You decided that it's the time to buy a laptop, but you are confused by the wide variety of offers that you find in stores. In this article I will explain you the steps you need to follow to make the best choice. We are clear from the outset that in this article we will deal only with diagonal laptops at least 14", which can be used as a portable and/or as desktop replacement.

Diagonal display
Diagonal display
14.1"- 15.6" Diagonal display
Undoubtedly, the laptops with diagonal comprised between 14.1" and 15.6" are the oldest class of portable and therefore they enjoys to a very generous offer. Such a laptop is right for you if you need a performance computer that you'll use it mostly at home. Usually, this laptop is the ideal compromise between an ultraportable and a desktop replacement. Most laptops can be even bought with a coupon nowadays.

Diagonal display over 16”
The laptops with diagonal over 16" are considered as desktop replacement. This segment is right for you if you want to get rid of your desktop computer and various cables for a laptop desk that occupies much less space and make less noise. The advantage is that you can choose strong components of the next generation, so do not ignore the performance. However, choose carefully: such a laptop weighs over 3 kg and is not practical to use it as portable. Also, keep an eye for all of the discounts out there. I own a coupon site that gives away psprint discount codes and diamonds USA coupon discount, so, trust me, you can find coupons for most of these laptops.

In any event, a resolution of 1366x768 pixels is good enough for most situations, even if on the market starts to appear laptops with the resolution of 1600x900 pixels.
Technical Features

If on the computers you can choose each component, when we talk about laptops, you must choose one with the most appropriate configuration to your needs. The motherboard desktop is essential, and remain very important, but the main choice you have to do it's refer to the processor and video card.

Unfortunately, Intel has the monopole in the processors chapter, due to the fragile and weak presence of the rival from AMD. Thus, you have to choose between three types of Intel new generation processors: Sandybridge Intel Core i3 (the cheapest), Core i5 (media solutions to budget and performance) and Core i7 (the most expensive and powerful).
Laptop's Technical Features
The remaining choices are much simpler: choose a laptop with 2GB RAM memory, although our recommendation is to go on a version with 4 GB RAM. An advantage here is that most laptops allow easy memory upgrades.

HDD should have at least 250 GB, but our recommendation about quantity/price goes to 320 GB models. Sure, if your budget allows you can try SSDs, but they have a limited capacity and are significantly more expensive. Currently, all laptops have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies integrated, and some also have HDMI and USB 3.0 ports.

Construction and Design
I left this chapter in the end, because here is dominating subjectivity. Each of us has a favorite laptop design, but even in this case you should pay attention to the small details that matter: from what kind of material is made the housing, what type of display have the laptop, if fingerprints and dust deposit very easily, how good is the keyboard and the trackpad (both in terms of configuration, location and comfort of use).

These are the main criteria which you must take into account when you buy a laptop. There is nothing left for us than let you to make the right choice.

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