Forums are one of the best venue of expressing opinions. It is also a very vital avenue of creating links to your blogs or websites. In order to take advantage of this, it is always important that you observe some of the rules about forum posting as this will be vital in your internet campaign. Also, you can take advantage of the rich mine of resources in forums that will be vital to your marketing. 

A number of people find a good source of audiencesin forums. It is also a very important site for search engine crawlers. Aspeople flocks to these websites, so as a number of potential links. This iswhere you have to leverage the use of forums in your link building. A lot offorum marketing has been tagged as black hat or practices that might not beappropriate. Here are some of the rules about forum marketing.

Immersed first with the community. It is important that you build rapportto your fellow forum members. Some forums encourage new members to post firstand would only qualify you to be a thread starter if you have met certainposts.  This is very important as youwill not be tagged as a hit and run tag. Also, establishing posts will givemake you credible to your fellow forum members.

Avoid rants and flames. It cannot be denied that what you writewill also reflect your reputation among forum members. As much as possible, bepolite with them and diplomatic in their ways. Never create posts that willarouse rants and anger. This will jeopardise your online reputation and at thesame time it will ruin your forum marketing goals.  The best thing to deal with them is to ignorethem.

Avoid guerilla forms of posting. One of the things that some people dois create an account and abandon them after spamming. Guerilla spamming iscommon among people who always want to do a shortcut in their link buildingefforts. Truth is there is no shortcut in link building and you can takeadvantage of the forums by establishing credibility. Also, if your goal is tocreate as many links as possible, search engine crawlers are now designed toavoid indexing posts that are spammed. For this reason, it is a futile effortto crate many links through spamming and getting no result.

Always create a good venue ofdiscussion. One of the keysto successful forum marketing is to create a very viable topic for discussion.This is very important as this will also stir exchanges of ideas. On one handyou excite their curiosity on a certain topic, on the other you can also learnfrom them. In this way, it will not only be a healthy discussion, it is also alively one. If done in friendly way, it can also generate a lot of leads.

Avoid Self Promotions.  Another thing to look into a post in a forum is self promotion. You can create a neutral tone for your stance that will make yourself credible. By doing this, you are avoiding any forms of labels that might be branded to you. 

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  1. Forum Posting // October 1, 2011 at 6:49 PM  

    Excellent post! Forum posting is good but follow the forum rules. Thanks for sharing.

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