It was a great confession for me to make that after a year of starting my coupon blog I wasn’t able to make a nickel from my blog. What wasn’t actually right with my blog? My design was the greatest I’ve came across, I get more traffic than most of my six figure neighbor bloggers. What was it then that I wasn’t doing right?

Make Money Online From Blogging

As a blogger, there might be many reasons you aren’t making money from blogging. Your main concern, though, is to look for means to correct this. You are probably not monetizing your blog the way you should. If you are seriously tired of not making money from your blog, follow the following simple, and yet, very effective tips I have to offer you below and see what will happen next.

Offer good Services For free

One of the best ways bloggers get to start making good money from their blogging career is by showcasing their expertise to the world. No one will hire who he or she doesn’t know how good he is. Before I started making money from my weight watchers and diet to go business, I had to give free sample of my job to people. Show people how great you can be. After a free satisfactory service you’re offering to someone, he might call you back and propose to give you a bigger job worth thousands!

Most of our qualities are not really lousy and could not be appreciated until we put them into practice. You may not get recognized for who you are until you are ready to make people see you. Justin is one of the world’s finest and youngest musician, he started by letting people see his music videos on Youtube for free and now see what he is!

Challenge Your Fears

Another great obstacle that might be hindering your way to making money from your blogging business is fear. The fear of doing this; the fear of how will that blogger look at me if I send an email to him just to propose for that job!

It doesn’t take a great man to conceal your weakness, but it takes a great man to challenge your fears. Just seat back and imagine where you would be today if you had made a decision you refused to make just because of the fear that you might be rejected.

You might not get encouraging results from your first tries, but keep trying and look forward for great results

Ever Tried Affiliate with Discount Coupons?

As a blogger you can also become an affiliate for companies and sell their products to your readers while you give them coupon discounts on whatever they buy. This can make your sales convert higher than the natural way of just slapping your readers in the face with some products which they have little to benefit from.

There are many things you can sell to your readers as an affiliate. You may even refer them to companies that are offering quality services to people while they still have discounts on what they buy. As a blogger, getting creative is one of the most essential skills you have to possess. A little effort with creativity might be the only thing you need to take your blogging to the next level.

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