You simply can’t imagine how some people would spend this kind of money. Whatever the purpose, these laptops are just outrageous and over the top and they have the price tags to go along with it.

The Earth Simulator

This computer does exactly what its name indicates, but wow does it come with a hefty price tag!
Earth simulator
This was developed by Japan’s Space Development Authority and it cost somewhere around $400,000,000. It most certainly has offered some insight and answers that are pertinent to this branch of the Japanese government but the price tag was appalling even to those involved with its creation.

Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop

Yes you read that right, this is the $1,000,000 laptop that some of the rich just must have.
Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop
Does it function any differently? Well while it may work faster and have more features and benefits, it really works as a standard laptop would. The materials are where the cost comes in as it is made out of wood, metal, or iron. Yes this is as customized as one can find and therefore the notoriety of having a laptop of this caliber is what it’s all about at this price point.

Tulip E-Go Diamond

If you are after a highly fashionable laptop that will make a statement, then you should check this one out. This is an individual laptop but it’s price tag can make anybody stagger.
Tulip E-Go Diamond
This comes at a whopping $355,000 cost but you get the jewels that everybody is sure to envy. You can’t imagine why anybody would want to pay this, but it is quite glamorous and attractive with diamonds and all the jewels that you could ever want—for a laptop that is!

Ego for Bentley

If you simply adore your Bentley or just the logo that comes with it, then perhaps this $20,000 laptop is for you.
Ego for Bentley
This is most definitely for those that put a great deal of emphasis on a brand because it’s all about the Bentley with this little number. If you want to be stylish and noticed wherever you may use your laptop from, then this laptop will get you looks and give you information from the most stylish standpoint possible.

Voodoo Envy

This $8500 laptop is believed to the most expensive in its category. Though it may not compare to some of the rather extravagant entries, this one is a very high cost for what seems like a simple laptop.
voodoo envy
This is meant for the extreme gamer and it has all the features that you might expect out of it. This has all the bells and whistles and there is nothing that an individual could be lacking with this highly priced laptop.
It may be hard to believe, but these laptops do exist and they are out there for the taking. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, then you may want to check into one of these or just look in awe.

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