Tablets are replacing PCs… they are out-dating laptops; they have become one of their own. People, especially techies, nowadays are skipping netbooks and low-cost PCs to choose tablets. Tablets are much more portable than laptops and of course PCs. The touch-screen factors with hundreds of features mainly attract these tablets. It can totally replace a netbook and that too without a keyboard.

When we talk about tablets, there is a thought arising in one’s mind – Which tablet to choose. Maybe, iPad 2 will arise in your head because of Apple but wait before you choose “Apple”. There is a better tablet.Samsung Galazy TabSamsung Galaxy 750 is a tablet which will blow all your questions and make the tablet choosing job easier for you. This tablet is full of great features & specifications.

  • Samsung Galaxy 750 runs on an Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) which is specially made for tablets.
  • Samsung Galaxy 750 is powered by Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9, ULP GeForce GPU, with Tegra 2 T20 chipset.
  • Samsung Galaxy 750 has an internal memory of up to 16 Gigabytes and a RAM of 1 Gigabyte.
  • Samsung Galaxy 750 has a 3.15 megapixels rear camera with autofocus and LED flash. 2 megapixels front-facing camera is also available.
  • 3G HSPA+ connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth v3.0 and USB 2.0 are also available.
  • Samsung Galaxy 750 is priced at Rs. 36,200 which is totally good for this tablet.

As a tablet, Samsung Galaxy 750 is something you would want forever in your life. Maybe the best tablet in the world and if not, it is definitely a very competitive tablet. Great and attractive design which matches with great specifications, with all this, Samsung Galaxy 750 is a total blaster. A must buy for those who are interested in buying a tablet.

The specifications make you want this tablet more and more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Features

{Click to enlarge}

There must be a feeling in you, when and how such a great tablet was announced and how the people took it... you better stop that feeling because I am going to share the full video of the launching of this great tablet in India which you needed. You can check it below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch!

Just imagine the feeling you will have when you become a proud owner of a tablet and that also one of the best tablets ever. The 10.1 inch screen would make you get all totally large and I am sure that it would be loved by all the people who actually have a respect for tablets.

Check the bekow infographic, which will answer the 3 reasoning behind how the Samsung galaxy tab  10.1 came to be…

Birth of the Samsung GALAXY Tab

On the whole, Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is a tablet which can be competitive to all the tablets currently available in the market especially iPad 2. iPad 2, beware!

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Working with SEO industry, we come across a lot of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Easy to install and use, with a few clicks and choices to get your blog on the road quickly enough. No wonder that more people take advantage of this platform, which can be easy or customizable as you do.

How To Optimize WordPress For SEO

The popularity of WordPress CMS means that very often we have to optimize SEO. Nature, fortunately, this is not as difficult as it sounds, and customizable CMS means that SEO can also bring benefits to your site. Here are some of the most basic SEO techniques should be used in a WordPress blog.

SEO for WordPress:

Website structure:

This is still valid with WordPress SEO. Simple, clean and easy to follow, is still extremely important. After all, you want your visitors view your site and know what to click. WordPress has a feature called 'permalink', which as its name suggests, is a permanent link to a blog or message forum when it no longer appears on the front page or main web site. In WordPress, which can be adjusted so that keywords can be used, which shows that Google is what this particular post is all about and the relevance it has for the keywords that were on Google.

Image Optimization:

There was some discussion for the optimization of an image with alt tags of the keywords. Although not a decisive factor in SEO, or a great technique, the combination of images with keywords to get more potential customers to your site, so it's worth taking the time to add a word ALT key short friendly.

Make sure that the main title is H1

As a rule, H1, is automatically included in the document. You need to check that the main title is in the shape of H1, as this is one of the factors that Google has more to believe too. Certainty, especially if you have a custom theme for WordPress is a good idea to verify that the two H1 are not included in the theme, because this may reduce the benefits of having SEO keywords in titles is included.

Website Load Time:

Consider how long it takes for your site to load. Too long, and visitors do not stay to see what is in place, even if it contains what they wanted. Most sites do not WordPress problem, but if you find it becomes a problem, there are some things to consider. Look how often the database is "known" and see if it can be reduced. Otherwise, look at what is actually contained on the site. Are there elements that do not need? If the sidebar just a list of links that are rarely updated, then there is probably something that can be removed to help both the load faster.

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Social media is a big buzz word right now, and most every online business owner has at least a vague notion that they should be engaging with their customers through social media. The question for many business owners though, is “How?”

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

Two ways to use social media:

Broadly speaking, there are two ways you can use social media for your business: You can use it to try to generate traffic to your site, or you can use it as a way to keep in touch with your existing customers and gradually grow more potential customers.

For the majority of businesses, using social media to its fullest, for growing explosive amounts of traffic is tricky, but if you are just starting out, it can be a fantastic way to keep in touch with your existing customers whilst also building your brand recognition.

How to get started:

When you are first getting to grips with social media, it is best if you just pick one service to learn, don’t try to do them all right away. Personally, I think twitter is a great place to start, because it is simple and easy to set up.

Start by adding your Twitter account to your website and encourage your customers to follow you. Let your existing customers know that you are on Twitter and that they can follow you.

Then start actually tweeting…

Social media will never work for you if you don’t use it. Try not to overdo it at first, because you will soon get bored and let it slip. A good, consistent effort is what you need.

Use social media to let your customers know about special offers, and also interesting things that are happening in your niche – things they might actually find interesting. You could also give out voucher codes every now and then.

Make it worthwhile for your customers to follow you, otherwise they won’t bother.

The next step:

The real power of social media is when you can use it to find new customers. The most effective way to do this is to encourage your existing customers to sign up, like you, follow you or whatever, and then to tell their friends.


If you can make your social media accounts worthwhile – so that your customers actually get some benefit from connecting with you, they will eventually start telling others about you, and this is when your business will actually start to grow.

Like many things in business, there will certainly be an investment up front, you need to stick at it and keep going. The web is littered with social media accounts which are never used and have long since been abandoned, this is a sure fire way to fail at social media.

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Finding your blogging niche should be the first and foremost thing which a Blogger carefully considers before starting a blog. This is very important if you are blogging for financial profit.

Ideally a Blogger should choose a topic or niche he is knowledgeable and passionate about. Also, a Blogger should consider the direct competition as well as the purpose of creating the blog before stating the blog.How To Find Your Blogging Niche

This article will aims at considering these Points in details in an attempt to assist you in choosing a niche for your blog. This article is useful for new bloggers as well as old bloggers that may want to start a new blog.

Discovering Your Interests

One of the first things to consider by a Blogger is his personal interests. This is important because if you are passionate and knowledgeable about your chosen niche you will find it easy to come up with posts ideas and you are also likely to be highly successful.

This success can be attributed to the fact that your blog visitors can sense your passion for the subject matter and greatly appreciate your knowledgeable posts.

Your interest may range from subjects which are widely popular to subjects which are less popular. However, there will likely be interested readers irrespective of your blog subject. Therefore as a Blogger you should not be discouraged to blog about even the most unsung subjects.

However, if you want to blog for financial profit then it is advisable you go for niches which appeal a larger audience.

Assessing the Competition

Once you have selected one or more niches or subjects you are considering for your blog, it is now time to begin assessing the competition.

To do this, you need to start visiting others Blogs in your selected niche or topic. This will give you a good indication of whether or not the market is already filled with lots of Blogs on the subject as well as the quality of the existing Blogs on this subject.

Based on this information you should be able to decide whether or not you are capable of contending for blog traffic with the existing Blogs.

Know the Purpose of the blog

Another important point to consider is the purpose of your blog. Blogs can be created for various reasons such as: financial gains, personal use, and educational purpose or to promote a cause.

If you are creating a blog for personal use then you may only wish to consider your own interests when starting a blog because you are not likely seeking high blog traffic. However, if you are creating a blog for purpose of generating profit or promoting a cause you do have to consider Factors such as ability to generate traffic. in this case you should choose a niche that appeals to a large audience. Also, the internet should not be saturated with Blogs on this niche because it will be a bit difficult for your new blog to garner a share of blog traffic.

Finally, you should choose a niche where you are confident of not only making regular posts but also ensure these posts are original, informative and interesting.

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An Internet business requires massive quantity of traffic to run everything properly. No matter how good or bad your product or service is, if people are unaware of it. Backlinks are one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website as well as to get PageRank.

Backlinks are incoming links to a web page or website, and they are also known as inbound links. Search engines consider backlinks as votes and the number of backlinks indicates the importance of a website or a Web page.

Quality is more important than quantity when building backlinks to your website, there is no use if your website has more quantity of low quality backlinks. Having higher quality backlinks to your website will results in targeted traffic, Page rank and search engine rankings. Make sure of using anchor text to build backlinks to your website as anchor text plays a great role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
6 ways to build backlinks to your website
Here, you will discover some tips below on how to build backlinks to your website.

1. Build backlinks to your website by doing Article Marketing

Article Marketing is an excellent way to get targeted traffic as well as higher quality backlinks to your website. There are few article directories, including which having high traffic and good PageRank. Your article must be grammatically and syntactically perfect, and it should be unique to get approved in popular article directories.

2. Backlinks from Press Releases

Most of the online business owners and webmasters use press releases to gain quality backlinks and to get targeted traffic to their websites. Make sure to follow the rules of press releases.

3. Build backlinks to your website from Web Directories

Submitting Website URL in Web Directories is the easiest way to get backlinks in off page optimization. Some of the paid web directories charge money depending on their popularity of a web directory. If you don’t have a budget to pay, then you can submit your website URL in free web directories.

4. Build backlinks to your website by Commenting on Blogs

Blog Commenting is one of the quick and easiest ways to build backlinks to your website. You must comment on the blog which is relevant to your niche, and comment on blogs having search engine rankings and good page rank. Keep in mind, never do short comments as it can be deleted or not approved by blog Admin.

5. Build backlinks to your website from forums

Joining in same topic forums and doing some helpful posts can build few backlinks to your website, if you are placing your website URL in the signature. Make sure that forum allows the desired signature, i.e., anchor text and URL and do posts according to the forum rules.

6. Building backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites

This is a simple and effective way of getting Backlinks to your Website, if your website content is attractive and interesting then you will receive traffic continuously from Social bookmarking sites. Make sure to give attractive title and description when bookmarking your website.

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If you need good search engine rankings to enhance your business success, then it is obvious that you select a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service that can provide you best service in an affordable price. Any wrong approach such as black hat SEO can get your website permanently banned by search engines. You can easily find a good SEO service provider that can do White hat SEO for your website and keep your website always safe and listed in search engines.4 Tips To Select Good SEO service

Here are some tips to find a good SEO service.

(1) Search for reviews in search engines

Searching reviews in search engines is an easiest way to find out pros and cons about SEO services. If a client were satisfied with a SEO service, then they would likely share their experiences.

(2) Avoid Black Hat SEO service

Black Hat SEO is not a right SEO approach to a website as it can result in loss if it delists a website permanently from search engines. There are few black hat techniques, which are popular to get tons of traffic to a website with less effort like 302 redirect, Doorway pages, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc. Some SEO companies assure that your site will get top ranking in search engines, but they will not let you know that they are doing either White hat or Black Hat SEO. It is true that black hat SEO gives you excellent results but only for a short time, if search engines catch it then rankings will be no longer. Therefore, it is better to look at the portfolio of a SEO Service Company before investing money.

(3) Choose the best SEO firm

By joining in popular SEO forums, you can choose a best SEO firm for your business. There are many popular SEO forums like Digital Point Forums, Site point Forums, SEO chat Forums, etc. You can also inquire your contacts to suggest you a SEO service as they might have experienced quality SEO services from SEO firms.

(4) Check their Expertise and Customer Support

To select a good SEO service, you should know how much knowledge and experience they have and in how much time they can complete a project. Most of the SEO service companies have good content writers who know well about keywords in content to rank properly at search engines.

A good SEO service should provide excellent customer support by answering client’s queries either by Live Chat, emails or phone calls and keep clients updated and informed.

You can select a good SEO service by following the tips above, and you will be on your way to a successful business.

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There are far too many WordPress plugins floating about these days. Not that that is a bad thing, but in the interests of your sanity, here is a list of a few that are actually worth considering.

5 Awesome WordPress plugins to help grow your blog

I’m not going to talk about boring plugins that do things that are helpful or essential. I am going to tell you about 5 plugins that will help you to actually grow your blog.

All in one SEO

Your blog needs SEO, so get the plugin, learn how to use it and start doing the basic bits of SEO on every page and post you write. Even if you are not planning to actively pursue a link building strategy, if you don’t at least know which keywords you are targeting, you will be losing out on potential traffic.

Sexy bookmarks

You want people to share your blog and tell their friends about it. If you can write a blog that actually gets talked about online, it will grow much faster. A big part of this is writing really great content and making your blog genuinely good.
But to this along, you need to remind people to share your blog. Sexy book marks make it easy to add buttons to every post which are just wonderfully clickable.

Time release

Regular readers like consistency. It is a great idea to make sure you publish your posts on consistent days. But that’s not always practical.
Time release is a plugin that will automatically publish your posts on schedule. You can write a whole batch of “backup posts” and set them to time release and then they will be published one by one after x days of nothing being published.

Related posts

A major cause of traffic leakage is readers who land on a post, read it and then leave. You need to make sure there is something to engage your reader at the end of the post to entice them to stay a little longer.
The related posts plugin will suggest more posts related to the one your reader just read; hopefully thereby keeping them on the site – simple, but very effective.

Any sign up form

Ok, this isn't a specific plugin – there are loads to choose from, and it really depends on how you plan to send out email marketing messages. But you absolutely should try using a pop up email sign up form to catch email addresses. Building a mailing list is one of the best possible ways to gain repeat readers.

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Whether you want to supplement your full time income, you are retired or a student or you just need some extra money, there are plenty of ways to use the internet to make money and if you have a good strategy virtually anyone can do it.

4 Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

Making a really good income is not so easy, but earning a little extra is doable if you are prepared to put in a little effort. Here are 4 ways you might not have considered.

Be a writer

If you can write good quality, native English, you can probably find work as a freelance writer. This is never going to earn you a heap of money, but if you can write interesting articles fairly quickly, you can easily make what you might make as a shelf stacker, and you can do it from home in your own time.

Be a designer

Really great designers can earn a lot of money online, but when you are starting out you might need to work very cheap to build up a reputation. Get yourself a nice looking website and check out places like to find work.

Warning: you need to actually be good at graphics, design or whatever it is you intend to specialize at.

Get free money

There are a multitude websites on the internet who want to incentivize you to start with. If you sign up and claim your free bonus, all you need to do is make enough wagers to get your bonus released.

The key is to play games where the house edge is minimal, try not to lose too much, and cash out as soon as you have earned your bonus. These promotions make money from the people who keep playing even once there bonus is lost – don’t be one of those people.

Sell free stuff on eBay

Yup, you really can sell stuff on eBay that you got for free. People love sample pots of expensive perfume, makeup and other things. Make a habit of getting hold of free samples wherever you can and you can start a powerful little eBay business.

A quick Google search will likely give you a wealth of leads where you can get free samples from top brands in return for your email address. I recommend setting up an email address especially, then go collect some freebies to sell!

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The world(especially India) has evolved and has turned a lot open-minded than the older days. Nobody is thinking about becoming only an engineer or a doctor. Many other jobs have been selected by the mature people and they are very successful at it. Open sourcing, game developing, professional blogging are not empty now. There are many people in these fields and they earn over a lakh per month by these jobs.

One example for professional blogging in front of you is the owner and founder of ShoutMeLoud - Harsh Agrawal. He is a full-time blogger and by the income reports he publishes, you can see that he is earning quite a lot by professional blogging and other online works.Why Should You Consider Professional Blogging as Your CareerThere are many reasons why you should consider professional blogging as your career. I will share some of them which may convince you to consider professional blogging into your list of jobs you can opt for.

1. Work from home
Normal jobs want you to get up early morning, freshen up, get ready and go to the office. This is the routine you follow for your school when you are a kid, replacing office with school. So, would you like to follow that routine all life long? No, not really. Professional blogging frees you from this routine. You can get up any time as you don't have to go anywhere. You have to stay at your home, use your laptop or PC and internet connection and get going. Working from home will also make sure that your surroundings are comfortable as sometimes people in offices aren't comfortable with their surroundings and environment.

2. Flexible working hours
Mostly, in offices, you have to work from 9 am to 7 pm or some what like that. You stay in your office for around 8 hours every week-day. You cannot choose when you want to work, at what time, etc. As a professional blogger, you have those choices but you have to be correct with those choices. You can choose how much you want to work... try to keep it at least 4 hours per day so you can write many articles and do the rest of the blogging work. 4 hours is enough for all those works.

3. No boss
Yeah! If you are working in a normal office, under a boss, who takes you for granted, you can least abuse him with your friends and yourself. You can't abuse the boss on his face otherwise you are most likely to get an immediate suspension. As a professional blogger, you have your own blog and you are the owner of that blog. There is nobody upper than you(other than the readers) who can make you work like a dog. You don't have to work under any rules created by some other person. You have your own rules and you will lovingly follow them. No boss means no tension.

Share your views and opinions about professional blogging in the comments.

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Due the increasing trend among individuals to rely on the Internet to shop online or discover information there have been a large number of web-sites. All kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods are opted by business enterprises to capture top ranks in popular “search engines” such as Yahoo, Google, etc. SEO traffic is increased with high search engine rankings.

Video marketing is one often ignored technique to augment SEO traffic. It has a number of prospective benefits, but only if technicians take certain safety measures to accomplish the most excellent result.
With video marketing you can send traffic SEO to your website. Adding high-quality, interesting videos on your web-site will help to boost SEO traffic.

The Role of Video Marketing in Driving SEO Traffic Online
The ways include:
  • Other bloggers, webmasters, and social bookmarks service customers often post “links” to striking videos on other web-sites.
  • Besides to usual search engines, your web content may become programmed on traffic producing “video only” search engines.
  • Websites can aim “search key phrases” that have the word videos. This is great for search engine optimization (SEO) because such searches stay very trendy.


A business corporation may prefer to make germane, instructive videos that are not promotional directly. For example a jewellery merchant might present video recording of an antique jewelry event. It would not be to promote their products directly, but will send new traffic to the website and possibly help their efforts of SEO.

Other companies will utilize “video marketing” to exhibit striking capabilities or features of their products. It is hard to add intended links using this technique, but it promotes sales directly. If video marketing are proficiently done it can be more credible than text or content.

Think about submitting your web-site to Video Google, so that specifically searchers seeking videos will be able to find it without difficulty. Google provides them with thumbnail videos images and shows their durations too. For more details you can search for video submit on Google. Other search engines this way are also present.

Certain issues

In video marketing there are also some likely issues to stay away from. Certain providers of web host services don’t set bandwidth limits or permit videos which make them unfeasible to utilize. Search engines can’t recognize this kind of content or text, so it is vital to create video folios in an “SEO” oriented way.
Not all consumers have the Internet connection, software, hardware required to watch videos. So a website whole advertising approach shouldn’t depend on such text or content. It is good for traffic, SEO, and sales in general to have individual pages of non-video which try to offer the similar material.

In general

Video marketing provides latest prospects to send more SEO traffic to your web-site and improve its search engine ranking. It is only useful when the footage is of high quality and all technical aspects have been focused.

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5+ Recent Changes in Facebook

Posted by Admin | 12:42 PM | | 2 comments »

We have no idea whether the following changes made in facebook are permanent, but Facebook appears to be in a process of rolling out the changes continuously. The reason behind these changes is the competition from the upcoming Social Networking Site Google+.

Also Read : Google Plus Vs. Facebook : The Pros & Cons of Each

The Ticker

Facebook - Ticker Feature In Sidebar

The Ticker Feature in the Facebook sidebar give real time information to the users. The ticker feature looks interesting but its distracting since it follows you as you scroll down.

Top News & Most Recent

Top News And Most Recent Gone

Now there is no Top News or Most recent feature so the ease of filtering the news feed is gone, but The Ticker feature would help you to access recent updates from your friends & when you hover over one of the feed in the Ticker, they pop-over the feed so that you can actually make comment on that particular status from there itself.

Facebook-Ticker In Sidebar


This is a Highlight

The main feed stories now can be highlighted by selecting the arrow which appears in the top side of the feed & when you click it, you can select “This is a Highlight”, this feature would most probable help facebook to show the feed in the main feed area (may be it is some sort of ranking system), but what is the actual use of this feature is still not known.

Fixed Header

Fixed Header - Facebook

The header part is fixed & follows you as you scroll down the page, so this might be irritating/distracting to some users.

Subject Wise Grouping of News Feeds

Subject Wise Grouping of News Feeds in Facebook

Facebook news feed is grouped now according to the subject from your friends and fanpage updates.

Facebook Changes

You Won’t Find those button in the header section, you can only see these buttons when you are in your profile area or in your friends profile section and on few more places.

Other Notable changes like Group Chat, Skype Video Calling, Facebook Games Section was improved on the same day Google Plus Games were launched, etc.

These are the few changes that took places recently in facebook.

Did you like the recent changes in Facebook?

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Even with several Web 2.0 web-indexing services going up in popularity, it’s Google and other search engines that index millions of websites every year. Yahoo, Google, MSN and Bing are still the largest source of traffic to websites and blogs around the world. Optimizing your blog for search engines therefore pays its weight in gold.


1. Ensure Your Blog Is Keyword-rich

Your blog-relevant keywords should be present in any articles that you post on your blog. Using keywords only in articles does not get you highly indexed on Google. Use key keywords in your content, domain name, page titles, and image alt tags, heading alt tags, image names, file names, meta tags and outbound links as well.

Before selecting the right keywords and keyword phrases for your blog, ask yourself how you want people to find you via a search engine. What will a user type into a search engine tab to find the information you’re uploading? Search for other content and sites using the same keywords to know what kind of content pops up. You’ll know which keywords to finally use repeatedly throughout your content and other site aspects. Keep your keyword density to under 5% in your content to avoid overkill.

2. Maintain A Niche Topic Blog

A niche topic blog is likely to rank higher than a general blog that covers too many topics. A blog that’s 200 pages strong will not gain the same amount of search engine eyeballs, as 200 pages of related content belonging to the same theme will. So choose a niche and make sure you stay to it. For example if you have a TRXcoupon or eReleases discount related blog, share related products and things only. Don’t share anything not related to your blog.

3. Maintain An Easily Navigable, Clean Layout

Make sure your site is well coded, laid out neatly and is simple to navigate. Test your site yourself and see if you are able to reach deep pages within a couple of clicks. If it takes more than a couple of clicks to reach inner pages, then search engine spiders will find it difficult to locate and index all your pages. Keep your Flash, Java Script, Ajax and Frames to the minimum, or avoid them if possible. By keeping it simple, you’ll help the bots to achieve site indexing quickly and accurately.

4. Interlink All Your Pages

Interlink your pages wisely and make it easy for search engines robot crawlers to track your posts and follow your links. Provide a Site Map to indicate that all your pages are just a link away from each other. that means every page on your blog is just a link or two away from every other one. Link all related posts. Maintain key categories and articles in the top or left menu.

5. Update Your Blog Regularly

Update your blog at least once a day; this keeps the search engine crawlers visiting your site several times to index it. What this means is that your new posts will appear in the SE index within hours of you posting them! Keep your posts short and sweet to encourage readers. Break up your post into several topic-based pieces for easy reading and easy indexing, instead of posting one long post.

There are several other SEO tips that you can implement to achieve higher site ranking. Use these basic tips to get started and implement as many SEO tips as you can.

Author Bio : Zocco who writes about discount deals at a coupons blog where he regularly shares TRX discount coupons and eReleases coupon codes. Check out his latest blog post where he covers trx discount code and ereleases discount code.

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Google is all over Internet right now, with Google Plus showing every signs of toppling the throne of Facebook, it certainly portrays Internet = Google. And Google Plus is only one among the tons of changes they have thrown lately. A few of them includeWhat If Google Goes Evil

  • A totally new interface for Google, and all Google products.
  • Lots of new apps in Gmail, including cheap calls to phones, Preview Panes and lots of other new features.
  • Photovine, which is going to be the next generation photo sharing app.
  • Email Intervention.

Who is Google?


If you ask me, Google is the Supreme Lord right now. I don't think an average person can survive without Google. Infact, Google has changed the way you think(according to experts). Now your brain focuses more on implementation, rather than storing information. Google has become a routine of life, and to an extent, its influencing your life. I have had tons of situations, when I wish if Google could do it. For example, when I refer a book for something, I wish I had a Google search bar to find it for me. And Google strives is making every such situation into a reality.

So why is it Evil?

Don't be Evil is the motto of Google. And yes, it should be true. Why? If Google goes Evil, I bet the millions depending on Google will go evil too. Let me portray an example here. Google launched Email Intervention last week, a campaign which asks users to ditch other mails and come to Gmail. It shows an intent of Google to have it all, and with a bit of evilness.

Watched the movies Terminator and Surrogates? Well, if you think a particular perspective, you can compare Google with Skynet of Terminator or the company that manufactures Surrogates in the movie Surrogates. Yes, Google can control the future, Google can bring us to their likes.

But why should they?

A good question! Right now, they have no purpose. But I'm afraid, with the growing competition, Google will do anything to get the throne. And yes, it has been happening, and it is!

So let me ask you a question, suppose Google modifies its search algorithm, to show the results that Google wishes to present. Users will definitely go by those results, without any doubt. Gradually, Google can decide what users have to do, and users, like dumb machines, would accept everything - because Google is the Supreme Lord!

Omg! What can we do?

Nothing! Yes, we can never stop relying on Google, even if it turns Evil. Hope it does not! That's the only thing we can do.

Author Bio : Vinesh Balan, a 21 Year old Tech Enthusiast, trying to capsule all his Online Experience into a Single blog - The Blog is all about the Trending topics which pass by everyday, and certain Tech news you need to know.

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I love digital watches. As a kid, I had a staggering collection of them. I had some that could beep louder than a cargo truck’s horn and others that could solve complex math equations. I had some that could shout commands like a military sergeant and others that could count time, backwards. And then there were the watches that could change colors. Like the changing colors of a lava lamp, their screens would float into a deep blue and then a brilliant red and then back again—coating my entire bed room in a warm, comfortable glow.

I love digital watches. And to show my love, here’s a list of the top 7digital watches out there today. Let me know if I missed any good ones in the comments!

7 Digital Watches that are Superbly Awesome

Kisai Denshoku : $179

Kisai Denshoku

Inspired by the neon skyline of Shinjuku, KisaiDenshoku is a combination of Tokyo flare and intuitive design. The twelve bars represent time in an interesting format that represents hours, ten minute segments, and single minutes in blocks, and the frame is reinforced with stainless steel. Reading the time—admittedly—can be a bit difficult at first.

KisaiKeisan : $109.00


The KisaiKeisan—another futuristic watch from Kisai—uses a raised convex bubble lens to diffuse the advanced low energy Japanese LEDs. And the watch makers have a sense of humor, having programed an animatedGIF that flashes once every minute (for 12 straight minutes) after the time is displayed – an interesting effect which brings the watch to life.

Seiko Spectrum : $3200!!

Seiko Spectrum

The first watch with e-ink technology, the Seiko Spectrum is a treasure for stylish watch connoisseurs. It’s sleek. It’s light weight. And it’s incredibly easy to read. But if you want this futuristic ink watch, be prepared to shell out some big ones. Note: This watch went for $3,200 in the most recent charity auction. At least it went for a good cause.

KisaiKaidoku : $139


Surprise, another watch from Kisai. KisaiKaidoku was designed by Tynan Mayhew—a fan of Tokyo Flash Watches—as part of a design competition. It’s designed to fit comfortably on both small and large wrists, and the time is displayed in words (instead of numbers). Best part: the designer is 15 years old.

Nixon Lodown : $80

Nixon Lodown

For those looking for style and functionality, the Nixon Lodown is tops. And if you’re a surfer, this watch is a must have. The Nixon Lodown is preprogrammed with the predictive tidal information of over 200 beaches across the world—for the next 15 years.

Kisai RPM : $199

Kisai RPM 1

Kisai RPM 2

With its brushed stainless steel disc and flashing circular lights, the RPM echoes the style of turntable—sleek and surrounded by neon lights. Compared to some of its Kisai brethren, it’s simple to read at a glance but is rather light in functionality. The RPM is the most popular of the Kisai watches and comes in a variety of colors.

Mute Watch : $259

Mute Watch 1

Mute Watch 2

Perhaps the most superbly awesome of our list of superbly awesome digital watches, the Mute Watch is one-of-a-kind. It comes in a variety of matted colors and has a touch screen interface, giving it a truly digital display. Best of all, the Mute Watch alarm can be set to vibrate.

Has anyone tried any of these awesome watches? Let us know what you them and if we missed any cool watches in our list.

Author Bio : Cleo Kirkland is a fashion writer for Manhattan Time Service, a watch repair service center in NYC.

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When I first started trying to make money online, I made loads of mistakes; ones which now seem blazingly obvious to me - but back then I was naive and it didn't get me anywhere.

So I know what it's like, to be diligently building your blog, AdSense site or affiliate marketing site and just not being able to make a single cent from it. It's really sucks, and it's very frustrating.4 Reasons why you cannot make money onlineSo based on my own insight, here are a few possibilities for you, as to why, after all your hard work, you're still failing to earn money online :

You picked the wrong niche

Why did you pick the niche you are in? Is it because your research pointed you there? or is it because you just felt like it? Do you even know why you picked it?

When I first started my first site, it was in the SEO/Blogging tips niche - this was monumentally stupid of me, not least because I hadn't even written a blog before, but also because this niche is so saturated.

To make things worse, readers of these types of blogs are tech savvy, which means they are generally pretty blind to Ads and don't respond well to affiliate offers either, so even once you have some traffic, your AdSense earnings might not be great.

You picked the wrong keywords

This is one thing I did know how to do right, which is probably what saved me from the previous mistake. But if you are not savvy to SEO strategy and stuff, this might be a mistake you have made.

Bottom line is; you want traffic, one big source of traffic is search engines - so you probably want to rank well in Google et al. So how are you going to rank in Google if you don't even know what keywords you are targeting? Quite.

This is a big mistake that many bloggers make. Sure you need to build great content, but at least have a selection of keywords in mind, otherwise you are just wondering in the dark.

You don't have any links

When I first started my blog I genuinely believed that all I needed to do was keep writing endless amounts of good content. Here's the inside scoop:

Some bloggers make it big by just writing content, but very few manage it - if you want this model to work your content needs to be absolutely superb, and that's not an easy thing to do.

No, chances are you are going to have to spend at least half your time actually going out and connecting with people, promoting your blog and building links... If this is something you've been putting off, take this as your queue to get started right now!

You don't have enough patience

Finally, it takes a long time - seriously though, you've heard this before I know, but you probably don't fully appreciate it yet. It took me almost a year to actually start making anything noteworthy from my first blog - ok admittedly, it might have been sooner if I had picked a slightly more sensible niche, but even so. Don't expect miracles over night.

A little patience is often all that stands between a good blogger and a great one...

Author Bio : This post was written by Alex from Who Is Hosting This - your top source for web hosting information including godaddy and hostgator reviews.

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Writing blogs could be fun. It may be for personal entertainment activity or to promote a business venture. Either way can be exciting but and it will take a reader some time to like your post.

Blog Readership

The following can help enhance more readers:

1. Network. Social networking does a lot for blogging. Forums, events and activities which enable interested parties to participate will enable the readers to meet and acquaint with each other through that certain blog. You can also choose which blogs to post or which network to join.

2. Promote your own brand. Include your own URL in your signature. Readers will then have easy access to your site. Many will be able to identity you. Your existing contacts will be able to give your site to their friends at their convenience.

3. Join Forums. Online Forums will help promote your work. You will find acquaintances depending on his or her interest.  You will also meet people with the same interests.

4. Give something for free. Offer bonuses to your subscribers and followers. This need not to be discounts or coupons but something you make will do, a story, an audio or video file would be very valuable.

5. Create a page for subscribers. This is for the purpose of attracting customers to the freebies site. This will in turn make customers line up to the page, thus will attract attention to the other bloggers.

6. Encourage feedback. Ask for opinions, comments and other feedback related to your post. Past experiences will also invite a talk and others will also be able to comment.

7. Embed URL into business card. Put your contact information on your business card and submit your URL. Also include in the card, information about your site. It will link the customers directly to you and your site. Learn to submit your name to the browsers. You can then utilize the links and  add to your blog.

8. Save tags. Tags will help make frequent searches. Pick a number to tag. Important titles or names of contacts are usually the subject for tagging.

9. Set up a website Host. An RSS Feed will enable bloggers to easily access your site. Using famous blogging sites like BlogSpot or Wordpress also helps.

10. Make subscription easy. Use the convenient email method. Be sure that the subscription is visible to the readers and other visitors.

With Social Networking, blogging has become so easy. With these features, you can now invite intelligent bloggers and subscribers, and make them come back for more. But on top of that, you should first invest on having relevant and interesting content as well as great website presentation which then can be enhanced through the tips mentioned above.

Author Bio : Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aaris is SEO company in India. Kaushal has conceptualized SEO Traingulation Method to get desired ranking. In addition, he is also a passionate blogger and writes on diverse topics such as Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management and Social Media.

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If you are persistent blogger, you will have to check yourself, whether all these blogs you have posted on Internet have bought any maturity in you. How will you know that you are not a newbie in blogging, there are no terms and no descriptions. Please understand that you can be a mature blogger but there is no term to define a successful blogger.

5 tips to become a mature blogger

When will you Get Maturity in BloggingDecide your goals for blogging: First of all for what reason you are writing a blog, If you are doing it for fun, for popularity, for making money or for you want to have a highly traffic generating blog.

Decide your Domain name: This is also important factors when you want to choose the domain name for your blog make sure that it is attractive and catchy. It is hard to find a domain name, which suits you, most as most of such names have been registered. Check the availability for yo9ur specific domain names and if it available choose the same or choose from the available ones.

Decide your Blog host: There are many services providers out there, who are providing services for hosting your blog. You will have to choose wisely from such services, which will suit all our needs, and can incorporate future change you will make in these blog posts.

Start with your blog: You can take help from the paid services which are ready to publish your blogs or you can purchase software’s available to create a blog which will automatically synchronize it according to SEO parameters taking in to consideration the themes, layout, skins and tabs to be placed on blog post.

Blog Topic: This is an important topic where you will have to concentrate for creating a successful blog. You can take help from some of the service providers who will provide you the frequently searched keywords and topics. Get them and create a blog around them. Remember as a mature blogger you will have to give your readers what they exactly want.

Author Bio : Bilal, He writes about different wordpress plugins like wp subscribers which is use to display popup forms and subscription forms in blog. He also review systems like profit siege which is one of the popular system in CPA industry.

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Uploading & Sharing Images directly on Twitter.Com is now possible, the process of uploading an image and sharing them is quiet easy, so just follow the below mentioned steps and you would be able share the images directly on Twitter.

How to Upload & Share an Image on Twitter

1. When you click inside the Tweet Box on your twitter homepage or when you click on new tweet button in the lower left side you will see 2 icons, first one (a camera) is for adding an image & the second icon (a compass) is for adding your location.Add An Image on Twitter2. Click on the camera icon to upload an image & that will prompt you to locate the image you want to upload on your computer.How To Upload And Share Images on Twitter3. After you attach the image to your Tweet, your Tweet box should appear like the one shown in the picture below, with the thumbnail in the lower left hand corner, and the camera icon will highlighted in blue.Tweet Box Appearance After Uploading An Image4. Now Once you’ve added your image you’ll see the character count to the left of the Tweet button updated Since image takes up some charaters. In the above Tweet, image took 21 Characters.

5. You can click on the “x” control in the thumbnail or next to the filename, If you selected the wrong image or no longer wish to share that image.

6. Now Click on the Tweet button.

Now Once you’ve successfully tweeted with the upload image, click on the Tweet to view the image in the display panel. (The Tweet will appear Like this with an Image.)

Comments are always appreciated!!!

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Sheer SEO is one of the best SEO software available on the web. The features which are offered are good enough to attract you to use their services. Plus the pricing has been set nicely to match with their services. Sheer Seo - Best Seo Software (Logo)It is a search engine optimization software that automates your SEO efforts, including rank tracking and link building. The site has over 43,000 users and that proves a point that Sheer SEO is definitely offering some good services because 43K isn’t a small number. The features offered are all very useful and hence make the users more attracted to the site to try out their software.

The features that Sheer SEO offers are:-

  • Track rankings
  • Track page rank
  • Estimate Traffic
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Main Referrers
  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Reviews
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Indexed Pages
  • Supplemental Index Ratio
  • Backlink Checker
  • Summary
  • Master Account
  • Agency Account
  • Private Label
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Tracking Competitors
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Mailed Reports

One thing which I liked was that they are offering 90-day-trial so you can try the services first and if you are impressed, then you can actually buy the software. This really impressed me. Sheer SEO totally have a belief on their services and they know that the people that are taking the trials would be impressed and would buy their services/software. The pricing details are:-

  • Trial: Free
  • Light: $7/month
  • Standard: $10/month
  • Advanced: $15/month
  • Professional Thin: $25/month
  • Professional: $40/month
  • Small Agency: $49/month
  • Medium Agency: $80/month
  • Agency: $199/month

Full Details of pricing over here.

On the whole, this site is a very useful which can help you to become a SEO tycoon and your site’s search engine traffic would increase with a bang. A must try software. If you would miss it, you would be missing a huge chance. For helping you out from every doubt, a 24x7 live chat assistant is also appointed. You need to give it a try. SEO would be made easy by Sheer SEO and by all the features which they offer. You can make SEO more effective for your site by using Sheer SEO so do try it.

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The modern businesses of today utilize the internet to make money. In order to use the internet wisely most modern businesses will have blog websites. You can promote your business, talk about products, and even review your competitor on your blog website. It is common practice today to use the internet to get ahead in the business world.Modern Business Is BloggingOnline marketing is the best means to earn money. You can get money from marketing your company or services in your own blog site or by using “farm” blog sites. The “farm” blog sites are special websites that will allow you to write articles or short blogs with links that direct traffic back to your own business website. Many people in business will write for such “farm” websites as Hub pages, Squidoo, e-Zine Magazine and other types of “farms” in order to direct traffic their direction.

You will find that if your articles are good enough with the right keyword density that the search engines will pick up on them and rate them at the top of the list. This is very important because it helps to drive even more traffic back to your website. Traffic to your website is like having open doors to a brick and mortar business. You cannot survive unless you have enough traffic checking out your website.

A good blogger knows this and understands the concept behind driving traffic to a website. That is why some people have made a profession out of just being a blogger. You can use your website to blog for many businesses and open it up to provide information and links back to the original website. This is a profitable way of earning money from the internet. The internet is a means of earning a good income if you know how to use it.

Many people who market products and services on the internet do not get very far with their sales because they do not blog. The blogger is a vital source of providing income and success to any website. When you decide to have your own website, you should put blogs on it that will direct traffic your direction. You should also write blogs to go on the “farm” websites so you can put links back to your own articles on your own website. This is the best way to be successful with an internet business.

This guest post was written by Victoria. She is a freelance writer who is currently working on a project for afslibning af gulve.

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Last Month I missed Sharing the GoDaddy Coupon Code Because the Coupon code expired within 2days, but this time i guess I'm the first person to share the coupon code so i wish that my blog readers gets full benefit by registering a Domain name for Just $1 + $0.18 ICANN Fees as soon as possible before this one expires.

Like each month the condition is same that under this promotional offer you can register any available .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN domain name.

Buyers Cannot Use gift cards, PayPal® or AliPay to redeem this offer & you need to pay via Credit Card only to redeem this promo code.

Now Just go to Godaddy & Apply the Coupon Code for your desired domain name.

Promo Code : COMIC

Godaddy Promo Code OR Coupon Code August COMIC

After applying the above promo code, Domain would Cost you $1.18 ( $1 for the Domain + $0.18 ICANN Fee)

Note : Limited to one order per customer & as of now i don’t know when this coupon code will expire.

Now go ahead and purchase one domain before this coupon code expire and if you face any problem while registering the domain name do contact me.

This Coupon Code is not working any more (Expired Within 10hrs). I’m pretty sure that Godaddy Will Soon Release one more Coupon Code in this Month and if you don’t want to miss that one, then Do subscribe to our Blog feed Via RSS or Email.

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