When I first started trying to make money online, I made loads of mistakes; ones which now seem blazingly obvious to me - but back then I was naive and it didn't get me anywhere.

So I know what it's like, to be diligently building your blog, AdSense site or affiliate marketing site and just not being able to make a single cent from it. It's really sucks, and it's very frustrating.4 Reasons why you cannot make money onlineSo based on my own insight, here are a few possibilities for you, as to why, after all your hard work, you're still failing to earn money online :

You picked the wrong niche

Why did you pick the niche you are in? Is it because your research pointed you there? or is it because you just felt like it? Do you even know why you picked it?

When I first started my first site, it was in the SEO/Blogging tips niche - this was monumentally stupid of me, not least because I hadn't even written a blog before, but also because this niche is so saturated.

To make things worse, readers of these types of blogs are tech savvy, which means they are generally pretty blind to Ads and don't respond well to affiliate offers either, so even once you have some traffic, your AdSense earnings might not be great.

You picked the wrong keywords

This is one thing I did know how to do right, which is probably what saved me from the previous mistake. But if you are not savvy to SEO strategy and stuff, this might be a mistake you have made.

Bottom line is; you want traffic, one big source of traffic is search engines - so you probably want to rank well in Google et al. So how are you going to rank in Google if you don't even know what keywords you are targeting? Quite.

This is a big mistake that many bloggers make. Sure you need to build great content, but at least have a selection of keywords in mind, otherwise you are just wondering in the dark.

You don't have any links

When I first started my blog I genuinely believed that all I needed to do was keep writing endless amounts of good content. Here's the inside scoop:

Some bloggers make it big by just writing content, but very few manage it - if you want this model to work your content needs to be absolutely superb, and that's not an easy thing to do.

No, chances are you are going to have to spend at least half your time actually going out and connecting with people, promoting your blog and building links... If this is something you've been putting off, take this as your queue to get started right now!

You don't have enough patience

Finally, it takes a long time - seriously though, you've heard this before I know, but you probably don't fully appreciate it yet. It took me almost a year to actually start making anything noteworthy from my first blog - ok admittedly, it might have been sooner if I had picked a slightly more sensible niche, but even so. Don't expect miracles over night.

A little patience is often all that stands between a good blogger and a great one...

Author Bio : This post was written by Alex from Who Is Hosting This - your top source for web hosting information including godaddy and hostgator reviews.

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