Alexa rank is a measurement of the popularity and authority of a website based on a lot of different variables. As a webmaster, you can have some influence over many of these variables and boost your Alexa rank in the process. There are many reasons why you could want to have the added exposure of an improved Alexa rank, but most people want it because it improves the value of their websites and can help with search engine optimization.
3 Tips To Boost Your Website Alexa Ranking
Here we're going to give you three important ways that you can improve your Alexa rank, and some general tips you can use to create your own strategies.

Tip #1: Visitor Interaction

You should encourage visitor interaction using the Alexa rating system for websites. With a single link on your website, you can ask your readers to rate or leave a review for your website in Alexa's records. Not only will this help with your rank with Alexa, but you can also gain valuable feedback that you can use to further improve the value of your website.

Tip #2: Alexa Redirection

One of the factors that Alexa uses for determining rankings is the number of backlinks a website has and the quality of those backlinks. Because it can be hard for Alexa to keep updated records of the active backlinks for millions of websites, webmasters are encouraged to use the Alexa redirection tool for all backlinks. To use the tool, you add your website's address on to the end of and everything is set. For example, if you were going to leave a link to, you would create a link with the address instead.

Tip #3: Alexa Toolbar Branding

Alexa has a toolbar that people can install that helps to track user activity to figure out what websites are the most popular for the rankings. Alexa also allows you to offer a downloadable version of the toolbar that uses your website's own branding. Putting up a branded version of the toolbar on your website means that more of your readers will be downloading and using the toolbar, which means more traffic on your website from users who have the toolbar installed. By adding a simple link to download the Alexa toolbar on your website, you can improve the ranking of your site automatically over time.

General Strategies

Since Alexa rankings are put in place to determine which websites have the most authority, the rankings will be similar to typical search engine rankings in terms of what you can do to improve your position. This means that typical search engine optimization processes like building backlinks and working on social media exposure should also help to improve your Alexa rank in the long run. Remember that this is a long-term game and that the improvements you see in your Alexa rank will be gradual over time. Keep working hard at improving your website, and you will see your work rewarded with a positive change in your Alexa rank.

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  1. faith // September 30, 2011 at 1:47 AM  

    THanks for the tip!

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    I'm amazed on how alexa works, based on ranking sites!
    and it's a great SEO,too!
    It helps drive more web traffic.

    this site, helped me a lot! :)

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