I love digital watches. As a kid, I had a staggering collection of them. I had some that could beep louder than a cargo truck’s horn and others that could solve complex math equations. I had some that could shout commands like a military sergeant and others that could count time, backwards. And then there were the watches that could change colors. Like the changing colors of a lava lamp, their screens would float into a deep blue and then a brilliant red and then back again—coating my entire bed room in a warm, comfortable glow.

I love digital watches. And to show my love, here’s a list of the top 7digital watches out there today. Let me know if I missed any good ones in the comments!

7 Digital Watches that are Superbly Awesome

Kisai Denshoku : $179

Kisai Denshoku

Inspired by the neon skyline of Shinjuku, KisaiDenshoku is a combination of Tokyo flare and intuitive design. The twelve bars represent time in an interesting format that represents hours, ten minute segments, and single minutes in blocks, and the frame is reinforced with stainless steel. Reading the time—admittedly—can be a bit difficult at first.

KisaiKeisan : $109.00


The KisaiKeisan—another futuristic watch from Kisai—uses a raised convex bubble lens to diffuse the advanced low energy Japanese LEDs. And the watch makers have a sense of humor, having programed an animatedGIF that flashes once every minute (for 12 straight minutes) after the time is displayed – an interesting effect which brings the watch to life.

Seiko Spectrum : $3200!!

Seiko Spectrum

The first watch with e-ink technology, the Seiko Spectrum is a treasure for stylish watch connoisseurs. It’s sleek. It’s light weight. And it’s incredibly easy to read. But if you want this futuristic ink watch, be prepared to shell out some big ones. Note: This watch went for $3,200 in the most recent charity auction. At least it went for a good cause.

KisaiKaidoku : $139


Surprise, another watch from Kisai. KisaiKaidoku was designed by Tynan Mayhew—a fan of Tokyo Flash Watches—as part of a design competition. It’s designed to fit comfortably on both small and large wrists, and the time is displayed in words (instead of numbers). Best part: the designer is 15 years old.

Nixon Lodown : $80

Nixon Lodown

For those looking for style and functionality, the Nixon Lodown is tops. And if you’re a surfer, this watch is a must have. The Nixon Lodown is preprogrammed with the predictive tidal information of over 200 beaches across the world—for the next 15 years.

Kisai RPM : $199

Kisai RPM 1

Kisai RPM 2

With its brushed stainless steel disc and flashing circular lights, the RPM echoes the style of turntable—sleek and surrounded by neon lights. Compared to some of its Kisai brethren, it’s simple to read at a glance but is rather light in functionality. The RPM is the most popular of the Kisai watches and comes in a variety of colors.

Mute Watch : $259

Mute Watch 1

Mute Watch 2

Perhaps the most superbly awesome of our list of superbly awesome digital watches, the Mute Watch is one-of-a-kind. It comes in a variety of matted colors and has a touch screen interface, giving it a truly digital display. Best of all, the Mute Watch alarm can be set to vibrate.

Has anyone tried any of these awesome watches? Let us know what you them and if we missed any cool watches in our list.

Author Bio : Cleo Kirkland is a fashion writer for Manhattan Time Service, a watch repair service center in NYC.

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