Following the Google Panda update, links coming from article directories have lost a bit of their value and this is what it might be important that you look for alternatives. And one of those alternatives will be to use guest blogging. The good thing is that guest blogging do have some other advantages as compared to article submission. In this article I will be speaking about 5 key benefits of guest blogging in order to help you promote your blog5 Benefits of Guest posting


In most cases you will be inserting a byline in your guest post and this should be really useful to drive traffic to your own blog. Indeed if your articles are really useful people will want to learn more about you and as such will want to click on the link back to your site thus ensuring you get massive traffic to your own site. The more traffic that the host blog the more traffic you should expect to get on your own blog.


We all know that our rankings in the search engine page will revolve a lot around the number of backlinks that we have. And not only the quantity but also the quality of the links. The best type of links that you can get is the ones that come from real blogs and also one that are related to your niche. The good thing about guest blog is that Google really value these types of links and you can also choose the niche of the blog that you might be interested in.

Brand Building

Posting on other blogs should also allow you to build your brand and name online. Posting some quality articles on established sites should enable you to position yourself as an expert in a field and thus build your credibility online. Very quickly people will begin to believe you and this can be really useful when it comes to conversion rate.

New Contacts

Guest posting can also be useful when it comes to building new contacts within your niche. Indeed this can provide you with some fresh ideas within your niche and also some feedback regarding your blog. This can also provide you with opportunities for joint venture.

Social Media initiative

Established blogs usually have a well-developed social media presence and guest posting on these blogs should allow you to tap into this strength. Usually your article will be tweeted or shared on the Facebook page of these blogs and this should contribute to bring some massive traffic to your own blog. At the same time you will want to seize the opportunity to build your own social media presence. Just make sure that your social media icons are displayed in some visible position.

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