Short messaging services or SMS is one of the best technological innovations, which allows you to send short and concise messages to your friends, relatives and colleagues. This, I personally believe is one of the best ways of communication that you can send sms, which the receiver can read at his convenience, especially when they are driving. This is actually a good practice to sms when the matter is not urgent as People can respond via sms or call you back later.Sites To Send Free Sms To IndiaThis technology saves time and money as well. Moreover, there are many online portals that allows you to send free sms via web(Online), and here we are exactly going to discuss and learn more about those websites…

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1. Way2sms:

This is one of the greatest and the most popular websites that is being used for sending sms instantly. The greatest advantage of sending sms using this portal is the ability to send sms to any networks in India and receive email alerts for your Gmail and Yahoo accounts. This also permits to chat using GTalk and Yahoo contacts, and is really creating an all-new booming market.

Visit : Way2sms – Send Free sms in India.

2. Indyarocks:

To add popularity to the popular way of sending sms, Indyarocks is really rocking this technology by offering free service and sending sms could never be easier and faster, for you are going to type using your computers QWERTY keyboard. By asking your friends to register, you can create groups and instantly send free sms limited to 140 characters. You can also schedule sms for future dates.

Visit : IndyaRocks – Another Site to Send Free sms to India.

3. Funsms:

If you are looking for sending sms across the world, then this is the best way to send free international sms to other countries, and can save you a lot on your mobile bills. Though the site do not looks well organized, they introduce a number of free sms sending sites along with the links to send free sms worldwide, cross borders of your country.

Visit : Funsms – Send Free International Sms (Worldwide).

4. Smsgupshup:

This is another website that will permit you to send free International sms crossing borders and is the best ways to share your life, thoughts and updates, and do much more than only sending sms.

Visit : Smsgupshup – Send Free Sms Worldwide.

5. Sendsmsnow:

This is another way to send free sms on a worldwide network, to receive text replies and you will find the sent sms being stored on your inbox and this website also permits to send unlimited free sms messages. I always make use of this site to promote some discounts I offer in my weight watchers discount code and ediet promo code blog. Besides, you can create your own profile and send group sms in ease.

Visit : Sendsmsnow – Send Unlimited Free Sms.

6. Send-sms-now:

Sending sms has never been so easy until you become a member of send-sms-now community, which is an initiative of Nascent Solutions. This website supports one of the fastest and easiest ways of communication.

Visit : Send-sms-now – Free Sms Sending Site

7. Smsfi:

This website smsfi can do more than allowing only to send free sms nationwide (India) that you can also send and share greetings, games and much more. Besides the website also has a good collection of SMS jokes, alerts, marketing and text messages that could be sent to everyone.

Visit : Smsfi – Send Free Sms Nationwide i.e in India.

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