Sheer SEO is one of the best SEO software available on the web. The features which are offered are good enough to attract you to use their services. Plus the pricing has been set nicely to match with their services. Sheer Seo - Best Seo Software (Logo)It is a search engine optimization software that automates your SEO efforts, including rank tracking and link building. The site has over 43,000 users and that proves a point that Sheer SEO is definitely offering some good services because 43K isn’t a small number. The features offered are all very useful and hence make the users more attracted to the site to try out their software.

The features that Sheer SEO offers are:-

  • Track rankings
  • Track page rank
  • Estimate Traffic
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Main Referrers
  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Reviews
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Indexed Pages
  • Supplemental Index Ratio
  • Backlink Checker
  • Summary
  • Master Account
  • Agency Account
  • Private Label
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Tracking Competitors
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Mailed Reports

One thing which I liked was that they are offering 90-day-trial so you can try the services first and if you are impressed, then you can actually buy the software. This really impressed me. Sheer SEO totally have a belief on their services and they know that the people that are taking the trials would be impressed and would buy their services/software. The pricing details are:-

  • Trial: Free
  • Light: $7/month
  • Standard: $10/month
  • Advanced: $15/month
  • Professional Thin: $25/month
  • Professional: $40/month
  • Small Agency: $49/month
  • Medium Agency: $80/month
  • Agency: $199/month

Full Details of pricing over here.

On the whole, this site is a very useful which can help you to become a SEO tycoon and your site’s search engine traffic would increase with a bang. A must try software. If you would miss it, you would be missing a huge chance. For helping you out from every doubt, a 24x7 live chat assistant is also appointed. You need to give it a try. SEO would be made easy by Sheer SEO and by all the features which they offer. You can make SEO more effective for your site by using Sheer SEO so do try it.

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