Uploading & Sharing Images directly on Twitter.Com is now possible, the process of uploading an image and sharing them is quiet easy, so just follow the below mentioned steps and you would be able share the images directly on Twitter.

How to Upload & Share an Image on Twitter

1. When you click inside the Tweet Box on your twitter homepage or when you click on new tweet button in the lower left side you will see 2 icons, first one (a camera) is for adding an image & the second icon (a compass) is for adding your location.Add An Image on Twitter2. Click on the camera icon to upload an image & that will prompt you to locate the image you want to upload on your computer.How To Upload And Share Images on Twitter3. After you attach the image to your Tweet, your Tweet box should appear like the one shown in the picture below, with the thumbnail in the lower left hand corner, and the camera icon will highlighted in blue.Tweet Box Appearance After Uploading An Image4. Now Once you’ve added your image you’ll see the character count to the left of the Tweet button updated Since image takes up some charaters. In the above Tweet, image took 21 Characters.

5. You can click on the “x” control in the thumbnail or next to the filename, If you selected the wrong image or no longer wish to share that image.

6. Now Click on the Tweet button.

Now Once you’ve successfully tweeted with the upload image, click on the Tweet to view the image in the display panel. (The Tweet will appear Like this with an Image.)

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