Google is all over Internet right now, with Google Plus showing every signs of toppling the throne of Facebook, it certainly portrays Internet = Google. And Google Plus is only one among the tons of changes they have thrown lately. A few of them includeWhat If Google Goes Evil

  • A totally new interface for Google, and all Google products.
  • Lots of new apps in Gmail, including cheap calls to phones, Preview Panes and lots of other new features.
  • Photovine, which is going to be the next generation photo sharing app.
  • Email Intervention.

Who is Google?


If you ask me, Google is the Supreme Lord right now. I don't think an average person can survive without Google. Infact, Google has changed the way you think(according to experts). Now your brain focuses more on implementation, rather than storing information. Google has become a routine of life, and to an extent, its influencing your life. I have had tons of situations, when I wish if Google could do it. For example, when I refer a book for something, I wish I had a Google search bar to find it for me. And Google strives is making every such situation into a reality.

So why is it Evil?

Don't be Evil is the motto of Google. And yes, it should be true. Why? If Google goes Evil, I bet the millions depending on Google will go evil too. Let me portray an example here. Google launched Email Intervention last week, a campaign which asks users to ditch other mails and come to Gmail. It shows an intent of Google to have it all, and with a bit of evilness.

Watched the movies Terminator and Surrogates? Well, if you think a particular perspective, you can compare Google with Skynet of Terminator or the company that manufactures Surrogates in the movie Surrogates. Yes, Google can control the future, Google can bring us to their likes.

But why should they?

A good question! Right now, they have no purpose. But I'm afraid, with the growing competition, Google will do anything to get the throne. And yes, it has been happening, and it is!

So let me ask you a question, suppose Google modifies its search algorithm, to show the results that Google wishes to present. Users will definitely go by those results, without any doubt. Gradually, Google can decide what users have to do, and users, like dumb machines, would accept everything - because Google is the Supreme Lord!

Omg! What can we do?

Nothing! Yes, we can never stop relying on Google, even if it turns Evil. Hope it does not! That's the only thing we can do.

Author Bio : Vinesh Balan, a 21 Year old Tech Enthusiast, trying to capsule all his Online Experience into a Single blog - The Blog is all about the Trending topics which pass by everyday, and certain Tech news you need to know.

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  1. Anonymous // September 13, 2011 at 12:39 AM  

    This should be a warning on having too much dependence with an opaque private company that answers to no one.

    They can pretty much destroy your online identity and your ability to function online at will.

    Like the credit report agencies, we need a consumer identity protection act to 1) allow consumers to request their personal information/profile/graph, 2) require warning and reason prior to terminating services, and finally, 3) allow consumers to correct in-accurate information in their databases.

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