Due the increasing trend among individuals to rely on the Internet to shop online or discover information there have been a large number of web-sites. All kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods are opted by business enterprises to capture top ranks in popular “search engines” such as Yahoo, Google, etc. SEO traffic is increased with high search engine rankings.

Video marketing is one often ignored technique to augment SEO traffic. It has a number of prospective benefits, but only if technicians take certain safety measures to accomplish the most excellent result.
With video marketing you can send traffic SEO to your website. Adding high-quality, interesting videos on your web-site will help to boost SEO traffic.

The Role of Video Marketing in Driving SEO Traffic Online
The ways include:
  • Other bloggers, webmasters, and social bookmarks service customers often post “links” to striking videos on other web-sites.
  • Besides to usual search engines, your web content may become programmed on traffic producing “video only” search engines.
  • Websites can aim “search key phrases” that have the word videos. This is great for search engine optimization (SEO) because such searches stay very trendy.


A business corporation may prefer to make germane, instructive videos that are not promotional directly. For example a jewellery merchant might present video recording of an antique jewelry event. It would not be to promote their products directly, but will send new traffic to the website and possibly help their efforts of SEO.

Other companies will utilize “video marketing” to exhibit striking capabilities or features of their products. It is hard to add intended links using this technique, but it promotes sales directly. If video marketing are proficiently done it can be more credible than text or content.

Think about submitting your web-site to Video Google, so that specifically searchers seeking videos will be able to find it without difficulty. Google provides them with thumbnail videos images and shows their durations too. For more details you can search for video submit on Google. Other search engines this way are also present.

Certain issues

In video marketing there are also some likely issues to stay away from. Certain providers of web host services don’t set bandwidth limits or permit videos which make them unfeasible to utilize. Search engines can’t recognize this kind of content or text, so it is vital to create video folios in an “SEO” oriented way.
Not all consumers have the Internet connection, software, hardware required to watch videos. So a website whole advertising approach shouldn’t depend on such text or content. It is good for traffic, SEO, and sales in general to have individual pages of non-video which try to offer the similar material.

In general

Video marketing provides latest prospects to send more SEO traffic to your web-site and improve its search engine ranking. It is only useful when the footage is of high quality and all technical aspects have been focused.

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  1. UtahSEO // August 20, 2011 at 3:30 PM  

    I agree with you saying that video marketing is almost ignored. But video marketing is somewhat risky for me, even though it can be a big help for our websites. Negative comments on your video may come, it think it will bring bad effect for your website so the thing is make good videos. That's just for me but with a good video, we can be sure to earn good traffic for our websites. Good post, keep posting posts like this so that many will be aware that Video Marketing is a good strategy. More power!

  2. ruby // August 20, 2011 at 4:04 PM  

    Thanks for sharing it.

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