Video blogging also known as Vlogging is a way of increasing traffic to your blog. Some people find it difficult to write content in their blog. Here, video blogging helps immensely. It is found that people tend to stay on a webpage having videos for a longer time than on those pages which have only written stuff. Search engines will raise the rankings of your blog higher if people are staying for more time on your page watching videos. Videos will help you make the blog short, so that you won’t have to write pages for explaining a simple concept. The biggest benefit of video blogging is that it does not need any kind of hardware or software. All you need is just a high picture quality video camera and a webpage to write a blog and post your video.

Video blogging No fancy software only some cool ideas

You can use YouTube videos for posting, or you can even create a video of your own. Many things should be kept in mind while you are creating a video on your own. The video must be clearly audible. Any noises of TV, radio, birds chirping etc. should be avoided, and for this, you will have to hear your video many times to make the audio as clear and loud as possible. Make sure that the lighting is such that whatever is shown in video is clearly seen to the audience. So, pay attention towards lighting. Always make sure that the background of your video matches the concept you are explaining. It should not be that you are explaining about bed and the background is some park. You should be in bedroom to explain bed and not anywhere else.

Keep the camera steady and do not move it again and again. If you cannot hold the camera steady while explaining the concept then invest in buying a tripod which is inexpensive, or tell someone else to hold it for you. Choose a subject which people are really interested in. Do not choose a boring subject or a theoretical subject. While making videos, add some visual effects, otherwise people will lose their interest and they might close the page or just minimize it to listen to what you are saying. Look at the camera while making video instead of looking here and there. This will hold the interest of the audience and they will have a feeling like you are talking to them.

So, video blogging can be of much fun where you can add many types of videos in your post. Some of the cool ideas are ‘how-to’ videos where you can explain how to do a specific thing step by step. Then, there is a review video where you can explain about your product in detail. Make a list of questions of day to day life and go out asking answers to these questions to outside crowd. People find such videos really very interesting as if they are finding answers to the questions which they always wanted to ask.

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    Thanks for sharing this information and resources its really help full for me with the help of this we can improve our blogging or blog design and development I really inspire with this information thanks

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