Smaller than a lipstick, cheap and with many features. These are just some of the characteristics of the smallest mobile phones in the world. Did you buy one?

We cannot imagine life without mobile phones. With changes in technology, companies have launched smaller mobile phones in the world, easy to use and have incorporated various features. In addition, prices of these devices are not very high. For example, the Xun Chi, the most popular phone in China, costs is below $150.

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The smallest phone in the world is Modu. Designed by Israeli Dov Moran, the inventor of USB sticks, entered the record books, Modu holds the title of the smallest phone in the world - 37 in width and 72 millimeters in length. The keyboard of Modu mobile phone is minimalist, with only seven buttons, it has 2GB of internal memory and OLED screen also very small. What's different in this phone is that he can take on various gadgets, like a sort of cover, turning him into photo frame, music player or bracelet hand for athletes who want to measure their effort.

Technology advances every day, companies increasingly enter the competition because their technology with advanced products and the size of their gadgets. The mobile phones are the fastest way to connect with friends worldwide.

Here you can find the list with 10 most smallest mobile phones in the World:

1. Modu PhoneModu Mobile Phone

Modu has a only 0.3 inch thickness and weighs of 39grams as you can see below.

2. Haier EleganceHaier Elegance Mobile Phone

It weighs only 64 grams and has dimensions of 90x35x17.8mm, quite awesome right? It includes FM radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth with a card of 1 GB.

3. NEC N930 clip_image006

Weighs 72 grams, with dimensions of 54 x 85 x 11 mm. The display resolution 176 x 220 pixel and has 65k colors.

4. Xun Chi 138 Phone Xun Chi 138 Mobile Phone

Comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera and its price is only $150. Is using a normal battery to charge the phone.

5. Cellwatch M500 Watch PhoneCellwatch M500 Watch Mobile Phone

The M500 has a 1.5-inch, 128×160 pixels. Up to 128 MB Memory, 300 contacts memory, 60 gm package and is just like a normal watch, quite amazing.

6. Samsung SGH-E888Samsung SGH-E888 Mobile Phone

Samsung SGH-E888 has a camera of 1.3 mega pixels, and most of the people love these simple and good looking phones.

7. UTStarcom SliceUTStarcom Slice Mobile Phone

UTstarcom is a thin, affordable CDMA phone and has in its specification a speakerphone and Java downloadable games, without a camera.

8. LG MigoLG Migo Mobile Phone

The LG Migo VX1000 is a beautiful phone for children and not only, can be an awesome gift for a girlfriend. Comes with a simple interface and a speakerphone.

9. EV-K130 Cell PhoneEV-K130 Cell Phone

EV k130 is a slim cell phone with, as we’ve speaked before it has the size of a lipstick (see the picture), comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

10. Firefly MobileFirefly Mobile Phone

Firefly Mobile is a mobile phone for your family, especially for kids. And the most awesome feature is that works under water.

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