People get tired of reading.

We want to know about the 10 best mobile apps and how to use them, but reading that 750-word article just seems like an insurmountable task sometimes. We want to know about Google+ versus Facebook, but can't seem to invest the attention needed to pick through and process 800 words.
Understandable. Sometimes, we just need a break.
Video Production How Does It Relate To Social Media Marketing
That's where video production used in conjunction with social media marketing can step in to fill the information gap created by our tired eyes.

Fun, Quick and Informative

The entire reason social media marketing exists is to get the word out there using popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon and reddit.

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But, we're quickly becoming numb to the constant marketing and advertising being fed to us through social media. Sometimes, we just can't deal with it. Sometimes, we need a change of pace.

Videos are a fun, quick way to spread the same information you could in an 800-word article, in about 2 minutes. For instance, combining social media with video is an excellent way to market new technology, especially phones. People like to see what a product can do, rather than just read about it.

Videos are Trending Right Now

Does anyone remember life before You Tube? It's foggy, right?

Maybe QuickTime Movies rings a bell? Or Windows Media Files? If you wanted to watch one, you'd need to know 30 minutes before to give it enough time to load. Most videos were hosted by the website itself and weren't located in any one location. Watching a video online was a big ordeal, not a common, everyday occurrence.

When YouTube launched in 2005, it totally changed everything. Gaining popularity in 2007-2008, YouTube quickly rocketed to unprecedented fame, with 24 hours of video uploaded every minute as of 2010.
The average person now spends at least 15 minutes a day watching YouTube videos, whether directly on the website, or through other sites like Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, or even email.


Videos are an easy way to circulate a large amount of information. A well-produced video can easily pack in as much information as an entire Facebook page in under 3 minutes.

Most people will skim an 800-word article, or spend 15 minutes trying to read it, but most can commit to watching a 2-3 minute video without distraction. Even if you don't already have a social media marketing campaign underway, you can use a video as the base of your future advertising. You can get the word out even before you have the rest of the campaign set in place. The video can be circulated throughout social media platforms as an advertisement in and of itself.

Planting a Seed

Once you get your first videos out there, and people enjoy them, they'll be likely to subscribe to your YouTube channel to keep coming back for more. You can send them information about products, services or even your staff and company background.

Videos can be a vital addition to your social media marketing campaign, or you can create a video to be circulated via social media as a base for a new marketing plan. Either way, investing in the production of a 2-5 minute video can add some serious mojo to your online marketing.

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