In the current business climate, it is impossible to thrive without social media, but professionals must walk a fine line to make sure blogs remain appropriate. The latest social media network, Google+, aims to grow into a hub for personal and business relations. 6 Tips For Keeping Your Google Plus Profile Work-Appropriate
Here are a few tips to keep your Google+ profile professional.

1. If Necessary, Create Separate Profiles For Work And Personal Life.

You may want to keep up with old friends and classmates, but you might not be able to control what they post on your profile. Also, friends probably will not care much about your business dealings. So to keep networking fun and useful for everyone, keep the business separate from the personal. Remember that your initial Google+ profile, to include your name, picture, and other basic information, is public. Keep your personal profile the same as your work profile. You can engage in more personal exchanges on your non-work profile, but still keep it appropriate and non-incriminating.

2. Maintain Tight Security Controls, And "Circle" Appropriately.

Google+ allows easy "sorting" of connections into separate circles, which you can set to allow different levels of access to your profile. There are default circles including friends, family, and acquaintances, but you can also create your own. For work, it may be prudent to create a "client" circle or a "colleague" circle. That way, you can share intra-office business with co-workers, and more public information with customers. If you have a separate personal account, block that off as tightly as possible. Make sure to set all privacy levels to share only with people you have added. Check frequently to see who has added you, and if you are not comfortable with a person seeing your personal updates, block him or her.

3. Keep All Posting Business-Related.

Update your statuses with ideas and promotions related to work. Only link to professionally helpful websites, or articles about your own work. You potentially link to clients and colleagues through your professional Google+ account, and they will certainly take preoccupation with your personal life as a sign of unprofessionalism. Posting includes uploading photographs, so do not post any embarrassing or inappropriate pictures. A good rule would be to only post pictures from professionally-related events, such as office parties or conferences. Even in these photos, make sure everyone is appropriately dressed and there is no alcohol or other controversial substance visible.

4. Make All Posts Grammatically Correct.

If you are not sure about a post, have an assistant or colleague look it over before sending it. Making easy grammatical or spelling errors looks unprofessional and reveals a lack of attention to detail. Do not use any sort of "netspeak," such as abbreviated letters in place of words. Your Google+ profile is all about image, and you want your image to remain as educated and polished as possible.

5. Do Not "+" Anything Unless It Is Work-Appropriate.

Giving something a "+" on Google is the same as "liking" it on Facebook. Your name will attach to it, and it will become available on your personal page. Therefore, even if you did not create the content, your connections will associate your name with it. Do not approve anything unless you want your clients and peers to see it.

6. Actively Seek Improvements To Your Profile.

Regularly search the Internet for opinions on yourself and your company. Your Google+ profile, as with any social networking site, is a powerful tool to brand yourself and your business. If you see a negative impression with some aspect of your business, try to use Google+ to subtly hint at changes and improvements in that area.

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  1. Anoop Sudhakaran // September 1, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

    I agree that +1 has taken the form of Like button of Facebook. Also tweaking the privacy settings is advisable! Nice Post James! :)

  2. krishna // September 1, 2011 at 7:20 PM  

    Nice tips James :)

  3. Jobin Martin // September 2, 2011 at 9:50 AM  

    Google plus has not been a great success as Google expected it to be.To match facebook google plus has to go a long way.

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