Whether you want to supplement your full time income, you are retired or a student or you just need some extra money, there are plenty of ways to use the internet to make money and if you have a good strategy virtually anyone can do it.

4 Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

Making a really good income is not so easy, but earning a little extra is doable if you are prepared to put in a little effort. Here are 4 ways you might not have considered.

Be a writer

If you can write good quality, native English, you can probably find work as a freelance writer. This is never going to earn you a heap of money, but if you can write interesting articles fairly quickly, you can easily make what you might make as a shelf stacker, and you can do it from home in your own time.

Be a designer

Really great designers can earn a lot of money online, but when you are starting out you might need to work very cheap to build up a reputation. Get yourself a nice looking website and check out places like elance.com to find work.

Warning: you need to actually be good at graphics, design or whatever it is you intend to specialize at.

Get free money

There are a multitude websites on the internet who want to incentivize you to start with. If you sign up and claim your free bonus, all you need to do is make enough wagers to get your bonus released.

The key is to play games where the house edge is minimal, try not to lose too much, and cash out as soon as you have earned your bonus. These promotions make money from the people who keep playing even once there bonus is lost – don’t be one of those people.

Sell free stuff on eBay

Yup, you really can sell stuff on eBay that you got for free. People love sample pots of expensive perfume, makeup and other things. Make a habit of getting hold of free samples wherever you can and you can start a powerful little eBay business.

A quick Google search will likely give you a wealth of leads where you can get free samples from top brands in return for your email address. I recommend setting up an email address especially, then go collect some freebies to sell!

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