc as soon as possible and also to protect your sites with proper security codes.

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Any businessman would think about outsourcing work to increase his work efficiency and concentrate more on specific important tasks. Those tasks that are easy and repetitive are given to those specialized in them. However, it is not so easy to outsource work. It is important to be careful at each step to ensure that you get profits instead of going for losses. Although people prefer outsourcing work rather than going for software, because this is a cheaper way. Although it seems easy to outsource work, but it can be more like a big pit for many. Many problems can come into way, of you are not conscious of them.

Top Outsourcing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

This article aims at guiding you towards the common mistakes made by people, who outsource work, so that you may be aware of them in future,

Keep a Reasonable Budget
When you outsource work, you will get a number of people. Some would want a higher rate than other. Some would work on hourly basis, while others would charge according to the number of tasks they accomplish. Whichever business you run, you should know that when you make negotiations with people in terms of rate, make sure you make them agree on something reasonable for you and comes within your budget. Many people make a mistake here, and then suffer from huge losses.

Make good Judgment when Selecting Contractors
Judging a person is truly difficult. When looking for contractors to outsource work, one thing that is very essential is to make the right judgment. Conduct a number of interviews and try to get into the person’s work history, to make sure he is the right one for you or not. You should choose one who is sincere with work, and is trustworthy.

Go for Less Number of Contractors
One mistake usually made by people is that they get lots of contractors and give them small tasks. Look for contractors who could take more tasks. Giving more to less people is more efficient then giving little work to many contractors. This would do nothing, but put you into tensions.

Practice Good Communication
There should not be a communication gap between an employer and a contractor. You should communicate with your contractor effectively, and get updates about your work. Make sure he will accomplish the task by the given deadline. Make it clear to them what you expect from them.

Being an outsourcer is an easy task if these things are kept in mind. Above are mentioned the mistakes that most outsourcers make. When you outsource work, you should know the contractor well, and maintain a good relationship with him. Encourage him whenever he does good work, and praise him by providing good feedbacks. Of course, you would not want to lose a good contractor in some time. Keeping them for long terms is also a skill that you must have. Just follow the above instructions and avoid such mistakes. Your outsourcing work will definitely be a success, and make your future bright.

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What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a topic that is discussed all over the world today. All those having online business opt for social bookmarking, as it is one of the ways to make the business successful.
To understand the concept of social bookmarking, the best example is to think about the saving of a page on a browser. If you like a website, or a page, you would probably want to save it, so that you could access it easily, and do not have to browse and search for it again. When you save a page on your browser, you do it on your personal computer, and you cannot access it from anywhere else. Social bookmarking is of the same concept, but instead of saving it on a personal computer, it is saved on a website, so that it can be accessed from any PC from any part of the world.

Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is also good in terms of SEO.
  • It brings the websites on top ranking on the search engine, probably on the top ten ranks on Google, which is good for its promotion.
  • Through social bookmarking, a company’s website can generate heavy traffic, thus promoting online business.
Making Social Bookmarking Effective

However to make social bookmarking effective, and get the most of it, it is important not to bookmark just anything. Special pages that are of importance should be bookmarked only. If extra, useless stuff is also bookmarked, then the authorities are more likely to cancel them all and rewove your membership. For effective bookmarking, you should be careful not to bookmark the same website many times. This will be considered as spam, and you may lose your membership. Even though you have many important websites that you want to bookmark, but you should select only a few and bookmark them. Of course, when you want your business promotion, you need to be very careful at each and every step. Make sure that no extra things are bookmarked. It could provide negative impact. It is best to select the most required websites for bookmarking, and keep the number low. Maintain quality without going for quantity.

Social bookmarking has become very important for all those businesses that run online. In fact, it is considered that no business can have its online promotion done successfully until it has done social bookmarking. It is also much better than saving pages as bookmarks on the personal computer, where access is limited to the personal system only. There might even be a threat of destruction of bookmarks by virus, but when you bookmark them online, you can access them from any system, without having the threat of losing them by any way.

The success of any online business depends on how effectively it does the social bookmarking, and how it does the selection of few pages to be bookmarked. Make sure you do not add just anything into the bookmarked pages. Do proper search about it to make sure you end up being a successful businessman.

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Google has been the number one search engine platform on the internet since the existence of internet search engines. People visit google every time to search for solution to things that are bothering their mind because they know that it is the surest source they can get solutions to their problems. According to statistics, eighty percent of all the traffic generated online everyday come only from Google; this makes it hard to imagine a life without google for most internet business owners.

Website owners and online bloggers, however, have more relationship to do with google than an average web surfer does, because it helps in ranking their websites for better authority.

Getting a blog or website ranked well on Google requires many things. However, the most important thing is making an attempt to rank your website on google.
Google PR Pump
In order to get good rank on google for a large amount of traffic, bloggers and website owners try as much as they can to make use of all the techniques they have to make sure that their site ranks well. Hence, in most cases, those steps they took are not the right steps they are supposed to take. In this article are three search engine optimization tips to help you rank well on google.

Avoid Random website Link Exchanges
One main factor that can affect how your website gets ranked and how it goes high or low is the amount of low quality backlinks you attract to your website. If you have high rate of low ranked website linking back to your website, it can cause Google to downgrade your website and make it even harder for it to get ranked well again.

That is why you need to avoid doing random link exchange to your website as much as possible because it can hurt your site’s ranking process. Limit your participation in random link exchanging activities with other webmasters whose only aim is the raising up of their own blog too. If you want to get more authority for your site, engage in one way back-linking process because it is a lot better for your site than to exchange links with other blogs.

Improve Your Internal Link Structure –start within your site
If your blog has many contents on it, interlinking them to each other can help your site get more rank on google. You need to interlink your blog posts as often as possible.

Strong internal linking structure is one of the steps you can take to impress Google to rank your site and it is helpful in giving your readers access to read more of your blog posts. It also gives your blog readers easy navigation option than any other blogs on the internet.

Google love websites that have lots of internal linking structure than those ones that do not. So, make sure you interlink as many blog posts on your site as possible.

Try Learn As Much on Basic SEO
If you do not have any search engine optimization knowledge, it is not bad! However, the main thing is that, you need to have the basic knowledge of doing search engine optimization. If you want to increase your site’s page rank, you want it to rank to the top on search engines – you need to learn at least some basic SEO.

All the tips I explored in this article are worth looking at because they are what I have used with my Gravity Defyer and 48hourprint blog and they worked for me. What matters most when it comes to building a better blog to rank better on search engine like Google is to take action on doing what you have learnt about SEO. If you do not practice what you learn, chances are that, you might find it difficult to get the result you want.

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Accepting payments from their customers in one way or the other seems to be a necessity for all those who have an online store. However, when it comes to providing their details to complete strangers often these customers are hesitant about shopping from such online stores. Fortunately there is a vast variety of online payment processors that they can choose from and use in such cases.


Here we therefore mention the 5 Best Online Payment Processors.

1. PayPal
When it comes to receiving payments over the internet, PayPal happens to be an online payment processor that has a broad-featured system and the lowest cost. Also, no merchant account or payment gateway is required when using PayPal. Furthermore when it comes to selling products internationally in US dollars, PayPal can relatively easily be used by a lot of international merchants. Now, thanks to PayPal’s integrated shopping cart feature, low cost e-commerce sites can also be launched by small online merchants by using this online payment processor.

2. Flagship Merchant Service
It was back in 2001 when the Flagship Merchant Service started operating as an online payment processor. Ever since it has been in business the Flagship Merchant Service has provided service to around 120,000 merchants. The Flagship Merchant Service is self proclaimed as a ‘leader in credit card processing’ and has proven to offer outstanding services.

3. Intuit Merchant Services
Businessmen, entrepreneurs and finance professionals have been familiar with Intuit Merchant Services from quite a long time. When it comes to setting up a payment gateway and conducting business online, everything that might be needed by a merchant is offered by Intuit Merchant Services. Intuit Merchant Services easily integrates with websites, their transaction fee is fair enough and the setup fee is quite low. For startups and web retailers, Inuit Merchant Service is also an ideal online payment processor because of its QuickBooks feature.

4. Merchant Plus
When it comes to processing charge transactions, a low rate and flat free option is being offered by the credit card processing services and merchant account services provided by MerchantPlus. PCI compliance and a variety of services are offered by MerchantPlus. When it comes to the annual fee, application fee, setup, MerchantPlus charges absolutely nothing and there is also no fee for minimum transaction per month. Options for phone transaction services, point of sale credit card processing and online transactions can also be availed from MerchantPlus. MerchantPlus is located in New York, where the company thrives to become the lowest rate online payment processor.

5. Google Checkout
While Google Checkout is not exactly a payment gateway, yet credit card payments from online customers can be accepted by merchants using Google Checkout. Google Checkout allows online customers to shop with one login name therefore streamlining online shopping. By using this payment method, online shoppers do not need to repeatedly type their credit card number and address, whether they are buying something from an online store or want to purchase an item of interest they found through Google searches.

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With millions and millions of blogs scattered throughout the web on every topic imaginable, it can be really difficult to make your mark as a new blogger. Even more so, with so many different blogs to choose from, it can be extremely challenging to maintain your audience's interest after you've initially hooked them. While it isn't a particularly novel concept, being interesting is essential to creating a popular blog. Of course, being interesting isn't necessarily the easiest task to accomplish.


When we discuss being interesting in our writing, we talk about abstractions useful concepts, value, and variation. But what do these terms really mean? Rather than talking in abstractions, use these three techniques to actually produce interesting content.

Be Wrong
Everyone is always trying to be right about things. Constantly providing tips and tricks and advice on how to do things, there is no end to the amount of "right" that goes on in the web. So, to be different and spark some interest in your readers try being wrong. Controversy is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get people interested and involved in your blog. With everyone always trying to do things right, the right thing can become pretty boring. Many people (especially people on the internet) are enticed by someone willing and able to do something wrong, to say the wrong thing, and to be in the wrong. This is a new and exciting point of view that many people really react to. Yes, it is riskier to take this route, but it's effective.

Be Funny
All too often, bloggers take the serious route for their prose. Because many blogging niches are goal or industry oriented, there are a lot of blog posts out there that aim to help out there readers, but don't really display any personality or spunk. Humor is one of the best ways to get people interested and engaged in something. Many bloggers get far too caught up with teaching that they forget they are also there to entertain. Be funny and informative. That's the trick. Not only will humor keep your audience entertained with your work, but it can also revitalize some of your own interest in your blog and writing.

Be Brutally Honest
Sometimes the best policy is to just be frank and honest about things. There are plenty of bloggers and articles out there on the web that skim around the truth and try to put things lightly. While this policy is certainly easier and less controversial at times, it can be much more interesting to just be up front and honest about a topic. Every once in awhile, just tell the truth and hit publish. Opinion pieces can be great additions to a blog. Write something that is so honest and so up front that people don't know how to respond. These are the kind of pieces that are truly interesting. These are the kinds of pieces that get people talking, which is exactly what you need to really make your mark last as a blogger.

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Traffic is the most important aspect of every blog and if you don’t get traffic, you probably get nothing! Your blog is nothing without traffic and your earning will be next to zero without traffic.

4 Ways To Build Traffic On Blog
Here a few tips to increase blog traffic.

1. Comment on Commentluv enabled blogs
I have noticed that commenting on Commentluv enabled blogs brings me more traffic than commenting on other blogs. May be because people are in search of Commentluv blogs and the ones commentating on Commentluv enabled blogs mostly use Commentluv and they are more likely to visit your blog than other commenters in search of links. So visit Commentluv enabled blogs and comment heavily, but never spam! Write meaningful comments and interact with other people on Commentluv enabled blogs.

2. Forum posting
Join leading forums in your niche and search for topics existing in the forum which you have already covered in your blog. Once you get some, answer that topic or question and link to your blog post. This will help you drive traffic to your blog post. Make sure that you don’t post too many links. Its recommended to start building links from a forum after at least 2 weeks of joining it else moderators may ban you for spamming.

3. Get into top commentator lists
This is a great way to increase the traffic to your blog. Several popular blogs use Top commentators widget including John Chow. Just imagine how much traffic you could get once you get a permanent link to your blog from John Chow’s site sidebar? You can get a lot of traffic daily. Further you also get link juice which will boost your SE rankings and give you more traffic.

4. Guest blogging
This is an old concept, but ever working one! So start guest blogging today, publish guest posts on popular blogs and start experiencing a lot of traffic in a short period! I have tried it several times and it never fails to work for me!

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With the passage of time, social media has become the hub of marketing. You need to have an urgent access to the social networks for successful business as soon as you take a start. It serves as an efficient and fruitful way of promoting your business if it is used, being fully aware of it. These networks are efficient sources of gaining the attention of lots and there are no complexities to be tackled.

Social Media Promotion

Listed and explained below are some of the basic reasons why you need to have an access to social media promotion for successful business
  • Busy platforms are helpful in seeking attention of lots:
Use of social networks is an ultimate source for you to provide you the most used and busy platforms. It is an open platform for the people and users here have the complete chances to support or criticize. Feedbacks left by the users help you to have effective and useful approaches to your clients and customers.
  • Immediate and fruitful responses:
The effects of social media are instant and impressive. There is no other way of having a successful business besides the use of social networks with such an amazing effect. It enables an easy and instant access to your clients.
  • No charges for the promotion of your business:
There is nothing in this world that comes for free and you can avail the most vital opportunity of promoting your business via social networks paying nothing. You must be well aware of the fact that any procedure by which you stay connected with your customers like ads, marketing shows and billboards, always welcome you with a huge sum of money. Social media provides you the opportunity to do your business promotion plans totally free. The only investment you have to make is of your time but it protects you from the uncomfortable experiences of giving bulks of cash. The major social networks like facebook, twitter, myspace allow you to do it for all free.
  • No difficulties to deal with – fast and convenient:
If you tend to think that with so much usefulness of this social media platform, it would be surely having some hard and fast rules or extremely difficult ways to let yourself be familiar with it, then you are thinking in quite a false way. Social Medias you are going to bring in use for the promulgation and propagation of your marketing schemes are designed in a way to suit your needs and pave your ways extremely convenient through it. You have to just get yourselves equipped with the power of will and that is all. These social networks have dozens of professionals and experts and you can share your knowledge with them or ask questions and confusions regarding any of your tasks or proceeding. They move with the strategy to “ask and share”. All you need is to take a start and you shall have a complete guidance of the professionals if you are seeking to have it.

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Targeted Traffic is the live-wire of every internet business. Ask any internet entrepreneur and they would tell you that their utmost concern is to increase web traffic. I have considered this for a long time, and come to a resolution that, focus is what results to productivity.

When you're focused, you become more productive in life, business, career and adventure. The game of building traffic, is to those who are strong, but for those with smart thoughts, creative minds and eager to take the right actions.

Building Targeted Traffic By Article Marketing

Article marketing is a proven method to drive targeted traffic. But the traditional method is no longer effective as it used to. With severe competition these days, and the Google panda updates, you need to approach article marketing with out-of-the-box strategy.

Out-Of-The-Box Strategy

What this means is that you should start looking for ways to leverage your articles, and build consistent traffic that is responsive and willing to take action. Everybody can write articles, but not everyone can write quality, informative and user-friendly content. That is why, you must enact a means to get the full benefits of your article.

I'm an article marketing geek. In 2008, when I first came online, and started affiliate marketing, I wrote over 200 articles that year, got them published on popular article directories, and waited for traffic, sales and commission. With all sense of humility and honesty, I got about 10 visitors from every article I wrote, made few sales here and there, but that's where it ends.

Article marketing is supposed to be more powerful that that. It was of recent that I discovered how to really leverage and benefit from writing quality contents.

Article "Marketing" Concept

A single article can bring a lot of paying traffic to your website and blog. It's possible when you consider the "marketing" aspect of it. Contrary to what a lot of us knew, article marketing is different from article writing. The later is simply writing articles, submit to directories, write another and hope the traffic comes via your author resource box.

The modern article marketing is much more powerful than the conventional. Do you know that guest posting is article marking? What about niche blogging, content sharing and web 2.0 content marketing system? These are all aspects of article marketing, and yields greater result than the former.

It's all about people. You're marketing to human beings with blood running in their veins. You've got to position your content where these people are. Whatever your niche may be, a clear vision of who your prospects are, and where they converge is a starting point to productivity. If you're into web design, market your content to current and aspiring web designers.

Are you into online shopping, then send your advertising campaigns to shoppers? I know right from the onset that online shoppers are eager to save money, so I launched a blog that shares free sitter city coupon and 6pm discounts. This way, my target prospects (online shoppers) are able to discover amazing deals that save them money. No matter how small, it's worth it!

How To Do Article Marketing

The best way to do article marketing, and get results is to write your content, approach blog owners in your niche and share your content. This way, your article would be on the homepage of that blog (hopefully a top blog), bringing you fresh targeted traffic, blog readers and desperate buyers.

People who visit and read blog posts, are already pre-sold. They know what internet marketing is all about, they are willing to invest in tools like autoresponder, and web hosting to enhance their business. Your content would impact lives around the blogosphere, without getting drowned by thousands of daily approved articles, as it is with article directories.

So, when your guest post is published, off course with your links well situated, on the article's body (if allowed), and the author bio, you've got to promote it.

Social Bookmark Your Articles

This is where marketing comes in. You made it to the homepage of that awesome blog, well congratulations but get ready for work. You should bookmark the web page in social bookmarking sites like twitter, jumptags, reddit, digg, facebook, tumblr etc. This way, Google and other search engine spiders could easily discover your web pages, and if you targeted a particular keyword, indexing becomes faster and easier.

Social bookmarking also helps to determine how relevant, your content is. Social networking has to do with people, and what they like most. By sharing your content with social media users, it's a sure indication that you're touching lives positively. It enhances your pagerank and backlinks weight.

Marketing Takeaway

The web is powered by content. Your target prospects are busy searching for helpful information to enhance their business, family and lives. It's up to you to discover these people. By getting serious with article marketing, you'll be able to hijack (legally) targeted traffic from Google, via free organic searches.

Target the right keywords, write quality contents, make extra efforts to bookmark your web pages and don't neglect link building. When article marketing is done like this, success is sure.

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It can be easy to get into a blogging funk. You lose your inspiration. You have other projects demanding your time. It stops being fun. Whatever the reason, if you fall into a funk, so will your blog and so will your readers. It doesn't take long to lose even long-time readers if it seems that your blog has stopped producing or stopped being fresh. In our increasingly busy and demanding society, we are all juggling our precious time, and readers who don't feel like they're getting value for their time will move on quickly.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Blog Fresh

So how do you keep your blog fresh so that your readers will keep coming back? Here are a few tips:

Post Regularly

The simplest rule of blogging is this: Write regular content. If you're page hasn't been updated in weeks or months, readers won't waste their time checking back for sporadic posts or posts that may never come. You don't have to write every day, but you do have to maintain a somewhat consistent schedule. Write a couple of times a week, or even just once a week. If you run out of ideas for new posts, there are a number of resources to inspire you: the news, other blogs, social media, new research, and so on. There are even idea generators that will give you topics for posts. Stay abreast of what's happening in the world, and write relevant posts with something unique to say.

Use Guest Bloggers

If you can't keep up with writing new content even a couple of times a week, of if you've just lost your blogging mojo and come down with a severe case of writer's block, consider using guest bloggers. Not only will they be able to provide new content for you, but they are also likely to provide a fresh perspective that can help enliven your blog. You may even find fertile ground for lively debate in a guest post.

Use Humor

It's hard to get bored when you're laughing. If you're funny, you're readers will love coming back to your site, and you'll always have a good time writing. Of course, you do run the risk of being too sarcastic or too edgy in your humor and alienating some readers. Don't let this be a deterrent. Even if you push the envelope, you're likely to draw in readers. Think of Howard Stern. Even if people disagree with or are offended by what you're saying, chances are they'll still engage with you and will be more likely to want to hear what you say next.

Stay Up-to-Date with Trends

You don't have to download every flashy new widget or start sprinkling your posts with all the latest hipster lingo. But if you're page is still rocking a MySpace logo or you're still talking about Napster, most readers won't find you relevant or trust you as a credible source. Stay up-to-date with social networking (and maintain active profiles that are linked to your blog), design trends (get rid of the Comic Sans), and SEO strategies (they're what will bring readers to your blog in the first place).

Do Something Unexpected

Break out of the box and surprise yourself and your readers. Add a new feature, likely a weekly theme or a new category. Host contests or giveaways. Modify or completely change your design or color scheme from time to time. Adding new content or taking a new approach on your blog will interest and excited your readers -- and hopefully you, as well, so that you'll feel more energized by what you're doing on your blog and pass along that enthusiasm.

Have you ever hit a slump with your blogging? What techniques helped you break out of your funk and keep your blog fresh?

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There are so many reasons that your email marketing and social marketing teams must be working together in order to help your company grow and become a more successful marketing entity. After all, email and social networking are essentially trying to achieve the same thing so there is no reason to have two teams working two different campaigns when they could be putting their heads together and coming up with solutions as a group.

Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

Here are 5 reasons that the two teams should work together:

1.The same people who check their email have social networking accounts.
They are going to be on both on a regular basis, so it is best to direct the same campaign at them from both fronts. Creating a perfect campaign that can be placed on Facebook pages and groups as well as sent out through emails is the way to go. Otherwise, you will have a customer reading one thing on his email and another on his Facebook page and it can only lead to confusion.

2. Hiring two teams to do one job is pointless.
You are essentially paying two teams to do the job that one team can do. Everyone on the same page works much better and there is no reason to have two agendas and two teams for one mission.

3. Facebook and social networking is taking over importance from email.
The social networking team is more important than your marketing team. Their ideas should be incorporated into the email campaigns as well. People are on Facebook 24/7, but they delete most spam emails they get from companies. If they see an add that is Facebook oriented, chances are they will be more receptive to it and it will improve your marketing performance.

4. Email is individual but social networking is more group oriented and interactive.

When you send an email to someone, their first instinct is never to forward it to a friend. They will read it, react if they are interested or delete it. However, on Twitter or Facebook, copy pasting a link to a friend's wall or retweeting something so that all their friends can read it is very popular. Using your social networking and email teams to come up with ideas together will give you the best chance of putting them out there on social networks so that they can grow and be shared with others in an easier manner.

5. Email is the past, social networking is the future.
The email team will have more knowledge about marketing, as they have done it longer. A social media marketing team is new to the field and still trying to figure out how to best approach the situation. Using your email team's knowledge to help your social networking team is the best way to use the past and present to prepare for the future.

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You need to protect your computer from many threats by using best internet security software for your security purpose.

I have in this article, the top 5-internet security software to help you protect yourself online without wasting much of your resources:

1. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security: This is one of the software that represents a major step in the company’s approach to internet security software. This software protection programming is basically different from the previous antivirus software and antimalware protection. In general, in that the bulk of the programming is done using cloud calculating. First, far fewer system resources are used so the negative result on computer act is minimal. Secondly, there is potential to threat any kind of assault on a customer’s cloud computer, before it ever has the least possibility to endanger the client.

Internet Security

2. AVG Internet Security Software: This software is probably best known for their popular free antivirus software. As free antivirus programs go, it is an exceptional choice. For those who need all-inclusive protection offered by internet security software providing companies. The internet security software doesn’t offer many of the extra facilities that are included in the best internet security software. This software succeeds in providing a good degree of online security while banking, shopping and surfing the web. The anti-spyware scanner built-in with AVG Internet Security is one of the most effective in any internet security suite. This software includes an alternate Data Stream Scanner, an advanced and highly effective tool that is not available most other internet security software.

3. E-scan Internet Security Software 2011: This is strong security software from Micro World technologies. This internet security software has a great combination of features and continues to deliver very good results in defending, detecting and deterring potential threats. There are numerous other new features that are available worth calling out, silent gamer mode, file protection and including the virtual keyboard. The sleek design features an impressive interactive port where, different components of internet security software are accessed. E-scan internet security protects you from different online threats including the most common spyware.

4. Bull Guard Internet Security Software 2011: This software is a complete internet security that makes you to keep your private documents, computer passwords and important files secure. Bull Guard includes antivirus, antispyware and firewall technologies. This software comprises many efficient modes of protection against worms, Trojans and other viruses. Bull Guard software is the best among the elite security suites because of the easy to understand user interface and the 24/7 help and support.

5. Zone Alarm’s Internet Security Software: This software has been recognized for their wonderful spyware and firewall prevention products, but you have to add the Kaspersky virus scanning engine to their products and smash all the viruses together. This security software offers a wide range of features such as virus protection, spyware protection, email protection, identity and privacy protection, IM security and parental controls. This internet security software includes a host of antispyware features including the OS Firewall feature and a deep scanner included in the virus scanner.

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Website Optimization

Internet has redefined the dynamics of business world with every small or large business owners look for having their websites ranked on top in search engine results. Consequently, website optimization or SEO techniques expanded with a lot of diversity with the search engine algorithms as the sole driving force. Even if any SEO strategy is termed as the perfect strategy today may turn out to be less useful in a short span of time when search engine indexing algorithms change. SEO has two subdivisions which are listed:

1. Off page Optimization: It basically deals with the reputation or profile of any website. It is related to the visibility of a page in search engines and thus controlling its ranking. Simply, it influences and controls the image of a website that is portrayed by search engines.

2. On-Page Optimization: It deals with the quality and nature of content being placed on a web page. In simple words, on-page optimization can be thought of as everything done on the website for optimization of content available on it so that the particular website can make its place in the search engine page results whenever visitors search through corresponding keywords.

The above mentioned techniques collectively account for a single objective of improving the page rank of any website. Besides this classification, some other tips and tricks for making a page rank higher in search results are highlighted here:

Ways to Improve the Website Page Rank

Google Page Rank Pump OR PR Pump
Search engines normally rank pages on the basis of backlinks i.e. the more backlinks a website has, the higher its page rank. Back link is actually a pointer to your website form other websites. Therefore, to have a boost in page rank links are important.
  • Active Presence on Social Networking Sites
For links buildup, it is important that your website should be visible at the right place. Active presence on social networking site is a must have factor for improving page rank of any website so that the right type of audience can be targeted. With properly maintained relationships with users on social networks, one can drive tones of traffic to the original website. It is just like developing a community of users that always look around for you. Consequently, link building can be enhanced to an optimal level.
  • Directory Submissions
In order to boost the link building process, consequently page rank, your website must be visible everywhere on the internet. This might seem difficult but it is not. A good way is to submit your site to free search engine directories.
  • Links from Relevant Websites
It is important for page rank improvement to link your site to other relevant websites. This is time taking task but keep on making your efforts.
  • Articles
One of the best sources of driving traffic to your website is publishing articles. Giving people information about what they want to know will improve your worth. There are various articles submission websites where articles can be submitted for free. Articles are published with a signature with slight introduction about the author and more importantly your website link. Useful and informative content will force users to link back to your site.

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The ever growing ever developing field of search engine optimization has become a necessity of today’s business oriented world. Not only from business’s perspective, is it also important for the performance of the internet itself. It is not a game of single night and it is necessary for a newbie to learn the basics of SEO and stick to them. Search engine optimization is very much dynamic in nature and changing from time to time and techniques which are significant today may not be at the same place after a year.


Someone stepping into SEO must have these things in mind along with a fact that most of the experts even cannot answer some questions which can arise in the mind of exploring newbie. It is necessary to learn the basics for the first time and then keep pace with the changing world of SEO. The best practice is stay updated regarding the search engine algorithms and do not just rely on what you have already achieved. In this context, some basic question answers are discussed below keeping in front the mind set of a new entry to the SEO world.
  • What actually SEO is?
Do Read : What is SEO and Does It Work?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. SEO is all about optimization. Actually it is the optimization of your thoughts and efforts particularly when your focus is to get benefit from the internet. Well, Socrates can be regarded as the first SEO expert as he used to optimize the largest search engine i.e. the human mind. In short, it is the most in demand service present in the internet world used for development of a well crafted, informative, organized, useful as well as a reliable website.
  • What are the Basics of SEO?
Do Read : The Basics of SEO

This seems to be a simple question but is the most difficult to answer with a sense of completeness. As stated before, this is because the SEO world is ever growing and the elements which used to be perfect a year ago have lost their significance in relation to the new additions. Anyhow, there are some basic terminologies which a newbie must learn and practice which include WordPress, PPC, AdWords, SEM, Volusion and a lot more.
  • Is there an easy way website optimization?
This type of questions must be avoided by everyone asking for shortcuts and particularly by a newbie. No doubt, researchers have developed such shortcuts but most of the time these shortcuts open a backfire on you in terns of loss of time, money and efforts. Therefore, be passionate and professional. SEO techniques take time but once properly implemented generate long term favorable results.
  • How to get website traffic?
Such questions are asked quite often as most of the new comers and even within the SEO community have business oriented state of mind. Final result of SEO is what they are always seeing but a good advice to the new comers is to come with a “learning a skill” mindset. First of all get going in the SEO skills the rest is going to simplify itself.

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All bloggers are addicted to their blog stats hoping refreshing the page will give them that extra view they want. I admin, I'm addicted to them. When I blog I'm on life support to my stats which most bloggers will agree to doing as well. However, when it comes to sharing your blog stats, nobody seems to do it. Why? There are many reasons for and against which I will sum up now.

Before, we go any further, I would like to say that I do share my blog stats to the world.

Reasons for Sharing Your Stats

  • Will let advertisers recognise how much traffic you have - this will increase the chances of the advertiser buying ad space on your website. If you can make it easier for people to see your stats, you are making it easier for your blog to make money.
  • Would you buy a car if you didn't know mpg? horsepower? etc.. - why would an advertiser do the same for your blog then? I don't know why I made this a separate bullet point as it's an extension of the first point. Ah, like goes on...
  • Encourages traffic - telling the world your traffic will encourage others to stay connected to your blog for updates on your traffic. Like most bloggers get addicted to stats, readers do too to other public blog stats.
  • Helps you understand your blog better - you may think you look at your stats but in actual fact your barely touching the surface of your blog stats. Publicising stats helps you go into depth and detail of your stats showing you where your blog is doing good and bad.

Reasons for Not Sharing Your Stats

  • You have low traffic - many bloggers get embarrassed at how little traffic they get and would rather give readers a false appearance that they do get traffic.
  • Generally pathetic stats - you want to show off your blog's forte? What if stats wasn't the blog's main attraction? If you can't show off your blog to the world through stats, don't share them.
  • Time and Effort - this will come as a surprise but sharing blog stats is very time and effort consuming! I do a monthly post on my stats and it takes me a good 3-4 hours to finish the post. Every month. It's a lot of work.
  • Makes your blog look bare - revealing your stats will tell everyone everything you know about your blog. Now, for some people, this level of information may be too much for anyone on the internet to see which is understandable: anyone with an internet connection would be able to see your blog's stats.
From my point of view, I feel as if bloggers should show their stats. The blogging world is too secretive and I don't like it. That is why I show my stats for ask will online every month (to see my stats, go on askwillonline.com and enter stats in the Google search). I want people to know how I'm doing. i want people to know where my blog is going wrong so they don't make the same mistake.

I want to encourage people to comment and suggest ideas for everyone to use on their blogs. What about you: would/will you share your blog stats?

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Facebook has revamped many of their features. They have upgraded some features while some of the features have been introduced as a new one. Let us explore at the recently introduced new Facebook features and enjoy using them! The fact is Facebook has been discussing about making these enhancements for a quite a while, and one fine day you find for yourself that they have done it!

But many still are not quite sure how these enhancements are going to help, or how to access these enhancements!

1. New look and feel:
The first thing that you would have noticed, if you had not logged in for a long time, that Facebook slowly changed the way your profile looks! Well, this looks like ages to me that I forgot how the old profile page of Facebook looks like! These are the changes:
  • There is a default set of photos where the application tab used to be.
  • Application tabs are now located on the left hand column.
  • There is a new tab for sending message and settings tab on others profile, while there is an edit profile and view tab in your profile.
Care is to be taken that what photos comes on your photos in the top rows as this is going to establish your identity.

2. Share gives way to Like:
Share button seemed to have been changed to Like button, and this has a psychological factor too. People will tend to click more if you have a like button than a share button, as they are inclined more of saying what they like than sharing with others their likes. This is because they may not know whether others like their likes or not. Nevertheless, the share function remains as an option for news feeds.

3. Facebook Credits:
Many who are not playing games like Farmville and other Facebook games will be aware of this facebook feature. Buying Facebook credits will allow them to participate in branded games, watch video ad and do much more.

4. Facebook Deals:
This is an altogether new feature introduced and seems to appear similar to those platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial. Each offers a group of discounts and deals based on fulfilling a certain number of requisite participants. However, socialization of the Facebook deals is much higher than any other social networking sites, and is highly robust in Facebook.

5. Sponsored Stories:
This is one of the groundbreaking introductions into the newer assets of Facebook as a social networking site. They extend the distribution of activity of someone, for example, if someone checks in at your application, then all of their friends in the network will be able to see that activity, which will increase the number of visits of your product or brand page. This is a very proactive move by Facebook.

6. Tab functions:
Following the elimination of FBML (Facebook Markup Language), which means implementing some of the earlier function will now require a back end developer, however, the presence of third party applications like involver overcomes these hurdles.

Comments are appreciated!!

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