I think you may know and if you don’t, it would be an honor to take the opportunity and crack the new news to you. Google+ has been made public. Now, all you require to join Google+ is a Google account. No need of begging your friends and even those you aren’t your friends for invites.

So, with the end of this invite system, undoubtedly, the traffic and registration at Google+ will increase more. That means more sharing on Google+ and that means no more loneliness. But as the sharing increases, your ‘Stream’ would become a dump of those status updates and most importantly those GIFs. Because of all these not required things you will miss the things you actually require.

Hey! One idea. Why don’t you search Google+ and get the things you actually require. Now you will say Google+ already provides a Google Plus Search bar... what we have to see in this post. Well, you have to see the great extension that lets you search from any webpage you see while browsing through Google Chrome.

Search Extension for Google+ is the name of the extension which lets you search Google+ easily and flexibly.

Search Extension For Google Plus

It can filter the contents given below:

  • All contents
  • Only posts
  • Only profiles
  • Only posts from Buzz
  • Only posts from Google Reader.

So, we can even say that it is a multi-tasker as it also gives you the opportunity of getting results from Google Buzz and Google Reader. The awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Android users, there is also an Android Search App for Google Plus from the same developers.

This extension is good enough to attract you and install it. Then it depends on you whether you want it or not. But at least give it a try. You definitely wont regret.

Link : Search Extension for Google Plus

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