If you are truly living in 21st century today then you will never leave your home without having your smartphone in your pocket. Whole world is enclosed in your smartphone because you can call to your friend, message them, IM them and even stalk them on social media with the help of your smartphone. However, there are different other benefits of using smartphone like using the GPS navigation system provided by Google and used millions of people all over the world. You can use Google Maps service to figure out, where you are at the moment and what is the nearest place to you. You can also find hotels, gas stations, ATMs and different other things with the help of Google Maps.

Think about new services:

If you are a small business owner then you have got to think about this new service. You can list your business in Google Places and whenever, a person will see your business in their area then they will love to visit you at your work place. A great way to meet with different people is to stalk on social media but if you want to reach to millions of people through internet then you have got to use the services of Google Places. This is just an application that traces different people, business and apartments. So, if you want to find the home of your grandmother then you can easily search for it with the help of address that was mentioned in the last letter you received from her.

When Google places was introduced for the first time it used to show the featured websites on the right hand side of related search. It was quite easy to rank well in Google places but things are more changed and you have to get yourself back in the online stream so that you can afford it properly.

When it was the initial time of Google places then it was not that hard to place your address high according to keywords but since this is a famous service now so you will have to work hard to rank high in places ranking. There are a few things that you must keep in your mind in order to get high ranking in Google Places listing.

Fill out all fields in listing

If you are planning to list your business in Google places then you should fill all those places that are given by them. There are almost 20 fields that you will have to fill and if you will do it successfully then you will increase your chances to rank higher in places rankings.

Include proper keywords

You should know about the keywords that you want to target for your Google Places listing. Add all the keywords properly and your chances of ranking high in places will increase. You must do a proper research about keywords so that you don’t miss anything in this SEO strategy.

Ask for reviews

You should ask for reviews from those people who find your business online. If you will get more reviews then your ranking will keep increasing. This is an easy and best way to list your business higher in Google Places.

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