Developing content for a website is crucial part of SEO (search engine optimization) campaign. There were days when content writing was all about fooling the search engines by keyword stuffing and other wrong techniques. Nowadays, major search engines can easily distinguish genuine content and content stuffed with keywords that are out of context. Websites using such content are penalized by search engines. They are either downgraded in search engine result pages (SERPs) or eliminated from it.content-writing-importanceWriting content for SEO is an art that has evolved over time. Content that is enriched with information, simple to understand and developed with judicious use of keywords and key-phrases are acclaimed by users at various levels. Here are some simple tips to develop SEO content   

Catchy title and relevant sub-headings

Take time to devise attractive and relevant titles and sub-headings. Using keywords or key-phrase in the title helps the search engines to zoom attention to your content. Sub-headings should aptly represent the detail and sync with the flow of content. Content are found by search engines but read by humans. As such, content writer should write for both species. 

Try to be different

There are several articles for a keyword or key phrase available in SERP. Popular topics have more articles than uncommon ones. Most of these articles are generic in nature. They have almost same title; same headings and information are either same or rewritten. A searcher who has gone through one of them may feel disgusted to read a similarly written article. Try to add something new in content or presentation to get them hooked. It is also helpful for search spiders to find a different title and content for a search phrase.

Don’t be robotic

The key phrase or keywords should be used in proper context. A content using keywords abruptly for the sake of SEO irritates the users. In long term it is harmful for the site as it earns the site a bad name. Integrating keywords in proper context gives the content a natural feel and look.

Highlight and check

Visitors like to scan content for getting an idea about it. A content writer should try and develop content for making it more scannable. This can be done by highlighting key areas, important points and phrases that are relevant to the content. Bolding is commonly adapted and effective technique. Using bullets and numbers give a precise and to-the-point look that is adored by most visitors.

Make sure that content provided on your website is grammatically correct and there are no spelling mistakes.


When you are developing articles on specific technology explain the technological terms as far as possible. it is not desirable to stuff content with difficult techy terms that average target readers find hard to crack. Content developed for SEO purpose should be in simple language. If you have to use techy terms then make sure to provide necessary explanation.


A short crisp summary of the article is great for reflecting its essence. The summary is highly effective in drawing attention of the visitors. Many SEO experts regard it as important as intro and title. Developing content for search engines is an art that needs to balance between demands of search engines and visitors.

Author Bio : RP, who is associated with many SEO company and Web Designing portals in UK. She excels in writing articles related to web designing, SEO, quality link building services etc.

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  1. Matt // July 14, 2011 at 8:39 PM  

    It's also a good idea to choose one to three keywords that you are going to focus on per article. Then put them in the title, and also the summary as well as the first paragraph, if you can. (Although of course you shouldn't overdo this.)

  2. פריצת דיסק // July 14, 2011 at 8:46 PM  

    Your information will be very useful for me. I can see that you are an expert in this area. Thanks for all your help

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